The Morning Report 2/22/22

Good morning, kids. Tuesday and it’s official. Justin Castreau-cescu has called for his “temporary” post-Reichstag Fire “enabling act” to become permanent and the Canadian Parliament is one step closer to obliging.

Trudeau invoked the Act, an unprecedented move, last week claiming it necessary to dispel peaceful protests linked to the Freedom Convoy movement, which is demanding an end to civil rights violations by the Trudeau government allegedly necessary to fight the Chinese coronavirus. At press time on Monday, no active Freedom Convoy protests exist anywhere in Canada . . .

. . . The passing of the measure in the House of Commons is the first step toward confirming the use of the act, which allows the government significant powers. . . 

. . . The invocation of the Emergencies Act has been widely criticised by civil liberties groups, such as the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) and the Ontario Civil Liberties Association (OCLA). . . 

. . . In order for the act to be fully passed, it must also face a vote in the Canadian Senate, according to the text of the act. A debate in the Canadian Senate is expected to begin on Tuesday morning, the Toronto Star newspaper reports.

It’s absolutely staggering to me. Canada. Cana-fucking-duh. Land of Molson, lumberjacks, Vietnam draft-dodgers, hosers, Expo ’67, Paulina Gretzky and Red Green. On the latest episode of the award-winning Cut Jib Newsletter Speaks! podcast I was left stammering and stuttering,trying to wrap my head around the fact that what once was one of the freest nations on the planet has almost overnight degenerated into a cartoon banana republic police state. Even without the pressure of speaking extemporaneously with the time to compose my thoughts, I’m just dumbfounded at this. 

But, as the saying goes, I think what is happening to the north of us is a prime example of slowly, then all at once. Beyond the past “two weeks,” Canada has been rotting itself out from within for a long time now, right along with us down below the 49th parallel. Either we didn’t see it or we didn’t want to see it. Once again, real journalist Julie Kelly brings it.

As freedom-lovers justifiably recoil at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s crackdown on vaccine mandate protesters, Americans worry the same sort of political retribution could happen here. I’m sorry to report, it already has.

The scenes from Ottawa are matched or surpassed by the images here, including thuggish cops attacking January 6 protesters with mace and explosive devices. The difference? Instead of mounted police trampling a woman, ours merely shot and killed one woman and beat up a few more.

What the Trudeau regime is now unleashing against the truckers and their supporters has been underway in America for more than a year. Using January 6 as a pretext, the Biden regime is brandishing its authority to crush political dissent. Now, it appears Trudeau and his apparatchiks are stealing the U.S. Justice Department’s playbook of power and pain.

The comparisons are stark. Take, for example, the words of Steve Bell, acting chief of the Ottawa police department. He told a reporter over the weekend how the government will hunt down those who stood in defiance of Trudeau’s vaccine mandates.

“If you were involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges, absolutely,” Bell said during a press briefing on February 19. “This investigation will go on for months to come. It has many many different streams from a federal level from a financial level from a provincial licensing level to a criminal code level from a municipal breach of . . . court order level. It will be a time consuming and complicated investigation that will go on for a period of time. . . “

. . . Rewind to January 12, 2021 and a press conference in our nation’s capital featuring Steven D’Antuono, chief of the D.C. FBI field office, who detailed how federal, state, and local law enforcement planned to capture and charge anyone involved in the four-hour disturbance. After noting that the FBI “doesn’t do easy,” D’Antuono — fresh off executing the apparently FBI-concocted kidnapping plot of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer to generate bad pre-election headlines for Donald Trump — warned Americans what was to come.

“This is a 24/7, full bore extensive investigation into what happened that day,” D’Antuono said. “I want to stress that the FBI has a long memory and a broad reach. So even if you’ve left D.C., agents from our local field offices will be knocking on your door if we find out you were part of the criminal activity at the Capitol.”

Except the FBI didn’t knock on doors — it kicked them in. Hundreds of Americans have been awakened before dawn by dozens of armed FBI agents and military-style vehicles to capture even nonviolent protesters. FBI Director Christopher Wray declared January 6 an act of “domestic terrorism” and, as I explain in my new book, aimed government tools reserved to fight foreign terror threats against Americans on the political Right.

