The Morning Rant

We may have a potentially dangerous situation, as two massive centers of stupidity rotate around the same event. Were they to meet, the resulting stupidity could create a singularity, in which the laws of intelligence and logic break down, IQs are postulated to be negative, and a James/Griffin 2024 campaign is possible.

The event is the shooting of a knife-wielding sociopath by police in Columbus Ohio. She was shot in mid attack, and frankly, I think the cop did a fine job. He stopped a crime in progress, and should be praised for his good shooting. That wasn’t “blindly” firing into a crowd; that was good and calm marksmanship.

But according to Kathy Griffin, knives are playthings that everyone uses during their high school years. They aren’t dangerous at all!

According to the FBI (yeah, I know), in 2019 there were 1476 murders committed with Knives or cutting instruments, so forgive me if I call Kathy Griffin a mushy-headed retard without a fraction of an ounce of common sense in her entire wrinkled and amazingly unattractive body.

But King James* said, “hold my beer,” because he is second to none in sheer volume of ignorance and arrogant pronouncements untethered to reality.

[I cropped the officer out of the picture because he doesn’t need to be identified even more than he already has]

So here we have a national sports figure advocating for the murder of a policeman who prevented the possible murder of a young black woman? In Lebron James’ world there is no violence because he is protected by legions of armed men and tall fences. But he would deny that protection to the people whose lives were being threatened by Ma’Khia Bryant, the sociopath who seemed to be hell bent on stabbing somebody?

He deleted the tweet and tried to make everyone love him by saying…uh…I have no idea. He can’t write a coherent sentence, so your guess is as good as mine.

As far as I can tell his call for the murder of a policeman would have been used to create more racism because fuck you, that’s why. Oh, and I guess all of those murders of black people are at the hands of the police, and other blacks are innocent of the carnage in black communities all across the country?

Maybe somebody can make more sense of his blather. But in the meantime, we need to work together to keep Griffin and James apart, the concentration of stupidity would probably destroy the universe.

*What a joke of a nickname. He amazingly talented physically, but equally amazingly impressed with himself. And his competitive spirit is sorely lacking, which eliminates him immediately from consideration for the title of best basketball player ever. Michael Jordan and Larry Bird in their primes would destroy him with their wills to win.

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  1. STILL not One Single Word from the ‘king’ about the huge number of blacks killed by other blacks. His silence on that speaks volumes.
    BTW – if blacks were being systematically ‘hunted’ there likely would not be any of them left, either thru attrition or because they moved to safer locales. Oh yeah – at least TWICE as many whites are ‘murdered’ annually by all of them racist cops.

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