The Morning Rant

No surprise here…the Deep StateTM is nowhere more powerful than at the state department, and its historical antipathy towards Israel and Jews is well documented. Its halls are filled with hack careerists from the various foreign service graduate programs and no doubt fellow travelers from our increasingly insane liberal arts universities. They know, deep in their hearts, that their understanding of the world is far more nuanced and complete than any mere president, and it is their Gaia-given right to decide how best to conduct American foreign policy.

But imagine if that same smarmy little worm had said to Natalie Brown (Trump’s ambassador to Uganda), or Brian Nichols (Trump’s ambassador to Zimbabwe), “Don’t be so Black?” Or even worse (according to the media), one of Biden’s appointees.

Is it only Jews whose loyalty is questioned? It makes perfect sense to appoint an ambassador who knows the country and its culture well, and that group is going to be primarily Jewish.

Senior State Department Staffer Told Ambassador David Friedman: ‘Don’t Be So Jewish’

Along the way, Friedman and the Trump White House had to battle the deep state — and even some of Trump’s own senior appointees. When he arrived at a meeting with National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, for example, to discuss the pros and cons of moving the embassy to Jerusalem, he found that McMaster had listed only the cons and none of the pros. In the end, the embassy move was successful: far from hurting U.S. interests, it helped usher in a new era of Mideast diplomacy.

It is everywhere, and what is really stunning is that the vaunted guardians of our “democracy” — the Democrat party — doesn’t understand that a deep state is antithetical to the concept of democratic rule. When unelected bureaucrats control the inner workings of government, and actively push against the express wishes of our elected officials in both the legislative and executive branches of government, we do not have democratic rule…we have a twisted plutocracy, in which seniority, and one’s university are stand-ins for wealth.

And how to combat that, especially in the state department? Only the most disruptive leaders have a chance, but they need deep knowledge of the inner workings of the government, something that President Trump did not have…and that lack was ultimately his downfall.

The problem of course is that those with knowledge of the sausage making have already been co-opted by the sausage makers. The list of independent people with the fortitude to do what must be done is short…