The Morning Report 3/14/22

Good morning, kids. Start of a new week and the madness of and surrounding the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues. The ripples are radiating outward, but whether they’re ripples in a pond or the formation of a tsunami is anyone’s guess at this point. Certainly the potential for the latter is there, because with the world’s attention focused on Kyiv, 1,000 miles to the south shit is hitting another fan, and like it or not, we’re downwind of it. 

Between five and 12 missiles landed on and around the U.S. embassy currently under construction in Erbil (also spelled Irbil), the capital city of the autonomous Kurdistan region of Iraq, early Sunday. U.S. and Iraqi officials are reporting no known significant damage or casualties. Iran has claimed responsibility for the attack, describing it as retaliation for a recent Israeli strike in Syria that killed two Iranian Revolutionary Guardsmen. . . 

. . . The Epoch Times reports that the attack may also be retaliation for the neutralization of Qassem Soleimani, then-head of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’s Quds Force (IRGC-QF) by the United States on Jan. 7, 2020. . . 

. . . Soleimani’s birthday was March 11, and a 2020 retaliatory attack also occurred at 1:20 a.m. While I’m sure the Iranian Guard included some symbolic numerology in their latest attack, as they do, it’s hard to miss the even more significant aspect of the timing. Namely, the Iran nuclear agreement the Biden Collective has been so eager to complete seems to be falling apart.

With Tehran making more demands all the time and Moscow apparently in on the negotiations, the deal has been heading for the rocks for a while now. Then, on Thursday, a majority-Democrat group of 21 members of Congress sent President Biden a letter, saying they were probably not going to support the deal. The sticking point was the Biden Collective’s reported consideration of lifting anti-terror sanctions that target Iran’s Revolutionary Guard . . . 

. . . In light of these developments, does the missile strike indicate Iran is throwing in the towel on making a nuclear deal with the United States? After all, if you’re asking not to be designated as terrorists, is bombing your negotiating partner’s embassy the right move? And considering our current leadership and their willingness to sell out America in the name of globalism and prestige, is the death of the Iran nuclear deal even a bad thing?

We await word from our fearless leaders in the White House with bated breath.

No doubt their response will be classic Democrat-Leftist: “We sincerely apologize for doing anything that would offend you, so here’s a few hundred billion in small bills, cash, palletized for your convenience, as well as a green light to make all the nukes you want to your Turkish delight. And if one of them ‘accidentally’ lands on the Weather Controllers™️ in Jerusalem, we’ll blame climate change because they pushed the wrong button. But please, please, please, please, PLEASE sell us your oil!”

It’s incredible. The stupidity and arrogance of our international foes and bad actors might actually exceed that of the demented vegetable and his penis-gobbling Polish joke of a vee-pee as well as the clueless, pinheaded fools in Foggy Bottom, and as a result temporarily stave off armageddon completely by accident. Seriously, how dumb or arrogant does Khamenei have to be to launch missiles on an opponent who is eager to give him everything he wants and more in exchange for a few measly barrels of oil? Oil that even his mortal nemeses across the Arabian – excuse me, “Persian” – Gulf (sarc) refuse to pump more of to save Biden’s flabby ass. All while the Iranian economy is teetering on the brink of collapse with a pissed off populace that’s been itching to string the mullahs up like a ripe Ceaucescu.

Of course, the Iranians are going all out to get the bomb, regardless of what the Klain Kalorama Komintern or the Jew-hating idiots at the UN do or say. By all accounts they are supposedly closer than ever to enriching enough uranium to make one. That said, their intended target already has several hundred that we know of already loaded on missiles deliverable via land, air or submarine. Aside from that, there is no way that Israel is going to allow the Iranians to go nuclear. And at this stage, it’s safe to call the GCC including the Saudis allies in their combined effort to prevent that from happening. Sabotage and assassination will be ramped up and, given the state of the world, more overt military action is not off the table. 

