The Morning Report 1/4/22

Good morning, kids. Tuesday and while I’m sick to freaking death of talking about the Chinese COVID (fortified with Fauci!) there are a couple of good essays that you should look, one Above the Fold and the others at the end of the Chinese COVID section. Now, on to the main event which is the massive, sustained crime wave sweeping America’s blue shit hole cities, both as an end in itself vis a vis righting the wrongs of an allegedly unfair white supremacist criminal justice system and as a means to accelerate societal upheaval resulting in the imposition of draconian measures to restore order and safety. Yes, I did say we weren’t going to cover the Chinese COVID today.

During the orgy of anarchy following the death of George Floyd, cops were shot and assaulted. In many cities, their vehicles and station houses were firebombed. Monuments to America’s great men were defaced and defiled. The push to defund police gained significant support. All the while, the elite remained either silent or provided aid and comfort to the BLM movement and the streets were filled with guilt-ridden whites offering obeisance for their many sins.

The American elite spent 2020 yammering about a racial reckoning while sacralizing the violence of Black Lives Matter in the name of “diversity,” “inclusion,” and “equity.” Perhaps this assuaged the guilt of self-hating whites, but it did not improve the lives of blacks. According to the Washington Post, police killed 14 unarmed black men in 2020. Heather Mac Donald writes that in 2021, four unarmed blacks were killed by officers, while 26 officers were killed by black suspects.

Meanwhile, there were more than 600 riots in 220 American cities between May and September, 2020. How many thousands of blacks were killed in 2020 as a result of the national freakout over race and the violence it spawned? The American elite fomented a revolution for the purpose of unseating a president they perceived as a threat — real or imagined. The violence they spawned continues to spiral out of control. One hopes that they won’t avoid the Reign of Terror they have unleashed on the rest of America.

The author nails what the 2020 mayhem in the wake of the demise of George Floyd was all about, but the “national freakout over race” didn’t suddenly happen that summer. The roots of this garbage go way way back. I lived through the insanity of the 1960s as well as the flare ups of Crown Heights and then Rodney King. The racism and bigotry that marginalized blacks and minorities for sure was a real thing and it was instigated, promoted and even made into law by Democrats (see: Plessy v. Ferguson). In the wake of World War 2, the civil rights movement and the natural evolution of social progress was gradually moving black Americans into the mainstream, socially, culturally and economically. The combination of Democrats losing their biggest constituency plus the degeneration of our culture at the start of the 60s led that political party to “put y’all back in chains.” Black “culture” as well as the usual suspects in academia fomented and inculcated the message that a) blacks could never be equal or get ahead and b) those who wanted to become like Clarence Thomas or Ben Carson were savaged as inauthentic, sell-outs and Uncle Toms. 

Legitimate accusations over the years of racism and intimidation by cops in black neighborhoods cannot and should not be dismissed. But the crime statistics over the past 6 decades showing exactly who is killing whom puts paid the myth of a racist, white supremacist society with a criminal justice system rigged to keep black people down. Then again, maybe it is rigged – by Democrats to further foment the myth of racism to keep blacks on the Democrat plantation, but I digress. 

Considering the attitude of police vis a vis lockdown enforcement as well as the well documented, infamous corruption in places like New York, New Orleans and elsewhere – and to Psaki Psircle back to January 6, the cold blooded murder of Ashli Babbit and Roseanne Boyland by the DCPD – I have learned to no longer reflexively regard every cop I see as Officer Joe Bolton. The problem is that for every David Dorn out there, there is at least one Michael Byrd, if not more. All of these issues, while crucial and worthy of their own posts, get into the weeds of the broader point; the decriminalization of crime as an intentional means of societal dissolution. All of these cities are run and have been run by Democrats, in some cases for generations. That includes Democrat DAs and police commissioners and chiefs hired by same. And as Democrats have gone from merely liberal to bust-out Marxist, many of those DAs have been bought and paid for by everyone’s favorite Hungarian-born Nazi collaborator.

