The Morning Rant

Yeah, yeah…I often rant and rave about the destruction of language and its co-option by the left for purposes of political power. How they use language is insidious and chilling, because their goal is the destruction of Judaeo-Christian social morality and ethics. Look no further than the blurring of the formerly clear lines between Man and Woman, or homosexuality and heterosexuality for evidence of their careful generations-long program of crushing traditional roles and replacing them with the fever dreams of a vanishingly small number of deeply disturbed people who carefully reject reality for their psychotic images of sex.

But the writer of this fine piece thinks that the most corrosive aspects of this manipulation of the greatest language in history are reserved for matters of race.

Culture Wars and the Degradation of Language

No front in the culture wars, however, comes close to the linguistic degradation inherent in our racialist discourse and practice. The word “race” for centuries meant “tribe,” “nation,” or “people,” groups that shared a common ancestry, language, and culture, the real attributes that create a particular collective identity. In the late 18th century, “race” started being used to describe, as the Oxford English Dictionary says, “One of the great divisions of mankind having certain physical peculiarities in common,” the most prevalent divisions being “white,” “black,” and “Asian.” The shift from the cultural to the physical is the core of genuine racism.

I might quibble with which is worst, but his points are undeniable. That we have moved away from cultural evaluations of the individual and are content to return to antebellum concepts of the inferior negro race is bad enough, but his finer point that Man is being reduced to the physical meshes perfectly with socialist concepts of humanity, or rather the lack thereof.

The glory of the West — both its philosophy of individuality and its embracing of freedom and liberty — can and will be destroyed on the socialist altar of the rejection of the individual and its concomitant assumption that humanity is merely mutable social constructs. That’s why they require race and class to overwhelm the individual…so they can manipulate those social constructs at will.

Vile? Yes. And even as they succeeded in the Soviet Union they were sowing the seeds of their own destruction, because there is in Man an inherent desire to be unique, and by tamping that down it showed what the slaves behind the Iron Curtain were missing. Whether that will occur in communist China remains to be seen, but we can always hope!


All of this stuff in our current era is descended from the Postmodern philosophy and it has all coalesced around the destruction of the individual.

*You* do not exist. You are nothing. There is no such thing as you. You, insofar as your particular sack of meat must be acknowledged, is merely an embodiment and extension of your group. The idea of *you* is physical. The mental you – your mind, your morality, your soul, your person – isn’t real at all. You are merely a result of your social conditioning according to group markers and the privileges or oppression injected into you by them.

It’s quite dreadful and truly dehumanizing. You see this non-person structure in their own writings, particularly around skin color. This “black and brown bodies” crap and all similar constructions are precisely this. You are not a person. You are a merely a physical meat bag and all other attributions come by way of your group. It’s monstrous.

Posted by: Joe Mannix (Not a cop!) at November 18, 2021 11:06 AM (DU+/6)