The Morning Rant

The optics of a failed administration! Building a fence around the Capitol building to prevent incursions by…um…who exactly? We know that if they had intel about an Antifa or BLM action that it would be pure street theater that had been planned to deliver some message but do nothing substantive. So we are left with the obvious sotto voce message that the fence and 700 D.C. National Guard troops are there to protect our brave legislators and our intrepid and powerful president from some nefarious right-wing plot to overthrow the country by invading the capitol and doing…something!

US troops deployed, fence built for Biden State of the Union Address

Here’s the message I am getting loud and clear. The January 6th is an obvious political hit job and couldn’t be more brazen in its attempt to subvert the rule of law. But there is a subtext of fear among the sclerotic members of that oh-so-august body: The United States Congress. They are terrified of The People; they are terrified that their grifting, cheating, anti-freedom positions will be threatened by the voices and actions of The People, so they must invent an existential threat.

Anyone who believes that the January 6th protests were designed to overthrow the government is an idiot or a liar. The response by the D.C. elites is a wild overreaction, designed to do one thing…protect their exalted positions in the ruling class of America.

The security theater for tonight’s clown show is an insult to the Americans who are dealing with the consequences of the administrations catastrophic policies. Crime is out of control, inflation is racing, the southern border is a joke, our world standing is lower than the puddle of piss underneath Biden’s podium, but “in an abundance of caution” they will spend more money we don’t have to defend against a nonexistent threat from nonexistent enemies.

But here is someone who sees through it and did the correct thing!

DeSantis rejects request to send Florida National Guard to DC for Biden’s State of the Union

Christina Pushaw, DeSantis’s press secretary, further told the Washington Examiner that the federal government sent the request to all states “to prepare for anticipated ‘First Amendment protests'” coinciding with Biden’s address Tuesday. The National Guard “should never be misused for political purposes,” she added.

“Last year, when the National Guard deployed to D.C. around the inauguration, they were forced to sleep in freezing parking lots, all for a regime spectacle,” Pushaw said. “Our dedicated, patriotic service members deserve better.”

“Regime?” That isn’t mealy-mouthed political talk. That is a broadside.

Yeah…I like this guy.