The Morning Rant

Bake That Cake! And if were up to the Nutmeg* state, religion-based pregnancy assistance would have to include referrals to abortion clinics.

This is insane. Or left-wing, which in today’s America is pretty much the same thing. How the attorney general of Connecticut doesn’t see this as a blatant violation of our Constitutional rights is beyond me and most sentient beings, but as usual, the progressive movement is on the offensive, as they have been for more than a century.

Federal Suit Filed Against Connecticut Law That Punishes Pro-Life Speech

Attorneys for a Connecticut faith-based pregnancy center are mounting a constitutional challenge to a state law requiring it to provide abortion referrals, claiming the statute violates the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom and freedom of association, due process, and equal protection.

What’s next? Forcing a Kosher butcher to provide directions to the nearest pork store or lobster pound?

The First Amendment is clear, but the prohibition against a state religion has always rankled the leftists because of course they want a state religion…it’s called socialism. And they absolutely loathe competition from those pesky pro-life weirdos.

I cannot see this law surviving a challenge in the courts, but that presupposes that the judges have read and respect the United States Constitution, and that is becoming rarer and rarer.

But it really is stupid, and the sub-literate 90 IQ attorney general is laughably inept at defending this indefensible law.

Tong said he supports the right to express a pro-life viewpoint, but “there is also the reality of deceptive advertising by other LSPCs. Some LSPCs have misled pregnant women into the false belief that they offer abortion services, emergency contraception, and unbiased counseling.”

“Some.” Sure. Too bad he doesn’t provide examples. But “deceptive advertising” by religious organizations could be the next target.

What do you mean “Jesus Saves!” That isn’t provable in court, therefore you must take down the sign or provide information to direct potential worshipers to other religions that do not agree.

It sounds absolutely ridiculous, but so does the original law, which was passed by both legislative houses and signed by the governor!

*It’s called the Nutmeg state because the spice was imported to Connecticut by sailors returning from the South Seas…and the clever Yankees would often carve fake nutmeg from blocks of wood and sell them to the unsuspecting.