The Morning Report 2/16/22

Good morning, kids. Wednesday and the seemingly unrelated stories of the struggle north of the 49th parallel – and really all over the world – and the bombshell revelations of the Durham investigation are at the top of my list this morning. There is a common denominator to them and really to pretty much every story in every section: That is, the complete abandonment and upending of nearly 900 years of societal development towards freedom and self-determination on the individual level back to the endless night of dark age slavery and oppression of the many by the few. Ironic in the extreme, not to mention disgusting to witness the heirs of Mao, Stalin and Hitler parade around in the skin suit of Jesus, Lincoln and Gandhi, shrieking tone-deaf renditions of “Kumbaya” and “Imagine” as they line us up in front of a ditch and pull the trigger.

We laugh at the truly sick asshole who swiped a 13-year-old girl’s Canadian flag at a rally in support of the trucker protest, but then was crying like a little titty-baby when the cops detained him. But I’m not laughing; I don’t think it’s that much of a stretch to posit that, given the right circumstances, he would have no qualms at all about “just following orders.” That is if he didn’t volunteer for the firing squad himself. And that applies with equal force down here in the lower 48 as well as all the other formerly free, enlightened, western liberal democracies who have a growing number of people voting for, and stuffing the ballot boxes for, individuals and parties that are moving at light speed to out Chi-Com the Chi-Coms. Thank you, Marx. Thank you, Gramsci. Thank you Marcuse. 

So, all that said, the Durham report is dropping bombshells all over the place that in really no uncertain terms not only completely exonerates Donald Trump over the so-called Russiagate scandal but actually implicates Hillary Clinton as well as the highest echelons of our national security and law enforcement agencies in what can only be described as seditious behavior if not worse. None of this is a revelation more than a confirmation of what we at a minimum suspected and mostly knew over 5 years ago. Not that the media is paying attention to it more than deflecting and covering it up. And more importantly, not that it really matters at all.

I would pay-per-view to see Hillary in her orange Armani jumpsuit, drunk and hissing as they lead her to the hoosegow, slowly turning back into a lizard.

It’s not going to happen. The leftists didn’t empty the jails and prisons to make room for their queen bee.  Liberals won’t allow violent and/or repeat offenders to go to the skookum house, knowing full well those criminals will attack more innocent victims. There is no way they’ll lock up their Queen of Sleaze.

Domestic terrorist Darrell Brooks ran over 62 white people late last year in Waukesha, Wis. He SHOULD have been in jail after running over his girlfriend. He SHOULD have been kept there when a risk assessment test determined Brooks was likely to commit more crimes. But the local DA, John Chisholm, was happy to let him go, knowing full well that his bail reform nonsense would get people killed. Lefties look out for their own.

While the left is eager to round up meemaws who were let into the Capitol, they fight just as hard to keep their people out.

Jan. 6 buffalo horns guy Jacob Chansley got 41 months in federal prison for his stroll through the Capitol. Mohamed Hussein Abdi, 20, was given probation for trying to burn down a school during a riot for Saintly George Floyd. . . 

. . . It steams my clams to say this, but the Clintons are made of a unique mixture of Teflon and kevlar. Most of the media won’t even discuss their chicanery, much less call them out. When the news of their transgressions does manage to leak, the press runs interference for the Clintons and will even add suppressing fire to cover them. When that fails, the DOJ takes over to make sure the Clintons remain free.

The Clintons are the herpes of American politics, and the lefty news and DOJ refuse to slather on some Valtrex.

All this is true, but it goes way beyond merely the Clintons. As I posited here and on the soon-to-be-award-winning CJN Speaks! podcast, it’s not that there are two justice systems in this country. It’s that there is NO justice system. We are becoming a vast prison and the warders are a combination of the junta in power in cahoots with the economically-fascistic corporate world and most alarmingly, far too many of our coworkers, neighbors and even family members as kapos and snitches.

So yes, Hillary Clinton is never going to jail let alone going to be indicted for the same reason that John Roberts threw out the 17-state suit at SCOTUS over the electoral college results and for the same reason that this Quintez Brown scum is not going to face any serious jail time for putting a hole in Craig Greenberg’s sports coat. Hell, a Biden minion is already blaming “right-wing rhetoric” for doing that damage, much the same way as it was a somehow self-aware SUV that plowed into the Waukesha Christmas parade. But dare to protest the mind- and body-rape of your children at a school board meeting, or be duped into accepting the Capitol cops’ invitation to waltz into the Rotunda and you will be ground into the dust.

