The Morning Rant

The Biden junta’s catastrophic combination of abject stupidity, mendaciousness and amazing talent at doing what is worst for America is nowhere more obvious than its destructive policies with respect to domestic oil production. They have eviscerated much of our petroleum and gas industry, and as a result production has plummeted just when we need it the most.

Energy costs are skyrocketing, perhaps the largest component of our out-of-control inflation, yet the arrogant retards in the west wing think that begging OPEC to increase production is a good idea. Oh yes! Go hat in hand to a group of countries that have clearly demonstrated their antipathy towards America, and maintain friendships with us only when we are strong.

Well, we aren’t strong now…we are weak.

Oil Soars After Arab Oil Ministers Turn Biden Down Again, Refusing to Open Oil Taps

The Biden administration has been pressing U.S. allies in the Arab world to increase production in hopes of holding down fuel prices and perhaps tempering inflation. The price of oil is up more than 24 percent since the start of the year.

Oil prices have seen upward pressure from rising global demand as lockdowns and other restrictive measures aimed at fighting the pandemic have lifted. More recently, tensions between the U.S. and Russia over Ukraine has boosted oil prices.

Of course the real reason the drooling idiot in the oval office is destroying an American industry is the Democrat party green energy insanity. Destroy the petroleum-based sector and what are Americans left with? Solar and wind and gerbils (listen to the podcast for more on that), which will provide a fraction of our energy needs at much lower quality and reliability and destructive increased cost. But that’s the goal!

Biden’s legacy, if he succeeds, will be a decrease in the standard of living for most Americans and an increase in the power and influence of OPEC and other oil-rich states…like…oh…Russia!

A smart president — one who understands geopolitical reality — would ramp up domestic production to drive the energy segment of inflation down while simultaneously crippling Russia by decreasing its flow of hard currency. Russia at $95/barrel is rich. Russia at $40/barrel is poor.

Which would be better for America and the world?

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  1. I meant to say this on the podcast but fuel is only a fraction of what oil and gas are all about. There is virtually nothing that we eat, wear or otherwise come in contact with that is not made from, or significantly processed by petroleum.

    Kill off the petrochemical industry and you kill of humanity not long after.

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