The Morning Rant


When was the last time you saw some problem or were confronted by an issue and your first thought was, “Gee, I wish the federal government would spend some money and get that fixed!” Or for that matter…your 812th thought…

Our country is broken, perhaps irreparably so, but the answer to our many issues is not more government spending. Of course that is the conservative in me talking, but the assumption that government largess (with our money) is the solution to any problem, much less the catastrophic problems we face today, is becoming increasingly difficult to justify, even for the Democrat operatives in the media vomiting out Biden junta talking points.

How injecting trillions of inflated dollars into the economy is going to control inflation is beyond silly. It is nonsense jabbered by the willing fools. Sadly, America is doing what America does best, ignoring the problem.

92% Say Inflation Is A Serious Problem; 56% Say Build Back Better Plan Will Make It Worse

Ninety-two percent (92%) of voters say that inflation is a serious problem these days. A Scott Rasmussen national survey found that just 5% disagree and 3% are not sure. Those totals include 64% who consider inflation to be a Very Serious and 2% who say it is Not at All Serious. The survey also found that 56% believe the Build Back Better plan being considered by Congress will make things worse by increasing inflation. Just 14% think that legislative plan will help by reducing inflation. Nine percent (9%) don’t think the legislation will have any impact on inflation and 22% are not sure. Voters are not paying much attention to the Congressional debate on President Biden’s proposal. Just 19% know that the infrastructure bill has passed and the Build Back Better plan hasn’t.

So the plan seems to be to increase the national debt by 10% (at least), funnel most of that money into Democrat NGOs and the expansion of every government program for the poor (illegals included), and hope that it will…uh…do what? Three generations of The Great Society and its spawn of a thousand different anti-poverty programs has done exactly nothing but make the problem much, much worse. But now we are going to add racially divisive initiatives and pandering to illegals and the tiny populations of the needy and disturbed.

Curiously, there is not much mention of some government expenditures that are of some utility…roads and airports and bridges, and the other bits of infrastructure that are not complete and total wastes of our money.

It is truly amazing that with myriad examples of the incredible waste that is government spending, America still isn’t paying attention. But that debt isn’t going anywhere, and inflation is here too.

America may not be interested in government spending, but government spending is very interested in America, and not in a good way.