The Morning Rant

Childish, vindictive, irrationally angry and prone to illogical outbursts…no, that’s not a description of a difficult five-year-old…it’s a fair description of the Democrats and their never-ending quest to destroy President Trump and scrub his name from history. de Blasio of course is in his last months of rule of NYC*, so of course he is going to lash out with more antics designed to feed his ego and anger while simultaneously injuring the people of NYC. But that was his modus operandi for eight years, so nothing new here!

De Blasio Hatred Of Trump May Cost Taxpayers $30 Million

After the Jan. 6 Capital riot, de Blasio said he would pull the Trump Organization’s longtime concession contracts to run the historic Central Park carousel, Wollman and Lasker skating rinks in the park, and the Trump Ferry Point Golf Course in the Bronx.

But kicking out the Trump Organization would have closed the two skating rinks six weeks early, creating an outcry from skaters and the decision was reversed, allowing the contract to run out instead, the New York Post reported.

The new rink operators raised rates, costing a family of four $109 to enter, rent skates and rent a locker, compared to the $95 when the Trump Organization was running it.

Also, rather than allow Trump to continue running the Central Park carousel, the iconic ride remained closed for all of summer 2021, only reopening Oct. 16 with a new operator.

Stupid, and ultimately of no effect, but this behavior has its origins in the nefarious beginnings of Soviet and Maoist communism, where enemies of the state were subjected to punishments insanely out of proportion to the crime, even as written in the law of the land.

It is nothing less than the destruction of all alternatives to socialism by demeaning and diminishing its opponents, using the power of the state rather than the power of rhetoric or the success of its political philosophy. Truth falls by the wayside; quality is an afterthought, and financial considerations are simply ignored.

Perhaps it is the best gauge of the true politics of the powers-that-be; if the new law or regulation or action benefits no one, and in fact injures both the public and the subject of the state action, then the identification is clear: Democrat.

Pulling city contracts for political ends may sound trivial, but the line has been crossed, and far more malign actions such as malicious prosecution are old hat. How long before the mandarins mandate psychiatric evaluations and protective stays in psychiatric hospitals for their political enemies?

*Check Sefton’s and my podcast for more of his antics…