The Morning Report 2/28/22

Good morning, kids. Start of a new week and the fog of the Ukraine-Russia War is nearly as impenetrable as the marine layer between Joey Soft-Serve’s ears. That said, the vegetable formerly known as Biden, or to be be more precise, those who for the past 13 months assigned to the task of making his mouth move (and doing a piss-poor job of it) are now ordering all Americans still stuck in Russia to do the Afghanistan two-step: that is, de-ass with the quickness, naturally without any help from the government.

On Sunday, the State Department issued a Security Alert urging American citizens to leave Russia by commercial means available:

An increasing number of airlines are cancelling flights into and out of Russia, and numerous countries have closed their airspace to Russian airlines. U.S. citizens should consider departing Russia immediately via commercial options still available. The U.S. Embassy reminds U.S. citizens that the Department of State’s Travel Advisory level for Russia is at “Level 4: Do Not Travel.”

This alert comes several days after Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, and follows a January 23 Level 4 Travel Advisory encouraging Americans not to travel to Russia.

The Afghanistan snap decision bug-out caught thousands of Americans in-country by total surprise and to this day we still have no real idea how many may still be trapped there (as thousands of unvetted, unvaccinated, but no doubt fully Islamicized, Afghans continue to be air dropped all over America). However, in this instance, the saber rattling between Russia and Ukraine, as well as Biden’s own mush-mouthed mispronunciations and threats have been going on for weeks. And yet they issue this warning now?!

During the best of times with competent leadership (i.e. non-Leftist), governmental bureaucracy is at best ponderous and illogical maybe only 50% of the time. And that’s being extremely charitable. With crackpots, Marxists and other denizens of the Ivy League faculty lounge now at the controls, trying desperately to maneuver us out of a disaster of its own making, if you’re unlucky enough to still be in Russia or Ukraine, you’re shit out of luck. 

Biden’s sundowning for all the world to see. Even the reliably leftist WaPo and ABC’s latest poll not only shows him tanking in public opinion, but dig this:

When asked about Biden’s “mental sharpness” to serve as president, 54 percent said they do not think Biden is mentally sharp enough, while only 40 percent said he is. When respondents were asked the same question in May 2020, when Biden was only a candidate, 51 percent said he had the “mental sharpness” needed to serve as president, while 43 percent said he did not.

That’s along with a 37% approval rating. And, again, as this is WaPo/ABC, both of those results have got to be significantly worse. When even the Ministry of Propaganda can’t fake it for you, or perhaps doesn’t want to fake it for you, oh boy. So, okay. We know Biden’s non compos mentisBut you’ve got to wonder what the hell Putin must be thinking with this rather disturbing announcement.

President Vladimir Putin on Sunday ordered his military’s nuclear deterrent forces to be on alert as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine met increasing resistance as it enters its fourth day.

Putin told defense chiefs “high alert” status is imperative as the West was accused by Moscow of taking “unfriendly” steps against his country.

NBC News reports the move was in direct response to leading NATO powers making what he called “aggressive statements,” according to Tass, the state-owned Russian news agency.

Putin, in giving the nuclear alert directive, cited not only the alleged statements by NATO members but the hard-hitting financial sanctions imposed by the West against Russia, including the Russian leader himself.

“Western countries aren’t only taking unfriendly actions against our country in the economic sphere, but top officials from leading NATO members made aggressive statements regarding our country,” Putin said in televised comments, AP reports.

I don’t think Putin’s getting into Gen. Jack Ripper territory, especially since the miscalculations, bumbling and total incompetence of Biden and the fools at Foggy Bottom sent him the signal to roll into Ukraine. Would he toss a nuke on someone if Russia is cut out of the SWIFT system? That would be kind of nuts, no? But perhaps all this talk is because maybe old Vlad bit off more than he could chew.

Putin rolled the dice of war and didn’t beat Ukraine. This, in strategic terms, probably means he lost the campaign. In retrospect, the Kremlin’s plan consisted of an airborne/airmobile/Spetsnaz descent on Kyiv, the mission of which was to establish an airhead in the capital and capture the Ukrainian government until relieved by mechanized forces racing in from the north. An airmobile assault was attempted at Gostomel to Kyiv’s immediate north.

