The Morning Report 2/25/22

Good morning, kids. The weekend is here and Ukraine getting pounded by Putin remains at the top of the dung heap with the subjugation of North America by its own insane governments smoldering somewhere underneath. While the latter in real, direct terms is much more important for obvious reasons, the former is a direct result of the rigging of the national elections and at some point in the not to distant future could have severe geo-political ramifications for our national and economic security, even if the sanity and clarity of a (or “the” [meaning Trump himself]) MAGA/America first agenda is restored. 

In any case, with the bombs raining down not just in the “disputed” areas of Donbas but cities all over the Ukraine, the propaganda blitz begins, or rather ramps up to ‘leventy-leven. 

The 13 guards were posted on the small but strategic Snake Island off Ukraine’s southeastern border when they were approached by two vessels on Thursday, according to Ukrainian media outlets.

The Russians contacted the guards and identified themselves as a “Russian Warship,” demanding that the Ukrainians surrender or else they would open fire according to audio of the exchange.

“This is a Russian warship, I repeat. I suggest you surrender your weapons and capitulate otherwise I will open fire. Do you copy?” The Russians said to the border guards. . . 

“. . . This is it,” one of the Ukrainian guards can be heard saying in the clip.

“Should I tell him to go f–k himself?” he appears to ask a comrade. 

“Just in case,” another guard responds.

The guard then turns up the volume on his comms and bluntly responds, “Russian warship, go f–k yourself.”

The Russians then reportedly bombarded the 42-acre island with barreled guns from the warship. They then bombed the island with aircraft. . . All of the guards were killed, officials said.

How cool would it have been if after “go fuck yourself” she added “in the heart with a steak knife?” (thanks, Ace!)

Look, I don’t mean to make light of this. It really is a tragedy that the average poor Ukrainian schlub or even Russian schlub has to die. But it isn’t because we refuse to help our gallant Ukrainian brothers who yearn for Jeffersonian democracy a la Dubya (vomit). It’s because Vladimir Putin saw a green light when America’s leftists and globalists gave our nation a lobotomy with the installation of Joey Softserve as its mouthpiece, and then ripped the nation’s balls off as it transitioned to a Renee Richards Bride of Frankenstein eunuch prostrate before the whole world (as an addendum, colleague and co-blogger Joe Mannix rightly notes that our pushing of NATO ever eastward for no really good reason post the Soviet break up is also not an insignificant factor behind Putin’s aggression).

Until I’m blue in the face, Donald Trump’s commitment to strong military deterrence as well as making America energy independent AND a net exporter for the first time in our history kept Putin in check. The fact that Putin, along with Emperor Pooh-Xi and every other bad actor – with the exception of the Democrat Party and their GOPe Renfield remora – sat on his hands between 2017 and 2021 proves to anyone with half a functioning brain cell more than Biden that the confirmed Hillary Clinton/Deep State concocted “Russia Collusion” hoax was just that. Meh, it’s like pissing into the wind with this.

Psaki-Psircling back to that truly tragic tale above, I suppose this is the NY Post’s attempt to recreate Wake Island, Back to Bataan or more accurately The North Star (more like “The Red Star”; Lillian Hellman, of course) on its front page and get you all misty-eyed, ready to buy war bonds — or go volunteer to fight the evil Russians. Volunteer someone else’s son or daughter or transexual to fight the evil Russians, that is.

Tune it out. Just tune it right the fuck out. That said, if you project into the not too distant future and substitute any of us for those Ukie border guards and the Lon Horiuchi Brigade of the Dept. of Education’s military-equipped SWAT team (oh, yes, gentle reader; you’d be surprised how many federal agencies have them) for the Russian navy, it makes a world of difference. And considering J-6 and what’s brewing up in Canada (and I don’t mean Molson), it scares me shitless. 

“NUTS” to you, NY Post and the rest of the agitprop media. And in any case where the fuck is Europe, western and especially eastern? Where the fuck is NATO, and not just the US contingent? This is your fucking, miserable, blood-soaked continent. You have a vested interest putatively (emphasis on the first two syllables) in defending yourselves. Too busy importing Muslims and letting your thousand-year-old innate anti-Semitism boil up while doing everything possible to turn the clock back to the Dark Ages via post-modern self-flagellation to actually want to do something, I guess. Except resort to the 76-year-old trope of blaming America for Europe’s self-inflicted rotting societal failure, while at the same time clamping your fangs and suckling off the dried up, desiccated teat of the Marshall Plan, which miraculously has been copiously lactating for nigh on 75 years. Meh, Momma Sefton was right. We should’ve let the Soviets roll all the way to the Channel, if not to the Irish Sea.

With half my spleen duly vented, here are a few things that underscore the complete insanity of our illegitimate junta’s response to this as well as the idiots baying for Putin’s and our blood. First up, speaking of border guards, here’s entry number one in the I-Can’t-Even Dept.:

[So-called quote-unquote “president”] Joe Biden’s [junta] is looking to divert United States Border Patrol agents from their mission at the U.S.-Mexico border to send them overseas “to assist” those fleeing from Ukraine amidst Russia’s invasion, a new report states.