After January 6 defendants were hauled off to jail post-arrest, the Justice Department demanded pre-trial detention for at least 100 citizens based on the premise that any participation in January 6 rendered the accused a “domestic terrorist.” Some have languished for over a year in a political prison set aside for January 6 defendants as they await trials that the Justice Department repeatedly delays while it conceals evidence and fabricates certain charges to support the “insurrection” narrative.

And why are they doing all this? Because of the epic collapse and failure of every Leftist policy and more crucially every Leftist narrative that has polluted the discourse now for decades. Yes, certain segments of our society will always believe that America as founded is illegitimate, racist, repressive and the greatest evil ever unleashed upon Gaia since time immemorial, with the Jews right behind in second place. 

The reason for the narrative collapse, despite both the immense and almost overpowering propaganda machine not only from the media but, more alarmingly, from far too many brainwashed drones where you work, in your neighborhood and even in your own home, is the comparison to life in the first three years of Donald Trump’s first term and the contrast with everything that came afterwards. So, okay, they got rid of Trump and then they went to work. The result? An economy in ruins, mass migration of third world peasants as well as dark age Islamic imperialists, a crime wave so violent and massive it rivals anything Putin may or more likely may not do in Ukraine, cultural rot, a non-existent education system that indoctrinates and does not educate, foreign policy disasters that have taken a wrecking ball to 75 years of pax Americana and on and on and on. Everyone sees it. Complete and utter disaster as a direct result of the Democrat Party and its minions in and out of government. But now, as the late Hollywood producer Don Simpson used to say about failure, “It’s not how you play the game, it’s how you place the blame.” 

In 1980, Jimmy Carter, having lain waste to America, albeit nowhere near as mind bogglingly catastrophic to what we are experiencing 40 years on, was soundly defeated at the polls by Ronald Reagan. As execrable a character as Carter has proven to be in the intervening years, back then he graciously accepted his defeat and generally left us the hell alone. A few horrendous incidents of America- and Jew-hate notwithstanding. I’m not saying that the Democrats or the media did not do their damndest to sabotage Reagan at every turn. The most horrendous example was a near act of treason by Teddy Kennedy when he secretly went to Moscow to assure the Soviets that he would do everything he could to sabotage SDI. But at the end of the day, they licked their wounds and moved on. So, in the cold light of day, knowing full well that as the Reagan revolution moved from victory to victory on every domestic and foreign policy issue, perhaps this is when the plotting and finagling got ramped into high gear. It should also be noted that it was Teddy Kennedy who in 1965 put the first massive hole in our southern border which led to the flood of both legal and illegal immigration from the third world for the purpose of swelling the Democrats’ shrinking voter rolls. It should also be noted that the GOP itself hated Reagan and his own VP, Pappy Bush, when handed the presidency on a silver platter after eight glorious years of American ascendancy didn’t just squander it; he sabotaged it. 

Meh, I’m going off on a tangent. What I’m trying to say is, back then at least the Democrats gave the appearance of accepting defeat, which did not of course mean they would not resist a GOP administration by every means at their disposal and at constant, maximum volume. Today? Fuck that. If a Democrat should fail to “fortify” (i.e. rig) an election and a Republican wins, it means the election was illegitimate. More to the point, any objection to any Democrat politician or leftist policy is not only illegitimate but racist and now treasonous. 

So, the massive failures of the past 12 months you see are not Biden’s fault. They’re YOUR fault. And to make you realize it’s all your fault, we have the threat of a war in Ukraine that has nothing at all to do with our own vested national security (aside from the fact that it was Bill Clinton who assured the Ukrainians we would defend them if they gave up their nuclear weapons that were on their territory after the collapse of the Soviet Union) which – unless a stupid “Bedford Incident” incident should happen – which is about as real a crisis as the General Tso’s Sickness is an extinction-level plague. They ain’t.

All of this is aimed at the midterms which on some level the Democrats are scared shitless about. But there is such a paradigm shift in government and society that elections, while maybe as a barometer, don’t necessarily change the game nor the trajectory. Adam Mill wrote a decent essay about November at American Greatness but my analysis is this:

“While I agree in principle with the gravamen of Mr. Mill’s discourse, American government has moved far beyond the point of where elections truly make a difference, at least on the federal level and on the solidly blue state/local level.

