The Morning Rant

Colin Kaepernick was mediocre quarterback who had his 15 minutes, but then NFL defenses caught up with him and he failed spectacularly. Cry racism all you want, but let us be honest, there are teams in the NFL that would hire Hitler if he could evade the blitz and hit his wideout for 30 yards.

Enes Kanter Freedom is a different thing entirely. His outspoken criticism of China and its obvious abuse of minorities and its use of slave labor attracted the attention of the NBA’s masters in Peking, and in spite of his basketball value he was unceremoniously dumped by the league. Because the NBA is China’s whore and will do what it is told, including stifling one of its good players.

I don’t know his politics…for all I know he could be a rabid Jew-hating, Palestine-Uber-Alles maniac. But this is America, and speech, no matter how distasteful, should be protected.

Compare His treatment to that of the many NBA players who are solidly in the BLM/Antifa camp, and who have no problem spouting their anti-white nonsense at every opportunity. Or the violent thugs that seem to be in the majority! All of them are fiercely protected by the league, but a man who seems to be genuine in his activism is banished.

‘I Have No Regrets’: Enes Kanter Freedom, Ousted from NBA, Vows to Continue Speaking Out Against CCP’s Abuses

When it comes to the NBA, “you can talk about all the social justice, all the injustices happening all around the world. But when it comes to China, you cannot speak up,” Freedom said at a ceremony hosted by advocacy group Committee on Present Danger: China in Washington on Feb. 17. “If you do, then you’d have to face the consequences.”

Freedom was released by the Houston Rockets soon after a trade from the Boston Celtics on Feb. 10. He was one of the highest-rated back-up centers statistically in the NBA, and believes that his activism cost him his career.

“I want to tell you guys that I have no regrets,” said Freedom. There are “more important things besides money and business such as morals, principles, and values.”

Freedom added that after learning about all of the persecution and human rights violations committed by the CCP, if he didn’t speak out against it, he would not be able to sleep at night.

I wonder what it must be like for the NBA owners, the league and corporate lackeys, knowing that they are subservient to a vile communist dictatorship that is actively pursuing a program of internal genocide and external destruction of Western culture, in particular the very country that has made them wealthy?

I guess it is easier to block out the uncomfortable fact that you are a whore and a traitor in your summer house in the Hamptons…