In November 2017, journalist Matthew Vadum reported that Soros had been busy pushing to elect extremist district attorneys (DAs) across the country in order to weaken law enforcement and protect lawless sanctuary cities. Specifically, Soros was pouring money into local elections nationwide because he supported local efforts to: resist the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE); empty prisons; coddle the prisoners who remained; scale back drug prosecutions; lower bail requirements; and eliminate alleged racial disparities in sentencing, among other things. Soros’s aim was to get people who shared his worldview into public office at every level, including that of local district attorneys.

According to a Daily Signal analysis, in the 2016 election cycle Soros spent almost $11 million on 12 DA races. Democrat candidates backed by Soros ended up winning in 10 of those dozen contests. One of the 10 victors was a woman named Kim Ogg. Soros associates developed her television ads, and with $878,000 from Soros’s custom-made PAC, Ogg defeated the incumbent GOP office-holder, Devon Anderson, in the general election. Ogg’s approach to law-enforcement was made plain in a late 2016 Daily Signal article that stated: “On Jan. 1, Ogg will begin to try fulfilling the vision she ran on, promising a ‘significant culture change’ defined by taking a more lenient approach to marijuana possession cases, focusing tax dollars on punishing violent criminals, and making it easier for defendants to get out of jail on bond in a county where 70 percent of inmates cannot afford to free themselves before trial.”

The following year, 2017, Soros’s backing helped elect radical leftist Lawrence (Larry) Krasner, a Democrat, as Philadelphia DA. Before winning the general election, Krasner beat seven other candidates in the primary. According to the Washington Free Beacon: “Krasner, who has represented Occupy Philadelphia and Black Lives Matter, and has sued the police department more than 75 times, had a major fundraising advantage that was provided almost exclusively by Soros.” On the campaign trail, Krasner promised never to seek the death penalty in any criminal case and to keep Philadelphia a lawless sanctuary city. A segment of his platform titled “Resist the Trump Administration” spelled out his plan to “protect immigrants,” “reject the drug war,” and “stand up to police misconduct.” “As District Attorney, he will work to maintain Philadelphia as a ‘sanctuary city’ and protect the Fourth Amendment rights of all residents, cooperating with federal authorities only to the degree required by law,” said his campaign website. “Because legal proceedings can affect the status of immigrants and therefore relations between communities and law enforcement, Larry will take those effects into account when making prosecutorial decisions and setting prosecutorial policy. He will oppose renewal of ICE’s access to the PARS database, a city police database used by ICE to identify ‘deportable’ immigrants.”

In April 2017, Soros gave $1.45 million to the Philadelphia Justice and Public Safety PAC, which was created to support Krasner and listed its address as the Democrat law firm Perkins Coie in the nation’s capital. Soros threw another $214,000 the super PAC’s way in May, bringing his pro-Krasner donations to $1.7 million, “an unusual[ly] high [amount] for the average district attorney race.” It was also the first time a PAC had ever backed a candidate for Philly DA. . . 

The Soros modus operandi is the same in almost every locality, reported the Beacon: “The financier will establish political action committees, pour money into local races, then turn around and shut them down once the election is over.”

That was excerpted from the invaluable Discover The Networks. I highly recommend you bookmark and refer to it because it is a veritable who’s who of our enemies. The entire rap sheet for this fiend encompasses almost a small book. That said, George Soros alone is not responsible for this happening. He’s a big player for sure, but he’s not alone and that too is for another time. As I alluded to at the beginning, this is not just about righting a perceived wrong; this is about societal dissolution and the wresting of absolute power once and for all. If Chinese COVID is a sucker punch, then this is a hob-nailed Hugo Boss jackboot to the head and groin. All of this said, it is a miracle that Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted. Even so, I draw your attention to Michelle Malkin’s piece about one Steve Baca who is fighting for his life for daring to rescue someone from being stomped to death by an Antifa thug. Rittenhouse, Baca and other decent Americans who have the gall to defend themselves from these political terrorists are to be wiped out. You talk about an unjust criminal justice system. Look at these cases and the scores of folks still rotting away in the Garland Archipelago.

It should also be noted that as evil as Soros and his ilk are, they could not have gotten where they are were it not for the fact that at least 3 generations (and counting) of American and western youth have been brainwashed into thinking just like him regarding their heritage, nation, culture and society. Mission number one has got to be to get your kids away from the schools and the social(ist) media. Maybe that’s the silver lining of the lockdowns.

The End of America: 100 Days That Shook the World available here.


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