But things went badly wrong. The Russian battalion-sized airmobile force met stiff air defense and was immediately counterattacked by the Ukrainian mobile reserve. Unable to land follow-on forces, the paratroopers could not withstand heavy weapons and were scattered or wiped out. Equally serious for the Russians was the failure of their northern pincer to advance on schedule.

Desperate to “bag” the Ukrainian government, the Russians attempted a large-scale airborne assault for Vasylkiv Airfield to the south of Kyiv to establish a blocking position to catch withdrawing units. But this failed, with two C-17 counterpart IL-76s loaded with paratroops destroyed, and with them, two infantry companies of the Kremlin’s finest. Crucially the Russian mechanized elements trickling into Kyiv proved too weak to break through the city defense.

When it was clear Zelensky, and hence the Ukrainian government, could not be bagged and was quite capable of retreating in good order to fallback positions in the West, it was obvious that Putin could not conclude the campaign with the political time and the military forces at hand. At this, the diplomatic floodgates opened, with even China urging a diplomatic solution, and much of the world, scared to death of a third world war, timidly then more forcefully chiming in. . . 

. . . The crisis in Ukraine, while not over, is likely to evolve into a crisis in Russia. We shall soon see who is more to be feared: a Putin in Kyiv or a Putin raging in the bunker.

Fog of war indeed. Look, it is doubtless a tragedy that our reputation around the globe is in the shitter, along with our economy and our society right here at home. And the situation is certainly in doubt as to whether we can reclaim any of it in the near term. And it’s also a tragedy that innocent people over there have to suffer because a maniac ex-KGB agent is bitter that his shitty, yet massive, country was essentially dismantled thanks to Ronald Reagan. Equally tragic that Reagan’s successors (Trump notwithstanding) completely fucked up our hard won foreign policy leadership after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the victory in the Cold War. But whatever happens in Ukraine, not one US soldier’s boot should be on the ground in that country. Not when this is going on right here.

Matthew Perna did nothing wrong on January 6, 2021. The Pennsylvania man walked through an open door on the Senate side of the building shortly before 3 p.m. that afternoon. Capitol police, shown in surveillance video, stood by as hundreds of Americans entered the Capitol. Wearing a “Make America Great Again” sweatshirt, Perna, 37, left after about 20 minutes.

Less than two weeks later, Perna was ensnared in what the former top U.S. prosecutor called a “shock and awe” campaign to round up Trump supporters and deter them from demonstrating at Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20, 2021. After he discovered his image on the FBI’s most wanted list for January 6, Perna immediately contacted his local FBI office and voluntarily submitted to questioning; on January 18, six FBI agents arrested Perna at his home.

His life from that point turned into a nightmare. Perna was indicted by a grand jury in February 2021 on four counts including obstruction of an official proceeding and trespassing misdemeanors. Despite his nonviolent participation in the events of that day — he did not assault anyone, carry a weapon, or vandalize property — Biden’s Justice Department and local news media nonetheless made his life pure hell.Whenever his hometown paper, the Sharon Herald, published an article on its social media account about Perna, the majority of replies were “horrible and brutal,” his aunt, Geri Perna, told me on the phone Sunday. After more than a year of legal and public torture, Perna saw no way out.

On Friday night, Matthew Perna hung himself in his garage.

“They broke him, they mentally broke him,” Geri said through racking sobs as she explained why her loved one ended his life. “He had run out of hope. I know he couldn’t take it any more.”

When something like this can happen in our own country, I’m not really all that interested in what’s going on in Kyiv. And the same propaganda complex of the media and academia that can make people vent their hate at Russia is the same one that made them vent their hate of their fellow citizens and our country itself. And Psaki-Psircling back to Ronald Reagan, it was not that long ago when he was demonized as a senile warmonger even as Teddy Kennedy committed treason by secretly traveling to Moscow to assure Yuri Andropov (at one time Putin’s ex-boss at the KGB before he was the premier du jour, IIRC) that he would sabotage SDI.

