The Morning Report 3/1/22

Good morning, kids. March. Already? Putin evidently is ramping up his assault on Kyiv with a reportedly 40-mile long armored column driving on the city even as we speak. I thought Zelensky would’ve been crying “uncle” after the first 48 hours but we’re now six days into this thing and the Russians have yet to deliver a knockout blow. In fact, by some accounts the spearhead got the shit kicked out of it causing his main force to be bogged down. Plus, the average Ukrainian is incensed while the average Russian soldier seems none too thrilled to have to be taking this trip. And their are protests in Russia itself which no doubt will have Putin calling Justin Castreau-cescu for some RCMP lend-lease action.

Of course, all of that is anecdotal and while Putin no doubt could give a damn about world opinion, the Chi-Coms have suddenly backed away from their pre-invasion unqualified support for Vlad the Invader to going more than a tad wobbly as this thing drags on. And China is both his biggest ally as well as a rival. Could be they’re concerned about hurting their carefully cultivated (i.e. bribed western media) propaganda image in the world, or they’re looking ahead to Taiwan, or a bit of both. Militarily, the Russian army is nowhere near the seeming effectiveness (on paper) of the PLA, and the same for sure can be said of Ukraine compared to Taiwan. I hope to G-d we never have to witness a Chi-Com invasion of Taiwan but considering not only the absolute incompetence of the current Klain Kalorama Komintern and the perpetual cancer that is Foggy Bottom, with just under three years until we have a chance at restoring some sanity to our leadership, that may be whistling past the graveyard. And yet, the longer Ukraine can hold out, perhaps the more that Xi and company might need to rejigger (is that racist?) their thinking.

I hate to say it but perhaps it might have been better had Ukraine surrendered by now. Whether or not Putin is, as some reports claim, unhinged, because he has been denied what he thought was a swift victory and instead got a bloody nose, the rhetoric coming from his government is cause for alarm. Putin in fact put his nuclear forces on full alert. To do something like that means you’re either crazy or desperate. While I don’t think he’d nuke Kyiv, he might very well flatten much of it with conventional artillery or air bombardment. All because he completely misread or dismissed Ukrainian resistance as well as the competence/preparedness of his own forces.

Not to be overlooked in all of this is the stupidity and fecklessness of previous American presidents, specifically Democrats, that got us into this mess in the first place. Idiocy #1: Bill Clinton got a reluctant Ukraine to surrender the nukes it had post the Soviet collapse in return for our guaranteeing their territorial integrity. Idiocy #2: the expansion of NATO eastward towards the Russian border, something that Putin viewed as a threat to Russian security. Idiocy #3: With absolutely zero deterrent, Putin annexed Crimea in 2014 and in response Obama issued a sternly worded letter to the Times. Meh, not that I wanted war declared with Russia, but that leads us to Idiocy #4: Biden’s handlers taking a wrecking ball to our fossil fuel industry. 

Lord Monckton of Brenchley is one of the most engaging, knowledgeable and effective de-bunkers of the “anthropogenic global warming”/”climate change” myth out there. And here, he nails it:

Putin has not only succeeded in crippling the Western economies with the global-warming nonsense: he now profiteers directly from our scientifically-illiterate politicians’ economically and strategically half-witted decision to interfere in the energy market by force and remove coal from the energy mix, reducing competition, hiking power prices and rendering Europe and – to a striking degree – the United States dependent upon a hostile foreign power for the preponderance of its energy supply, the lifeblood of its industries. Aluminum smelting, steelmaking, heavy manufacturing and many other energy-intensive enterprises have been driven out to Russia, India and China, which have all repudiated attempts by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to shutter their economies as the West has so eagerly done under the Paris climate accords. . . 

. . . Had it not been for the West’s capitulation to Communist propagandists paid by Russia and China to peddle the official global warming narrative and profiteering by the ineffable strategic immaturity, scientific illiteracy and economic innumeracy of our current generation of politicians, trembling in fear of being unpersoned, the West would never have given Putin the means to rebuild his forces. But it is we who elect the politicians. Irresponsibly, we chose a close-to-Communist administration led by a fumbling geriatric in the United States and an etiolated, clapped-out, effete, no-longer-Conservative administration led by a notorious and all-too-exploitable sexual incontinent in Britain. . .

