Fauci Lied? Say It Ain’t So!

There is nothing here that is shocking or even a little bit surprising. Fauci and his ilk have been working assiduously for decades toward their goals of consolidation of power, access to ever increasing funding, and the creation of a cult of personality.

What’s that? Their jobs? No…their jobs to protect Americans from infectious diseases is simply an obstacle. Why should Fauci care about that stuff when there are funds to be (mis)spent on glamorous projects all over the world.

Like funding the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

No matter that the primary motivation of those “partners” is antithetical to a free society and contrary to the goals of the organization which Fauci heads.

New Fauci Email Proves He Funded Lab Training for Wuhan’s Most Deadly Lab

Previously unearthed presentations from the Texas-based lab show its researchers training counterparts at the Wuhan Institute of Virology on how to handle the “world’s most dangerous pathogens.” American researchers funded by Fauci, such as University of North Carolina’s Dr. Ralph Baric, have visited the China-based lab as part of the program. Baric is a proponent of gain-of-function research, calling the controversial form of virus manipulation “a crucial tool,” and was referenced by Senator Rand Paul as a partner of the Wuhan lab’s top bat coronavirus researcher Shi Zhengli while she carried out the risky form of research. Fauci denied any involvement – via funding or personnel– from his NIAID on the research.

The arrogance that Fauci has displayed for his entire career — that he simply knows better than everyone else — is belied by the facts. He is responsible for the outrageous death rate from AIDS because he refused to use obvious and time-tested public health techniques to limit its spread. He also slow-walked the protection of the blood supply…dooming hemophiliacs in America to cruel deaths.

And his behavior with CCP flu is no different. Whether it was his intent to create the virus (I doubt that) or simply to extend his empire of funding control and entree to the best cocktail parties is irrelevant. His actions made everything worse for America and Americans, but he simply does not care, because like so many in similar positions in the Leviathan that is the federal government, he does not care about quaint ideas like love of country or patriotism or even just doing a good job.

He cares about making a lot of money through relationships that he cultivated with his control of funding, public exposure to raise his political profile, and most of all…power!

That he is ultimately responsible for the catastrophe that is the Wuhan lab and the transfer of technology to our enemies is unimportant to him. He is a craven, amoral, manipulative man who has no loyalty to anything but himself.