The Morning Report 3/9/22

Good morning, kids. Wednesday and is it just me or am I starting to not give a flying fig about Putin and the Ukraine? Don’t get me wrong; one idiotic miscalculation from any party concerned and hair will be mussed. Considering the mental state as well as the complete cluelessness of the junta controlling our government, that possibility rises exponentially each day that this situation continues unresolved, one way or another. I’ll use the usually reliable PJ Media’s clueless Rick Moran as my foil. Get this:

Joe Biden has performed above expectations since Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. In some ways, especially in the way he built a very tough sanctions regime, he has been impressive. Getting NATO to follow the U.S. lead at almost every turn has been a welcome surprise. . . 

. . . Biden’s biggest problem going forward will be to maintain NATO cohesion while putting the screws on Russia. But Biden has to be careful not to paint Putin into a corner where the Russian president might feel that his only way to survive is to start a general war and eventually cross the threshold into nuclear war. . .

. . . After the crisis is over, there will be plenty of time to criticize Biden for his shortsighted and dramatically stupid energy policy. But for now, I’m sticking with Biden and will support him because Americans need to be united in times of crisis.

Ho. Lee. Fook. “Americans need to be united in times of crisis???” Aside from the fact that every “crisis” over the past several years or more has been one that has been accidentally created by Democrat or RINO administrations (legitimate or not) or more likely manufactured out of whole cloth as the excuse/expediency to seize as much power as possible, everyone from the lowliest Antifa stormtrooper up to Ron Klain has been baying for our blood because we refuse to wear a face diaper, or refuse to allow our children to be raped mind and body, forcibly sex-changed or murdered in the womb, or refuse to believe the myth that the 82 million votes for Joe Biden were not cast by only about a dozen or so living people, that white people are genetically racist and America itself is evil and illegitimate, and on and on and on.

But, I digress. About Joe Biden’s performing above expectations:

Now, if you were Poland, in secret negotiations with both Ukraine and the United States to send military aid to Ukraine, but in such a way that you didn’t immediately get attacked by Russia, how would you feel if the American secretary of state suddenly blurted all this out on national television? “We’re talking with our Polish friends right now—in secret, of course, so don’t tell anyone!” 

Faced with this astonishing interview, it’s no wonder Poland felt compelled to contradict the “rumors” immediately to avoid worse fallout. It appears the Biden [junta] is so desperate to show that they’re doing something to stop the world from disintegrating that they’re willing to air private conversations with a NATO ally, even if they wreck a strategy in the process.

Now, as icing on the cake, a deal that involved a lot of negotiation and that even got Blinken’s official “green light” on CBS finally comes off—to the point where Poland makes an official announcement—and, hours later, the United States gives Poland the shaft, presenting our allies the worst of both worlds and sacrificing Poland (again) to appease Russia. What kind of disaster are we witnessing here?

Yes, Rick Moran. You sure know how to pick a winner. Absolute brilliance by Team Biden right there. Sheesh. Honestly, aside from praying nobody does anything colossally stupid in the vein of what deep thinkers like Lindsay Graham and Sean Hannity want and that this conflict comes to a swift conclusion, I really could care fuck all right now about Russia and Ukraine, the suffering of truly innocent people on the ground notwithstanding. And here’s a crisis that’s both phony and real at the same time: It’s the mythical man-caused climate change and the absolutely real man-caused catastrophe of destroying our oil, coal and natural gas industries as the solution to the first. From the ridiculous Rick Moran to the sublime Robert Spencer:

We are all in the midst of a turning point, and the green energy forces are not going to let it go to waste. On Tuesday, Old Joe Biden said that the situation was going to get worse, as prices are “gonna go up,” and that he couldn’t do anything about it. “Can’t do much right now. Russia’s responsible.” Biden also risibly claimed that “It’s simply not true that my administration or policies are holding back domestic energy production.”

