The Morning Report 3/7/22

Good morning, kids. Start of a new week and of course the Russian invasion and attempt to conquer Ukraine (yet again) enters its 12th day. It’s incredible to witness how miscalculation and blunder on all sides of this issue have gotten us to this point. For sure, it was the perceived green light given to Putin by Biden and his controllers, a fundamentally unserious and manifestly irresponsible cadre of globalist pinheads here in the nation formerly known as the United States of America too busy destroying our foreign policy and national security status quo (as well as our domestic culture and society) joining an ungrateful, even more decadent Europe that has been doing that since the end of the Second World War. 

On his part, Putin no doubt thought that the Russian military would just waltz not only into his version of the Sudentenland, the Donbas and other adjacent areas to his immediate west that are supposedly majority ethnic Russian, but take all of Ukraine. In terms of the combat readiness and capability of his forces in executing a rather complicated plan, as well as thinking that Zelenskyy and his government would collapse within perhaps a day or two, Putin now has Fabergé egg all over his face. 

Between the fog of war as well as an American and international media that cannot be trusted to transmit anything remotely resembling the truth even when lines of communication are wide open (the Big Brother Tech overlords capricious interference notwithstanding), it’s difficult to get an accurate picture of which side is “winning,” for whatever definition of that word you want to use given the players involved. But the longer this drags out, the worse it is for Putin and the more he will be backed into a corner and do whatever he feels he needs to do to win. Whatever the power structure is in Russia, the country itself is a morass of corruption that is run by oligarchs, many of them ex-KGB and party bosses like Putin himself, who control vast swathes of the economy. Putin sits at the top, because his alliances and machiavellian machinations since the breakup of the Soviet Union and post Boris Yeltsin put him there. His neck is on the line if this drags on, and certainly if the Zelensky government retains control, even if he loses Kherson and other parts of eastern Ukraine. 

It’s now gotten to a point where even if Putin declares victory and withdraws his units from Ukraine minus the aforementioned areas, the rest of the world has staked out a position that it will demand he withdraw from them. And you better believe some idiot somewhere is going to put words in Biden’s mouth demanding he withdraw from all territories he took in 2014. It’s certainly well within the realm of possibility. Ironically, about the only one throwing, or trying to throw Putin a lifeline is none other than Joey Soft Serve himself. And look at how that’s playing out.

Here’s the shot:

At a Capitol Hill press conference on Thursday, a CNN reporter asked Pelosi, “There’s been a push by some Democrats to ban the import of Russian oil. I believe that Senators (Joe) Manchin and (Lisa) Murkowski are going to put forth a bill on that today. Where do you stand?”

The House Speaker said, “I’m all for that. Ban it. Ban the oil coming from Russia, yep.”

And now, here’s the chaser:

Joe Biden has been bragging about how tough he is on Russia after Putin began a war of aggression in Ukraine. Indeed, the sanctions that Biden and most European countries have imposed on Russia in the wake of the invasion are among the most severe in history, including excluding Russia from the SWIFT network of financial transactions.

So why was Biden jawboning Democratic senators, strongarming them to vote against one of the most devastating sanctions of all: banning the import of Russian oil into the U.S.? . . .

. . . Gas prices are going to rise anyway because of the war. And after running for president promising his policies would cut domestic supply and raise prices, Biden has no standing to carp about rising gas prices.

But that’s not important to Biden now. What matters is his political survival. And there are a helluva lot more ordinary Americans who are livid about $4-per-gallon gas than there are greens who might think Biden is doing what’s necessary to save the planet.

Amazing. Bad enough that the Left hand doesn’t know what the Far Left hand is doing. But Biden’s more worried, or more accurately Valerie Jarret and Ron Klain are more worried, about saving their political hide(s) after a right cross to the jaw by going all in on killing the American petrochemical industry and now the uppercut of a war that will send oil through the stratosphere and crash the US economy. And that’s on top of the trillions in debt occurred racked up by these fiends for a host of other freedom-killing dreck that doesn’t even include the stalled (and please G-d dead) Build Bolshevism Biggerer and Infrastructure larcenies.

The obvious, in your face, stone cold absolute 1,000% right thing to do right now is to immediately jettison these environmental communist fever dreams now becoming deadly serious reality of doing away with petrochemicals and start drilling for every last drop of oil, lump of coal or unit of natural gas. That would not only save our own collective (or soon to be collectivized) ass but since our reserves have been proven to be the largest on the planet thanks to fracking and other now practical means of extraction, we can once again export massive quantities to Europe and the rest of the world that relies on Russian oil — just like we did under Donald J. Trump. 

But, no. We can’t do that. What are we doing instead?

. . . the “Death to America”-chanting mullahs aren’t enough. Fox News reported Sunday that “several senior Biden [junta] officials from the White House and State Department traveled to Venezuela on Saturday to meet with the Russian ally as Moscow’s economy begins to crater under the weight of sanctions, according to a report.” The idea is to entice the brutal hard-Left regime of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro away from Moscow’s embrace. The U.S. used to be Venezuela’s biggest customer for its oil exports, but the Trump administration put sanctions on those exports in view of the Venezuelan regime’s tyrannical behavior and election fraud.

