CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Episode 12

CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Episode 12

Putin lays a pisanki, US fossil fuel kneecapping, will Biden soil himself at SOTU address, Iran deal & environmentalists, Gary Brooker RIP, SOTU “insurrection” theatrics.

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  1. Hey ‘Rons,

    I like the Ukraine analysis, but I’m wondering if the man who didn’t do what he was supposed to do was not Putin, but Zelenskyy. The US planned to evacuate Zelenskyy before the invasion even began. Even the Indian papers said so. The Afghani bolted and we don’t hear from him anymore, so why would the Ukraine President not take the money and run?

    He sort of signaled from the start that he wasn’t on board, by denying that it would happen at all. Either Biden and his own people shared nothing, or he was quietly preparing to fight.

    People on AoS call me a fan girl, and I am impressed and surprised that he stayed and fought. I don’t think it’s winnable as Russia will likely escalate and has done so. I’m not sure what he gains personally, in fact it might be a total loss for him.

    I’m also less stunned by the “nazi” statements made by Putin and his ministers. Someone on the blog pointed us in the direction of what they called a CIA created “neo-nazi” group in Ukraine. Maybe Biden and co (OK Kalorama) used this group and set them up to take the fall. We’ve seen how the dems love attempting to link Trump and supporters to every fringe group thy can find or create, so what is far fetched for Russia to also use this tactic and install their own Bidenesque character, and lock up or kill the elected government.

    With Zelenskyy running away, it would have been easier to call him a traitor to Ukraine and destabilize the people who supported him. He didn’t run.

    Of course, I’m totally guessing why it wasn’t a quick and easy rout, but were they planning on a leader who would actually lead against a superior force?

  2. I think that if you are correct about the plan for Zelensky it is just one more example of the catastrophic stupidity of the current administration. In general, one can count on eastern European nationalism, and Ukrainian hatred of Russia simply adds to it. So our intelligence analysts were not only wrong, but ignorant of hundreds of years of history.

    In retrospect, the current situation makes perfect sense.

  3. Agreed CBD. It is stunning that the dumbing down of Americans over the past 50-60 years, ironically and most tellingly in the most elite institutions of academia, has led us to fools and pinheads like Ben Rhodes, Jake Sullivan, and of course Obama. That said, Foggy Bottom has always been home to the globalist/internationalist set that had disdain for America as founded as well as its postwar standing as a superpower. They were just better schooled in the classics and history, even while rejecting them

    The abandonment of rigorous academic standards went hand in hand with the adoption of radical, anti-American ideologies that were drummed into the empty heads of our elites. And so, here we are.

    Biden, when he isn’t sundowning, is simply a low-life from Scranton who is only successful at lying and grifting his way into elected office, and lying and grifting harder and harder as he climbed the pyramid.

    Absolute know-nothings who are utterly convinced of their superiority and their belief systems. We have never been in graver danger than we are right now.

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