How is it possible that the [so-called quote-unquote “president”] of the United States could be such a shameless liar and constantly get a pass for it from the establishment media? In lying so brazenly, Biden must know that no “journalist” will challenge him, and he must also have such a low opinion of the American people that he assumes most will not realize he is lying. On that score, he may be at least partially right: it’s likely many Americans don’t know that Biden promised, during a presidential debate, that he would “transition away from the oil industry. . . “

. . . It looks as if Biden’s handlers will do anything but relieve the plight of the American people, the plight that they themselves created. If they did ease up on their restrictions on the domestic oil industry and restart work on the Keystone Pipeline, they would face the wrath of the far-Left greens who constitute the great bulk of their base, and it is clear that Biden’s handlers will do anything but cross them. Instead, they’re using this crisis as an opportunity to try to foist their green agenda on the American people, while we have no choice but to go along.

Cloward and Piven envisioned collapsing America from within by an impossibly massive expansion of the welfare state that would result in economic collapse to enable chaos, anarchy and then a seizure of absolute power. We’re certainly well on our way to that by ourselves. But with energy prices skyrocketing on top of the aforementioned compounded by stagflation, we’re on the highway to hell. Now, expand that out not just to the nation formerly known as the United States of America but the entire world and that sound you are hearing is Ernst Stavro Blofeld having projectile orgasms.

Under the WEF’s “Great Reset,” individual freedom, personal responsibility, and opportunities for growth and self-fulfillment will be eroded away.  Democracy, the free market and national sovereignty will be replaced by a new world order, stakeholder capitalism and centralized control by some NGOs, globalist corporations and the elite.  Klaus Schwab, the WEF’s founder and executive chairman, gloated over the pandemic: to him, it was a “window of opportunity” for this reset.

Among the major components of the Great Reset, according to the WEF, are: a) working towards the creation of a stakeholder economy, as opposed to shareholder economy; and b) leveraging investments to achieve social goals of equality and sustainability.  Translated into policy and action, the Great Reset is being ushered in directly through global public-private partnerships (GPPP) and  environment, social justice, and good governance (ESG) investing.  Indirectly, modern monetary theory (MMT) is contributing to its ultimate goals of bringing about the economic ruin and chaos necessary for the advent of the New World Order. . . 

. . . A prime example of GPPP played out during the pandemic.  Big Pharma – Pfizer, Moderna and others – had received decades of foundational government funding for vaccine research.  They had also obtained liability waivers.  During Operation Warp Speed, the funding was accelerated: over $18 billion in taxpayer dollars was invested in six potential vaccines.  Government promotion of vaccines as the only solution and mandates requiring citizens to take multiple shots augmented the pharma giants’ profits.  Medical opinion that opposed vaccination, promoted other effective treatments, and questioned if the pandemic was engineered were suppressed. . . 

. . . MMT envisages two further controls that will crush the individual.  Under the pretext of saving the planet from climate change and simultaneously ushering in a more equitable world, governments will begin to control everything – products, production, labor and even consumer spending.  Companies will be required to produce certain goods and not others, and demand will be lessened by monitoring and regulating the finances of individuals.

And under the pretext of transparency, MMT will eliminate fiat currency and the autonomy and anonymity it provides to make way for a centralized digital currency system.  Governments will keep tabs on everything you have, everything you spend, everyone you associate with.  A donation to a cause the government dislikes will make you a marked person.  Even without digital currency, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, a liberal and a graduate of Schwab’s school for Young Global Leaders, effectively managed to stifle protest by using emergency orders to freeze the funds of the mandate-opposing Freedom Convoy.

The WEF’s Great Reset of capitalism is dangerously under way. It threatens to destroy all that Americans consider sacred – the free market, the Constitution, the nation, and above all, the individual.

I would say the one big fly in the ointment so to speak is Xi the Pooh. The Chi-Coms and what still remains of our economy are in a symbiotic/parasitic relationship. On the one hand, they are sucking us dry in their bid for global domination while at the same time they need our market and economy healthy enough to fuel their growth. If Klaus Schwab, Nazi collaborator George Soros, Hans-Georg Wyss et al are trying to destroy our economy and society, they seem to be in direct conflict with the aims of Xi and his mandarins. 

In any case, I don’t understand what they think they’re going to control or how they think they’re going to profit by impoverishing perhaps upwards of two billion people whose economic activity allowed them to rake in their fortunes in the first place. It makes no sense to me, but what the hell do I know? The fact remains though that we have manifestly irresponsible and ideologically deranged individuals that are pushing the throttle to “ludicrous speed” in driving us over the cliff. When it all crashes, what then?

