The Morning Rant

Our military is rapidly devolving into a European-style pseudo-tough armed force that is more interested in post-modern lunacy than actually learning how to fight and win wars. No matter what obfuscation emerges from the slimy maws of the current leaders of our military, our readiness is pathetic, our focus is on everything other than fighting, and our enemies are happy with the trends.

War is by definition unfair. Battles are won when the conditions are not equal, and it is incumbent on our leaders to create those conditions. which means the best men to take up arms, no matter their proclivities or opinions on homosexual marriage and gender and power structures in America. That Critical Race Theory and gender “equity” has overwhelmed training to kill our enemies is a symptom, not the cause.

The cause is the Long March, and that began probably with Woodrow Wilson’s disastrous presidency. Progressivism and racism..what a combination!

The goal is to destroy America and American Exceptionalism from within, by carefully manipulating the vision of America that is taught to our leaders. No longer are they taught the glories of American history. No…they are taught that we are irredeemably evil, with systemic racism and a traditional patriarchy that pummels women into submission.

Can the US Navy fight and win a war?

The devastating fire in the USS Bonhomme Richard and the subsequent scathing investigation report again raise profound questions about naval competence. If the Navy is not prepared to fight a fire in a major warship, is it fit to fight a major war? Many will reject that comparison as this was only one of some 290 combatants. Yet, that possibility should not be rejected without further examination.

The Readiness Review, conducted for Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer after the 2017 collisions, and his cyber study were searing critiques. The first identified cultural problems, many that still have not been corrected. The second concluded that China posed “an existential threat” to the Navy and Marines. So, what has happened since?

[Emphasis mine] The answer is simple: It has gotten much, much worse.

Navies win battles by killing people and breaking things, and the best way to do that is to have the best men and train them to do exactly that. Every second spent on other things degrades the effectiveness of the fighting force. But the progressive plan is brilliant, because the argument that the armed forces should reflect the country as a whole seems, on its face, to make some sense.

Of course it doesn’t make any sense at all. Women and transsexuals and non-binary…things…don’t make great and ferocious soldiers and sailors and airmen and marines. They make our armed forces a miasma of conflicting priorities and confused goals. The example of the Bonhomme Richard is a good one: Ask any U.S. Navy veteran about what they trained for onboard ship, and fighting fires and damage control consumed much of their time. But when we shift to CRT and gender sensitivity and all the other crap that has infected our armed forces from the outside, we get a navy that cannot do its job!