. . . The gallant president of Ukraine and the army of brave citizens now fighting not only for their nation’s right to determine its own destiny but also for their very lives have us, the voters of the West, to thank for their existential predicament. After decades of imprudent self-disarmament aggravated by the global-warming stupidity by which we have long been funding the militaristic expansions both of Putin and of Xi, we are scarcely less at fault for the plight of Ukraine than is Vlad the Invader himself.

It’s a long essay, which goes into a fascinating history of disinformatsiya and propaganda, but it is absolutely a must-read and worthy of bookmarking IMHO. But the salient point is that the globalists as well as the brainwashed Ivy League idiots in government, media and frighteningly more and more in the c-suite including companies like Exxon-Mobil and Shell, have made us prostrate before the world’s bad actors. In stark contrast to the idiocies of the most recent Democrat presidents as well as most pointedly the current so-called quote-unquote “president,” Donald Trump did the exact opposite. For the first time in our history, America was a net petroleum exporter and, thanks to fracking, our oil reserves were and are estimated to be arguably the largest in the world.

Look what Donald Trump was able to achieve by unleashing the potential of our oil, not just in terms of our economy but the ripple effect the size of a tsunami on our foreign policy. Coupled with finally drawing attention to the ass-raping China had been inflicting on us with the help of the Chamber of Commerce in the offshoring of our heavy industry, telling OPEC to pound desert sand also led to the Abraham Accords that are paying strategic dividends not just for Israel, but for us in creating a bulwark against Iran. That’s despite the desperation of Biden to give them nukes. As if to underscore how, despite the very real pain and suffering in Ukraine and in Russia of ordinary people, that this whole thing is a wag the dog escapade on Biden’s part, we have this little nugget:

Even as Moscow invades Ukraine, the Biden [junta] is relying on Russia to solidify a revamped nuclear agreement with Iran, a deal that senior Republican foreign policy leaders say will be approved in the coming days without any input from Congress.

As Russian forces press further into Ukraine, threatening to spark a world war, the Biden [junta] is rushing to finalize a Russia-brokered nuclear deal with Iran, Rep. Michael McCaul (R., Texas), the lead Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told the Washington Free Beacon. . . 

. . . While [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Joe Biden has vowed to break relations with Russia as a result of its Ukraine invasion, the reliance on Moscow in Iran talks signals that these promises will not be enforced.

“It’s obvious that Russia should no longer serve as one of the key intermediaries brokering an Iran deal,” said one senior congressional official who works on foreign policy matters. “We need to be isolating Russia not just economically, but also diplomatically. There is absolutely no chance that Russia has U.S. national security interests in mind when it comes to Iran’s nuclear program. . . “

. . . The Biden [junta] earlier this month also preemptively waived some sanctions on Iran as part of its bid to generate good will in the talks. These sanction waivers allow countries like Russia and China to legally build out portions of Iran’s civilian nuclear program.

Still, Iranian diplomats want more. “Negotiations are not over yet, and the United States has to make tough political decisions that it has not yet made,” Iranian foreign minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian was quoted as saying Monday in the country’s state-controlled press.

Brilliant move, Ron Klain. All this tough talk about Putin this and that while relying on him to give you a “victory” with a piece of paper that gives the green light for Iran to build nukes. You do realize that you have to let him conquer Ukraine for that “victory,” no? Best and brightest my ass. Seriously, it’s not even egg-headed ideology. As Sonny yelled at Michael “we sent you away to college to get stupid?!” And that is exactly who they are. In fact the more prestigious the Ivy League campus the more clueless – and arrogant – they are. But I digress.

We will not be allowed to tap our almost boundless wealth because of the titanic lies of the luddite environmentalists. And as Lord Monckton points out, the masses of bleeding heart ignoramuses who believe this bullshit had their minds poisoned by actual Communist propaganda meant to destroy our economy. Remember, Earth Day falling on Vlad Lenin’s birthday is not a fluke. 

Oh, and the State of the Union address is tonight. What a joke, but no one’s laughing.

The End of America: 100 Days That Shook the World available here.


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