The Morning Rant

Appeasement never works. And why any government thinks it will…THIS TIME!…is beyond any understanding.

The stated goal of the Iranian regime is the destruction of Great Satan (America) and Little Satan (Israel). Why is this confusing? Why can our politicians never take seriously the plain, uncomplicated, clear message that the Mad Mullahs are sending to them?

Hitler extracted a craven and cowardly “Peace Treaty” from France and Great Britain just a day or two before his threatened invasion of Czechoslovakia. Oh, he also got Sudetenland without firing a shot.

Anyone care to speculate on how the world would have proceeded had Chamberlain and Daladier (the French premier) said to Hitler, “Invade, and we will defend!” France had a large and well-equipped army, and While Great Britain was not well prepared, they certainly had enough to push Germany back to its borders. But they did not, and an emboldened Hitler proceeded with his plans…

Iran’s Nukes: This Time the Wolf Is Here

The U.S., which had only very recently relaxed enforcement of some sanctions against Iran, is now busy tightening them again. American and Israeli officials are also conspicuously consulting, and even speculating out loud, about possible military scenarios. Meanwhile, high-level Arab delegations are talking to Tehran, with quiet American encouragement, about positive economic incentives for a nuclear deal. Taken together, these signals point to a more concerted international effort both to press and to entice Iran toward a compromise—and with a reasonable chance of eventual success.

The problem, however, is that Iran is already much closer than ever to a nuclear bomb: probably only weeks away from enough 90% enriched uranium, and a few months away from its crude weaponization. Once sufficient fissile material is in hand, it becomes much harder for outsiders to find and neutralize it; and basic weaponization could probably be performed in a very modest ordinary building, nearly impossible to detect from afar. Delivery systems, too, need not be very obvious, sophisticated, or large, like advanced missiles; instead, a simple airplane, or even a boat, might suffice.

Even this article, which identifies the threat, suggests appeasement as the first step, because Oh My! Iran might retaliate if Israel and America destroy its nuclear capacity. The reality is that Iran and its insane but clever leaders are hell-bent on building nuclear weapons, and nothing is going to stop them short of the total destruction of their research and production capacity, and then, eventually, regime change.

Any other plan on the part of the West is shortsighted and will lead inexorably to Iran building a bomb and then trying to use it. Why is this not clear? Why is this not the foundational assumption in all talks with Iran? And for that matter, why is it a discussion?

Well, the Biden Junta simply doesn’t care that much. There are Iran supporters within its ranks (Horseface Kerry comes to mind), and because Iran’s first target will probably be Israel, there is a clear tone that Israel’s defense is not all that important.

So look for some mild sanctions and an almost immediate rejection of them by the Iranian regime, probably just after the next round of bribes hits their accounts.

It would be lovely to assume that the theoretical allies against Iran — the West plus Israel plus much of the Arab world — is perfectly capable of ending the Iranian threat.

Isn’t it pretty to think so?