The Morning Rant

Pathetic. The only thing that the illegitimate administration currently occupying the White House is even remotely competent at doing is destroying things.

Trump’s economy.
American energy independence.
Border security.
American Standing on the world stage.
And many, many more!

One would think that after the debacle in Afghanistan, where we left Americans, allies, and more than $80 billion of military equipment, that the Biden junta would try something different. Like being just a little bit better than catastrophically, pathetically bad at…everything!

What sort of contingency planning did they do…I mean besides working tirelessly to sculpt the media response and improve the administration’s image? Clearly none.

Biden Has No Plans For Using Military To Evacuate U.S. Citizens Out Of Ukraine If Russia Invades

“If Americans are still in Ukraine, and things start happening with Russia, are they pretty much on their own?” a reporter asked.

“Well, we are conveying very clearly now that now’s the time to leave and that there are a means to do that,” Psaki said. “Of course, there’s commercial airlines, you can depart over land. There’s obviously the embassy there to provide assistance. And this is very similar to what we did in Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, and many other countries over the course of the last several decades. But there is not an intention or a plan for any military evacuation.”


Who is “we?”

And interestingly the psquawking pschlock merchant didn’t mention the greatest foreign policy failure in generations…. has she and the Biden junta forgotten Afghanistan? Are they confident of their marvelous communications skills and are betting…hoping…that they can play some silly sleight-of-hand game with the American people?

The answer is yes. They have such contempt for America and Americans that they are incapable of operating in any way other than craven political triangulation, damage control, and most of all the traditional Biden mindset of “What’s in it for me?” But they suck at it. Just like they suck at everything else.

We have elected (Hah!) the most shockingly incompetent administration possibly in history. Look at their track record. The policy changes they made were primarily executive orders; they were almost perfectly incapable of legislative changes. Hell…they couldn’t even buy off Manchin and Synema and get their big, economy-killing infrastructure bill passed. How difficult is it to bribe a politician? Yet they couldn’t even manage that because of their arrogance and inability to identify potential stumbling blocks; something that any competent executive understands is vital to success.

I guess we are lucky that the flaccid-thinking apparatchiks who are pulling the drooling, nasty imbecile’s strings aren’t better at basic political machinations, but I imagine the Americans who may be caught in a war zone in Ukraine, or were (and possibly are) stuck in Afghanistan would much prefer some simple competence, even if it came with mean tweets.