The Morning Rant

President Trump…Don’t Run.

Be the king-maker that you have demonstrated you can be. Support like-minded candidates in key races across the country, because your imprimatur is tremendously valuable and can often be the difference in tight races.

And more important; guide the conservative movement and try to drag the Republican party into some sort of agreement with your vision of our economy and American foreign policy. You showed during your four years that it was a hugely successful vision…energy independence, a rational foreign policy that protected our interests, rewarded our friends, and punished our enemies.

This is what America wants…this is what America needs!

Trump 2024 Just Got A Major Jolt – His Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows Tips His Hand, Prepare For Denied “Second Term”

“During our conversation, President Trump said the words that I had been waiting to hear for seven months. ‘We have to be ready,’ he said.”[…] “The message was clear: We had to prepare for the second term that had been denied him.”

Unfortunately, during your term in office you also demonstrated that you were not the political master that you needed to be. You were stymied and blocked at every turn…by your enemies, yes…but also by your inner circle. That was the failure of your presidency, and that is something that a more accomplished politician can avoid.

You have the loyalty of more than half of America. They will fight for you; they will vote for your candidates; they will support your reimagining the Republican party, and they will follow your lead in dismantling the “China-First” attitudes of much of the elite class in America.

But your candidacy in 2024 will energize the Democrat party (a party in disarray and ripe for electoral destruction) to such an extent that you will be the focus once again…not your policies…YOU! Can you win? Possibly. But to what end? Four more years of fanatical attacks from a leftist political apparatus that has shown that it will stop at nothing to destroy you, and in the process hand the country to China and its progressive allies within.

Even assuming a more successful 2nd term, you are an incredibly polarizing figure, and any chance, remote as it may seem now, for some sort of reconciliation or cold peace between the two Americas would disappear.

But as the guiding hand of conservative (and hopefully Republican) policy, you could reshape America and finally push back the forces that have been aligned against it since President Wilson’s disastrous acceptance of the progressive cant.

Which sounds better: four more years of fighting, or a position as the white knight who did what was best for America and led us back to American Exceptionalism being more than a throwaway phrase?