Hold that thought as I segue into Dan Gelernter over at American Greatness with a very good take on the police and the Second Amendment:

I believe in law and order. I want to back the blue. But they’ve let me down. They weren’t there when my city was on fire. But if I were to get a handgun to protect my apartment, they’d show up at 4 a.m. with a no-knock warrant and shoot my dog.

I feel safer in Connecticut where I can carry a gun than in New York where I can’t. I find I would rather rely on the general protection of an armed community than on a specially empowered group who are immune to criminal liability for their actions. But even here in the suburbs, my local town’s police department has a surplus military Humvee. Why? Crowd control? Only a few thousand people live here. When a friend was getting his pistol permit last year, the local police lied to him repeatedly (at least three different ways) to avoid fingerprinting him so he could complete his application. Who the hell do they think they are?

From where I sit, the problem with defunding the police isn’t that the police do so much to protect us, it’s that we’ve been so deprived of the means to protect ourselves. And frankly, I’m not convinced that society wouldn’t do better simply getting rid of all permitting requirements and allowing anyone who wants to protect himself to enjoy that constitutional right without restriction. An armed society is a polite society. And where guns are outlawed, only outlaws have guns. Only outlaws — and the police.

Well said, but I will take it a step further by Psaki-psircling back to my original contention. The reason I have antipathy to the police – even my once beloved NYPD – is that they are uniformed representatives of the law, which is supposed to be a just and stable law that ensures the functioning of the civil society while guaranteeing my fundamental rights and liberties.

It is obvious now that the aforementioned no longer exists. The laws exist, when they are enforced, only to oppress and suppress political opposition at the Federal, state and local level to the entity that overthrew the government between November 2020 and January 2021.

Look at those who dare enter a restaurant unmasked, raise their voices in protest at school board meetings or who are imprisoned now for over a year because they were entrapped into walking into the Capitol on January 6th 2021. Now compare and contrast to people from Hillary Clinton and the junta who concocted the Russia collusion hoax all the way down to street thugs who rob, rape and murder at will with no bail, no jail and no consequences as well as the thugs of Antifa and BLM who lay waste to entire communities while being lauded as “mostly peaceful” civil rights protesters.

Unless proven otherwise, the men and women in blue are representatives of that regime and therefore cannot be trusted to uphold their oaths to the citizenry. Same as our elected officials of both parties. And that is a longwinded way of stating why the Second Amendment exists. While I agree with Mr. Gelernter that being able to defend yourself from a direct threat to your life is crucial, it is equally crucial that being armed as a means to defend yourself from a tyrannical government is as, if not more, important — especially when more and more uniformed law enforcement officers are more concerned with protecting their pensions than the community they ostensibly joined up to defend. 

These are the wages of lawlessness. Anarchy is one thing. What we have is tyranny dressed up as order.

The End of America: 100 Days That Shook the World available here.


  • Richard Fernandez: “The paradigm has shifted for everyone but the new ground rules are not yet clear. For now, the pundits are just ranting, making random noise to comfort themselves, the way a group of monkeys gibbers when it senses a dark shadow at the base of their tree. But nobody knows what the shadow is. Perhaps the ruling elites don’t know where they are because their own bubble drifted so silently over the decades that they only now notice, looking out the window for the first time in years, that the stars all look different.” The Crazy Years
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  • “The state has an obligation to protect life, and that is what this bill is about,” Barto said during debate. “A 15-week-old baby in the womb has a fully formed nose, lips, eyelids, they suck their thumbs. They feel pain. That’s what this bill is about.” Republican-Controlled Arizona Senate Passes 15-Week Abortion Ban


  • “The settlement with Remington marks the first instance in which a gun manufacturer was held legally liable for a mass shooting. . . Additionally, Remington is allowing the families to release documents used in the lawsuit which show how the rifle, a Bushmaster AR-15-style rifle, was marketed, the outlet reported.” Sandy Hook Families Come To Unprecedented $73 Million Settlement With Gun Manufacturer Remington Arms
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  • “Though the idea of creating a region protected from radio signals so that good radio astronomy can be conducted has merit, no one should have the slightest sympathy for this request by astronomers. Why should anyone give them this vast amount of real estate when astronomers have shown so little interest in building any telescopes in space, anywhere?”Astronomers Form Lobbying Group to Block Development on Moon’s Far Side
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  • “‘Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.’ So wrote P.J. O’Rourke in his 1991 bestseller, Parliament of Whores. That was the essential O’Rourke: funny, irreverent, libertarian..” RIP P.J. O’Rourke, Warrior Against the Woke

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