Those of us who were part of the Baby Boom generation, now in our 60s and 70s, no longer recognize the nation in which we grew up. We are strangers in a land that gets stranger by the day.

We believed in the American dream. We worked hard, paid our taxes and obeyed the law —even laws we thought were idiotic.

We married and had children. Today’s young adults cohabit and have pets.

We struggled to raise families. Some of us went to war, like our fathers and grandfathers before us. We thought that when we grew old, there would be more for us – more than alienation.

Most of us don’t recognize Biden’s America. . . 

. . . On top of living in a country that’s unrecognizable, we can’t even afford to live here anymore. You need a second mortgage to buy a steak. A hamburger and fries at McDonald’s is a gourmet feast.

Filling up the tank is agonizing. Paying confiscatory taxes marks us as serfs. Inflation is at an almost 40-year high, and politicians tell us it’s because government isn’t spending enough.

Our parents could retire at 65, in the mortgage-free home they bought in their 30s. We’re still working at 75. Retirement is a distant dream. We’re working to provide benefits for illegal aliens, addicts and loons who camp and defecate on the streets.

Many of us are the grandchildren of immigrants, a fact of which we are proud. Our people helped to build this country. But we witness with unalloyed horror the tide flowing across our southern border unimpeded. The middle class view them as criminals, gang members and mooches. The Democratic party sees them as voters. We can’t defend our own borders, but are expected to defend those of distant lands. . . 

. . . Washington sputters about Putin’s war on Ukraine, but imports 670,000 barrels of Russian oil a day. While he lets pipelines rust and our oil, coal and natural gas remain in the ground, Biden pleads with the Saudis to pump more – and is thinking about imports from the Marxists of Venezuela and the jihadists of Iran, both Russian allies. Apparently, oil from anywhere outside the U.S. doesn’t pollute.

Officeholders for life treat us like mentally-challenged children. They snicker at those who pay their exorbitant salaries.

So we limp along into old age, too proud to go on the dole and too stubborn to just give up.

I’m pushing 62. My motto these days is “old enough to know better but young enough not to give a damn.” My family is mostly gone and it’s getting to a point where I have nothing left to lose. What keeps me and responsible people across the country (a country that once was) on the straight and narrow, is our morality, ethics and respect for the law and the rights of others. Considering everything in the wake of the 2020 election, it is evident that those in power have thrown that right out the window. If they continue down this path, and there is little to stop them in the way of whatever that still remains of regular order or checks and balances such as they might still exist, considering there are three years left (in theory) of this illegitimate junta, then we will arrive at a point where me and millions of others like me will have no alternative left or G-d forbid even the compunction to do things that we only imagined in a nightmare.

That’s not a threat. But it is a prediction. G-d help us. More to the point, G-d help them if they succeed.

The End of America: 100 Days That Shook the World available here.