While we’re strolling down memory lane, let’s set the Wayback Machine to 1934 and, what a co-inky-dink, the Ukraine! . . .

At his CPAC speech on Saturday, former President Donald Trump could not have been clearer in his denunciation of Vladimir Putin. “The Russian attack on Ukraine is appalling,” said Trump. “it’s an outrage and an atrocity that should never have been allowed to occur.”

Yet the fact that Trump called Putin “smart” and “savvy” is, for the New York Times, prima facie evidence of his affection for Mother Russia. Indeed, the Times had the nerve to run a delusional op-ed on Sunday headlined, “How the American Right Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Russia.”

Earth to the New York Times: No one on the right is pulling for Putin. The Times is pushing this Russia-love narrative both to salvage some political gain from Biden’s catastrophic foreign policy and to cover for its own historic indifference to the Ukrainian people.

The truth is that British and American conservatives have long cared about the Ukraine. Most still do. The international left, the New York Times in particular, cared more about the success of Josef Stalin’s lethal policies than it did the millions of Ukrainians those policies killed.

The New York Times Moscow correspondent, Walter Duranty, admitted to being “pleased as punch” when Stalin announced his Five-Year Plan in the fall of 1928. Stalin, as Duranty observed in his well-titled book, I Write as I Please, was the world’s “greatest living statesman.” A pioneer in the art of fake news, Duranty saw signs of greatness in Stalin’s plan “to socialize, virtually overnight, a hundred million of the stubbornest and most ignorant peasants in the world. . . “

. . . With the opening of the Soviet archives, scholars now know how Stalin did carry his plan through, During the years of the plan, 1928-1933, as many as five million Ukrainians and three million others died to show just how well communism worked. The story that Duranty missed — or, more accurately, concealed — is no longer a matter of speculation. It is a matter of fact. And the fact is that no single western journalist has so profoundly misreported a story as Walter Duranty of the New York Times, no mean feat given the Times Russia coverage of the last five years.

The Black Book of Communism notes, “Recent research in the newly accessible archives has confirmed that the forced collectivization of the countryside was in effect a war declared by the Soviet state on a nation of smallholders.” As even recent history suggests, Ukrainians don’t roll over easily. In March 1930 alone, there were more than 6500 mass demonstrations centering on the Ukraine and expanding outwards. In all of 1930, some 2.5 million peasants participated in the 14,000 revolts or riots that engulfed the countryside.

During a six-week period including March 1930, the Ukrainian GPU, the justice arm of the Soviet state, sentenced more than 20,000 people to death through its courts for resisting collectivization. Many others were executed without judicial niceties. Somehow, this all seems to have escaped the attention of Duranty. Much worse would escape him in the years ahead.

In 1930, the GPU got serious about deporting the kulaks and other “socially dangerous elements” like priests, nuns, shopkeepers, and rural artisans. By the end of 1930, 700,000 people had been shipped to the nether regions of the Soviet Union. By the end of 1931, that number had swollen to 1.8 million. Many, perhaps most, died en route. . . 

. . . “The ‘famine’ is mostly bunk,” Duranty wrote to a friend in June 1933. He used his and the Times’ authority to feed the story to a progressive establishment that had already developed a taste for fake news. The Pulitzer Committee awarded him its top prize for news correspondence in 1932. In 1933, his disinformation persuaded newly elected President Franklin Roosevelt to recognize the Soviet Union.

The surprising 2019 film Mr. Jones does an excellent job showcasing both the Ukrainian horror and Jones’s social life. Not surprisingly, Duranty was a Satanist and a world-class pervert. From the perspective of the contemporary media, he was simply a man ahead of his time.

Jack Cashill notes in his excellent essay something that I did not know; that there were mass protests of the kulaks against the collectivization which naturally caused Stalin to massively crackdown on them. Sound vaguely familiar? Freedom convoy *cough!* J-6 *cough-cough* Holodomar my beer.

In that light, here’s a little ditty from Sting that at the time had everyone misty-eyed as well as stoking the fires of moral equivalency. Long distance def dedication to all you assholes who will disavow they ever liked this song. 

The End of America: 100 Days That Shook the World available here.


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