We are in the main ruled by an unelected and unaccountable bureaucracy and to a slightly lesser extent a fairly corrupt/unreliable judiciary that acts as a rubber stamp of the latter 99.9% of the time. Even after electing Donald Trump, he was sabotaged at every turn and only by a force of will was he able to get a fraction of what he – and we – wanted. Even then, that bureaucracy as well as most of his inner circle literally was insubordinate in executing the agenda.

I still believe you should vote, if only to reveal the barometer of the electorate. But that said, we are so far gone from what the original intention was of the Founders that a revolution (peacefully if at all possible) is required at this stage to restore our freedom as well as institute safeguards so that we can try to prevent the use of our freedom as a weapon to enslave us.

All that said, it’s not the laws and firewalls and all that that’s the problem. The problem is the lack of morality, ethics and character and the concomitant will to power of people in and out of government who seek our enslavement or destruction.

Same as it ever was.”

And so now, we have a Trucker Convoy making its way to DC. Given what happened up in Canada and what happened in DC January 6th, 2021, I’m wondering perhaps if this is the best course of action? I’m not saying they shouldn’t protest, or we shouldn’t protest, but maybe a better course of action is a trucker strike or slowdown. As CBD pointed out on the podcast, not even a national strike. Just stop delivering to DC, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and every blue city. 

It’s too late to play it safe now. Damn the consequences, come what may. 

The End of America: 100 Days That Shook the World available here.



  • “This state of emergency is not over. There continue to be real concerns about the coming days,” Trudeau said on Monday, claiming there were signs the Freedom Convoy truckers could regroup and return to Ottawa. (coming days = “two weeks” – jjs) Canada: Justin Castreau-cescu Insists on Emergency Powers Despite No Active Protests
  • “The motion to uphold the invocation of emergency powers by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau passed in a vote in the Canadian House of Commons on Monday, with the Liberal Party and the NDP and other allies garnering 181 votes for the motion. The motion was opposed by the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) and the separatist Bloc Quebecois (BQ) and their allies, who voted against it with 151 votes, broadcaster CBC reports.” Tyranny: Canadian Parliament Votes for Emergencies Act Motion
  • “Mayor Jim Watson said that he is directing his city’s solicitor and manager to begin the process of selling the confiscated vehicles so they don’t end up in the hands of the protestors again, in an interview with the CBC. He said Canada’s Emergencies Act gives the city the power to do so.” (piece of shit rat bastard – jjs) Mayor of Ottawa Says He’s Trying to Sell The Trucks They Confiscated From Protesters
  • “Time for the protesters to hear our jackboots on the ground,” Nixon allegedly said in a separate message, Rebel News reported. One member of the group chat reportedly criticized Nixon for his statements, prompting him to apparently sarcastically offer “free hugs and unicorn stickers” to the protesters. (be a real tragedy if this guy’s address were doxxed and he came home to a burned down house – jjs) “Awesome”: Canadian Police Reportedly Celebrated Injuring Protesters, Investigation Launched
  • In his statement pledging support for the Trudeau government’s invocation of the Emergencies Act, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh stated that while he was happy for these extraordinary powers to be used against the truckers protesting in Ottawa, they must never be used against “Indigenous land defenders, climate change activists, workers fighting for fairness.” Tyranny for Thee, Not for Me
  • “‘My parents escaped from Germany under the Nazis and Communists. I’ve seen real terrorism. Our freedoms are at stake here,’ military chaplain and decorated veteran Harold Ristau told The Federalist.” Decorated Canadian Veteran And Pastor: Trudeau Has Declared War On His Own People
  • “I don’t have any assets in Canadian financial institutions or subsidiaries, but if I did, I’d transfer them out right away. For the same reason I wouldn’t hold assets in any other lawless country run by a tinpot dictator who weaponizes the private sector to carry out his political purge.” If You Have Assets at Canadian Financial Institutions, You’re Nuts
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  • Julie Kelly: “As freedom-lovers justifiably recoil at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s crackdown, Americans worry it could happen here. They’re too late. It already has.”Trudeau Style Tyranny Is Already Here
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