Champagne Socialists — Always Wrong But Always Comfortable

I didn’t know who or what “Grimes” is…I had to look her up, and I am dumber for the effort. Apparently she is a “musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer.” But aren’t they all? Look up the dumbest celebrity you can think of and the odds are excellent that they will be described not as a sub-literate clown who can memorize lines, but as a writer and producer and (my favorite) activist!

Anyway, this twit’s claim to fame (sorry, I didn’t listen to any of her music…I’m not that much of a masochist) is that she dated Elon Musk. And that she is an entitled, ignorant, foolish little girl whose powers of observation are clearly limited to an unerring sense of how big her boyfriend’s wallet is.

Communism is trendier than Louis Vuitton among clueless Gen Z Americans

Grimes said on Instagram that with paparazzi following her around, “I tried 2 think what I could do that would yield the most onion-ish possible headline and it worked haha.” That headline was: “Grimes seen reading Karl Marx following split with world’s richest man Elon Musk.” She clarified, “I am not a communist although there are some very smart ideas in the book.”

Okay genius…tell the class about those smart ideas!

Let’s start with the labor theory of value, which is pretty much the dumbest thing ever uttered by Man, and yet has stubbornly persisted in the minds of callow college students and their professors as some sort of brilliant observation of economics.

To reduce it to the point of absurdity (that’s easy, since that’s where it starts), I am typing this post using one finger of one hand. Obviously that takes more labor and time, so according to Marx this essay is more valuable than one produced with modern technology (voice recognition), or even the modern technique of touch typing.

Yeah…sounds stupid, yet the willing fools (guided by the real players behind the scenes) have raised Marx onto a pedestal, ignoring the spectacular failures of every single government and society that has embraced his economic and social theories. But let us recognize the foppery of these dilettantes and their support of socialism for thee, but not for me! They embrace every aspect of free markets and the amazing wealth that those markets produce. They revel in their riches, yet want poverty and slavery for others.

At least real laborers have some honest claim to their frustration with being at the bottom of the economic pyramid, and when some of them embrace socialism as an alternative it is understandable. Incorrect, and ultimately destructive, but there is an argument to be made from their perspective.

There is a small comfort in this sort of public idiocy displayed by far too many of the wealthy…when they finally get what they want and America becomes the socialist paradise that they desire, they will be among the first to be thrown into the gulags are simply put against the wall.

And that should amuse all of us, because it is exactly the pattern followed by socialism throughout its history, and yet these people have limited their observation of Marx and socialism to the Cliff Notes version spouted by soft left professors and lazy consumption of leftist propaganda.

Luckily for them, a dozen years in the gulag mining coal will disabuse them of the notion that socialism is anything other than a soul-destroying political philosophy designed for one thing…the accumulation of power over the people.

And I’m okay with that!