Even as illegal immigration continues pouring through the nation’s southern border at record levels, Biden hopes to entice Border Patrol agents to sign up voluntarily to aid American citizens, green card-holders, and their immediate relatives fleeing Ukraine into Eastern Europe. . . 

. . . In January, alone, the Biden [junta] released more than 62,500 border crossers and illegal aliens into the U.S. interior. Border Patrol agents have blasted Biden’s policies, which they say have made illegal immigration close to unmanageable.

In truth, I’d rather have a few hundred thousand or even million Ukrainians than the dregs of Latin America or, worse, that beacon of modernity and enlightenment Afghanistan. Funny how Biden didn’t send the Border Patrol to Kabul or Kandahar last year when he did the bug-out. Forget a trucker convoy; every CBP agent should be marching on DC. Why not? It’s not like they’re even allowed to arrest let alone deport any illegal aliens anyway. We have in effect no border so why a Border patrol? Unreal.

From insanity we go to crystal clarity in the form of up and comer (hopefully) J.D. Vance who doesn’t understand how Russia could just roll into Ukraine and pound the shit out of it relatively unmolested.

“We spent $6 billion on a failed Ukrainian army,” Vance said. “Our leaders foolishly pressured Ukraine to give up their nuclear arsenal in the 1990s, which stripped them of their leverage to deter an eventual Russian invasion. These supposed ‘experts’ wrongly predicted that these moves would deter Russia instead of provoking them; on this, as with so much else, they were catastrophically wrong.”

“Trump deserves an incredible amount of credit for the strength and diplomatic engagement that kept Putin in check — and Biden an equal amount of blame for his lack of leadership,” he added. “Our energy independence gave us leverage; Biden squandered it.”

It should be noted that Ukraine back before Trump (and probably even during) – meaning during the Obama/Biden years and probably even now – was an open raging sewer of a corrupt kleptocracy. Remember that Biden was and still is “the Big Guy” who got 10%, delivered by bag man Hunter, who forgot his bag, evidently when he impregnated “Weed Slut 420,” but I digress. $6 billion, even after Biden skimmed off his cut, isn’t chump change so why the hell are we not seeing Russky tanks burning and their planes tumbling out of the sky, like they did when the Afghanis took aim at them with probably much less money and in much more primitive conditions?

And then there’s this glittering jewel of abject inanity and stupidity, Chris Van Hollen, as if I needed that descriptive build up; his name says it all. Get this:

“I’ve heard people say that the Keystone decision had some impact on current prices. I also saw PolitiFact looked at that claim and said it was false. The reality is that oil and gas production is continuing in the United States, as it should, but we also need to do what President Biden wants to do, which is, over time, reduce our reliance on oil and gas. Because, obviously, it’s a world market. And, as you point out, Russia has an important share of that.”

Even bloated, grating, thumb/tuber doppelgänger Neil Cavuto did a double take on that doublespeak. We shouldn’t restart and ramp up oil drilling because Russia has an important share of the market? Again, I ask, does the ideology drive the idiocy or vice versa or both or what the fuck is this annoying imbecile driving at (not alienating the enviro-communist-luddite bloc, I imagine)? If Russia has an important share of the market, do you not see that competing against him will choke off his income and force him to back down?! I’m dying out here.

So, as Biden and all the pieces of shit who accuse us of being traitors and unpatriotic, elsewhere in Biden world, one of the most crucial battles for justice is raging in . . . the Dept. of the Interior?

Federal officials have come up with a list of potential replacement names for hundreds of geographic features in three dozen states that include the word “squaw,” kicking off a public comment period that will run through late April.

U.S. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland in November formally declared the term derogatory and initiated a process to remove the word from use by the federal government and to replace other existing derogatory place names.

Haaland said in a statement Tuesday that words matter, particularly as the agency works to make the nation’s public lands and waters accessible and welcoming to people of all backgrounds.

I shouldn’t squawk as we have been niggardly in our attention to the sheen of racism, which of course directly impacts our national security. Well, slap some hot Mazola on that one as we move on to our final item, a not so Ancient Chinese Secret . . . 

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) and his Chi-com libertine Fang Fang are going to crack open the champagne over this one. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has dropped the Trump-era China Initiative, created to go after Chinese spies. . . 

. . . This insane decision comes shortly after FBI Director Christopher Wray declared that China was “more brazen, more damaging than ever before.”

Why would Biden’s administration stop hunting Chinese spies? The excuse they are giving is exactly what you would expect from the left: racism!

“Anything that creates the impression that the Department of Justice applies different standards based on race or ethnicity harms the department and our efforts, and it harms the public,” Matthew Olsen, assistant attorney general for national security, informed reporters. “I do believe that the China Initiative was driven by genuine national security concerns. But I’m also mindful that the department must maintain the trust of the people whom we serve.”

Meanwhile, in the Garland Archipelago, the inmates are making room for a fresh batch of racist insurrectionist white supremacists as a trucker convoy rolls eastward to DC, right into their grasp.

Have a good weekend.

The End of America: 100 Days That Shook the World available here.



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