But for Biden’s handlers, that sort of thing is no problem, as is clear from the fact that the [junta’s] trip to Venezuela was “the highest-profile one to Venezuela from American officials in years.” The agenda is obvious: “Some in the U.S. are considering Venezuelan oil as a possible substitute to Russian imports, as more American politicians say the U.S. needs to end its reliance on Russian oil, which could help finance Putin’s war.” Maduro opened the door to this himself on Thursday, saying: “Here lies the oil of Venezuela, which is available for whomever wants to produce and buy it, be it an investor from Asia, Europe or the United States.”

It’s astonishing that we have an administration that would rather buy oil from two regimes that terrorize their own people than take the steps that would restore the energy independence the United States enjoyed under the Trump administration. This is partly because the “adults” who are back in charge now are so spiteful, hateful, and immature that they must do the opposite of whatever Trump did, no matter how well it worked and how ill-advised the alternative. Biden’s handlers also have to please the green energy advocates who form such an important part of their base and who apparently don’t mind the environmental damage that results from the production of oil if it takes place in far-off countries and isn’t on CNN.

And there goes the support for the duly elected, yet somehow sidelined, Juan Guaido and any hope of the overthrow of the Communists. Meh, we can’t even overthrow them over here. In any case, aside from not so secretly allowing Putin to skirt these really, really tough Corn-Pop-ass-kicking sanctions, in exchange for that, Russia is “negotiating” the restoration of the US-Iran nuke deal. Naturally the Russkies are going to give them everything they want, which means Iran will have nukes in very short order now. Not that Valerie Jarret doesn’t not want that. Because she does.

The trouble is not coming just from the fact that we are trusting Russia to act in America’s best interests (although America’s best interests have never been a priority for Biden’s handlers, and there is really no reason to believe that they have ever been a priority in the Vienna negotiations). Noronha added: “Led by Rob Malley, the U.S. has promised to lift sanctions on some of the regime’s worst terrorists and torturers, leading officials in the regime’s WMD infrastructure, and is currently trying to lift sanctions on the IRGC itself.”

Robert Malley has won renown and disgust as a man who has never hesitated to kowtow to America’s enemies. Judicial Watch noted back in 2015 that “over the years he has published a number of newspaper opinion pieces urging the United States to reach out and negotiate with terrorist enemies like Hamas, Hezbollah and Muqtada al-Sadr.” Now the Iranian mullahs can be added to that list, but since they won’t sully themselves by dealing directly with the emissaries of the Great Satan, the Russians are helpfully playing intermediary. . . 

. . . Yeah. But Biden’s handlers show no sign of relenting on this. To all appearances, they’re rushing headlong in to a deal with Tehran that would, surprise of surprises, place Russia in a key role, as did the original Obama nuke deal. NBC News explained that “Under one draft interim agreement that sources said Russia presented to Iran, Tehran would be required to stop enriching uranium up to 60 percent purity and dispose of its current stockpile, possibly by exporting it to Russia, along with other restrictions. In exchange, the Iranian government would receive access to billions of dollars in oil revenues frozen in foreign bank accounts, including in South Korea, the sources said.”

So the Russians would get uranium at a time when Vladimir Putin has raised nuclear tensions to a level we have not seen since the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Islamic Republic, whose leaders finance not just jihad terror groups, but also Leftist groups that work to destabilize Western societies would get billions. What could possibly go wrong?

While everyone is biting their nails, and rightfully so, as to whether Putin or some rogue general or even colonel might set off a suitcase nuke and level Kyev if the situation got hairy, the world is closer than ever to a real potentially nuclear conflict a mere 2,000 miles or so to the south. Israel and the GCC are not going to allow Iran to go nuclear. Period. Whether this deal is in fact finalized and even announced by the Biden Junta, or in the unlikely event it is ratified in the Senate – not that these thugs and goons from the Kalorama Klown Komintern even give a shit about that – the Mullahs, like Putin before him, will get the message. 

Whatever you feel about the presidency of Donald J. Trump, or more stupidly about Donald J. Trump’s personality, regardless of your political persuasion, the world was a far safer place and all of the aforementioned bad actors listed above where effectively neutralized or kept in check because of Trump’s foreign policy leadership and actions. I should say, all of the bad actors except evidently the worst of the lot – the thugs, goons and tyrants right here in our own government, foreign policy and national security establishments, as well as everyone outside of government that has and continues to cheer them on. 

Putin, Xi, Maduro, Khamenei are bad enough. But they’d be nothing were it not for the evil globalist bastards – on both sides of what is really that mythical aisle in Congress – that have enabled them and allowed them to fester since the end of the Second World War. 

Whatever happens, someone’s ass is going to reap one big-ass whirlwind.

The End of America: 100 Days That Shook the World available here.


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