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  • Robert Spencer: “It looks as if Biden’s handlers will do anything but relieve the plight of the American people, the plight that they themselves created. If they did ease up on their restrictions on the domestic oil industry and restart work on the Keystone Pipeline, they would face the wrath of the far-Left greens who constitute the great bulk of their base, and it is clear that Biden’s handlers will do anything but cross them. Instead, they’re using this crisis as an opportunity to try to foist their green agenda on the American people, while we have no choice but to go along.” Biden’s Handlers Want Skyrocketing Gas Prices. The EPA Just Revealed Why.
  • Dennis Prager: “Were it not for the green movement, Putin would not have been confident that he could get away with invading Ukraine. During Trump’s presidency, and due to his policies, the United States became independent of foreign oil for the first time. Within months of assuming power, the Democrat Party, an extension of the environmentalist movement, forced America to revert to dependence on foreign oil, including Russian oil. Beholden to the environmentalists, candidate Joe Biden made promise after promise to curtail oil and gas production: no new fracking on government land, no drilling in the Alaskan Arctic, and shutting down the Keystone pipeline. Putin got the message.” This Invasion Is Brought to You by . . . Western Environmentalists
  • “Our government says no to increasing domestic oil production but yes to importing oil from authoritarian regimes.” How Biden’s Climate Change Policies Are Fueling Putin’s Imperialistic Ambitions
  • “Greta Thunberg would probably counter-claim that reaching Net-Zero by yesterday should be our lodestar. But the shock to the system delivered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has converted people to the necessity of getting energy policy right for strategic and economic reasons as much as for environmental ones.” Coming to Our Senses, Slowly
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  • “How can every student succeed when a bunch of them are stuck with crappy teachers? You tell me. What’s also incredible about this is the change in the testing that outed the bad teachers came under Obama. So it was an Obama plan to find out which teachers were doing well and which ones weren’t, and the people who destroyed it were Republicans. Go figure. It’s tough to tell who the bad guys are these days, but for sure the teachers’ unions should top that list.” Loudoun County School District Called CPS on Dad for Asking Questions About Bad Teachers
  • “The union demanded that Chicago adopt new pandemic measures in response to Henry and Curry’s deaths, including weekly universal testing, more rigorous contact tracing, and new staff hires. The union also chastised the city government for rolling back school restrictions, such as social distancing and metrics that force schools to close when they reach a certain number of [Chinese] COVID cases.” (abolish these friggin’ teacher unions – jjs) Chicago Teachers Union Used Parent’s Death to Push for Chinese COVID Restrictions. She Actually Died of Alcoholism.
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  • “Gabriel Noronha, writing in Tablet magazine, says the deal does not restore President Barack Obama’s old Iran deal, a weak agreement from which President Donald Trump withdrew, but goes much further in giving Iran money and sanctions relief. . . Malley is a serial appeaser who was kicked off the Obama campaign in 2008 for meeting with Hamas. He was alter brought back into the Obama administration to work on the first Iran deal, and was also the ISIS ‘czar,’ a role in which he failed spectacularly to control the spread of the Islamic terror group. In 2018, once out of office, he was among those who said that Trump should not support protests against the Iranian regime by the Iranian people.” Report: Biden’s Iran Deal Gives Regime Access to $90 Billion, $7 Billion for Ransom, Sanctions Relief to Terrorists
  • “Will a desperate Biden make even more concessions?” (no, the Russians are making the concessions for him! – jjs) The Likely Return of the Disastrous Nuclear Deal with Iran
  • “To be able to use this mobile launcher to get anything into orbit means that same mobile launcher, without the upper stage, could deliver missiles anywhere on Earth, and do so in a manner that is undetectable prior to launch.” Iran Launches Military Satellite
  • “Elizabeth Campbell directed a U.N. agency using textbooks that glorified terrorism.” State Department Hire Oversaw UN’s Terrorist Textbook Program
  • “On top of building a wall, preventing illegal migration requires blocking human trafficking routes, providing funding to countries directly and manning the border at all times, Hungary’s Secretary of State for International Communication and Relations, Zoltán Kovács, said in an exclusive interview.” Hungary Spokesman Argues How To Stop Illegal Migration, Says Walls Aren’t Enough
  • “Spengler” Goldman: “In Chinese official media, there is a grim discussion of the parallel between Ukraine and Taiwan. We misjudged Putin, just as he misjudged us. No sanctions or denunciations will hold back the Russian Army. We should not misjudge China. Sometimes an uncomfortable status quo is infinitely preferable to a roll of the dice on peace or war.”Reliving the Nightmare of 1914 (We’re Doing It Again)



  • “Alleged spy Elena Branson launched the Russia Center New York in Manhattan in 2012, after receiving the authorization from the highest levels of the Russian government, Manhattan prosecutors charged. . . The center served as a Kremlin propaganda machine aimed at spreading its influence in the US, prosecutors said.” (meh, grain of salt, all things considered – jjs) Dual Citizen Charged as Russian Spy Who Ran NYC Propaganda Center for the Kremlin


  • “Government mandates favoring Big Labor are both unfair and extremely costly to taxpayers. More than 87% of the private construction workforce does not belong to a union, and these workers should not be blocked from doing work on government projects through PLAs. These mandates also needlessly increase the cost of government construction projects. Bottom line: federal contracts should be open to the company that makes the best bid.” House Republicans Call Out Union Requirements Driving Up Cost Of Federal Projects





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