What’s this got to do with the price of pierogi in Poltava? Plenty. While the Junta continues to demonize Vladimir Putin, at the same time they’re using him as their negotiating partner with the Iranians. On a similar note, as these same fools have been demanding we commit national suicide by abolishing carbon, they’re pulling out all the stops to do everything they can in the near term to halt the skyrocketing price of gasoline which goes hand in hand with the skyrocketing prices of everything that not only needs that gas to transport it to market but needs that oil, coal and natural gas to manufacture it either in whole or in part.


As I have been saying now for several days, I’m no special pleader for Putin. What he’s doing in Ukraine is barbaric and beyond the pale. But, there’s very little we can do about it to stop him short of openly declaring war. And unlike Iran, or the pushovers in Afghanistan who managed to push us out after 20 years of wasted blood and treasure without firing a shot (the Islami-kaze suicide bomber that blew up 13 of our own service personnel notwithstanding) – I should say it was Biden bugged us out in the dead of night – Russia does have nuclear weapons that, if they’re still functional, include ICBMs with multiple warheads. Even if 99% of them are duds, it’s that 1% that will get our hair mussed. 

But fools like Pee-Air Defecto and John Bolton are screaming bloody murder at anyone who refuses to do things like sell the Ukrainians fighter jets or actually send in ground troops to openly go toe to toe with the Russians. Funny how the word “traitor” is bandied about like mad these days when it’s bastards like them that stabbed Trump and us in the back from day one. 

I am reticent to link to it, but I have seen video reports from people who actually were seemingly able to cross the Polish-Ukrainian frontier and film what’s happening there. Far from the bombs, devastation and carnage, the scenes look more like New York in the first few months of the curve-flattening “two weeks.” Or that reporter in the canoe talking about flooding while a guys strides past the camera, ankle deep. It is now axiomatic that the media cannot be trusted. Ever. They have an agenda and a mission which is to present an image and a meme that they want you to swallow. 

Am I saying that the reports of death and destruction are being faked? NO. But can we be absolutely 100% sure that at a bare minimum they are not being grossly exaggerated, or what is being filmed is being done so in a way that misrepresents and deceives the viewer? Like the massive anti-Trump protests or pro-Biden rallies that turn out to be a handful of people when the camera is turned 180 degrees in the opposite direction. 

This is why I hate these fucking people with the heat of a billion billion suns; because if there is death and destruction in Ukraine, and for sure there is, they make me pause and ask is it all that bad or even real in the first place? 

It turns out that Putin does not respect Davos Man. He thinks Davos Man is weak and he is strong. Davos Man lacks the courage to defend what he deems his own. Putin believes there is little that Davos Man sees as worth shedding his own blood for.

In stark contrast, this nineteenth-century relic of a man is willing to shed blood and absorb the consequences. Putin sees the world and calibrates statecraft through the lens of the nation and national prestige — which is inseparable from his own person. Nineteenth-century guys are dangerous, particularly when they hold twenty-first-century arms.

The story of history is the story of the Strong Man plundering the Weak Man. In short, if you can’t defend what’s yours, it’s not yours. This is how borders are drawn and peoples forged. If we want out of history, we need more than what John Kerry — and his miniature version, Antony Blinken — bring to the table.

The question before us now is whether Davos Man is capable of effectively standing up to nineteenth-century Man. Presently, Davos Man is pushing back with the only tools in his statecraft toolbox: shaming and “crippling sanctions,” along with arm’s-length provisions of weaponry and intel. . . 

. . . The rationale that the United States is the guarantor of European security no longer makes sense. Davos Man has made Europe wealthy. Wealthy and weak — with our help. Individually and collectively, European Man needs to get his martial mojo back.

The United States will happily sell you the arms to rise to the occasion. But it’s worth repeating: the American taxpayer and soldier is no longer that into you.

It’s time for Europe to man up. It’s time for you to stop imagining a world you cannot afford or defend unless you go from 2 percent of GDP to 20 percent. If you do this, you’ll like the European Man in the mirror, and the nineteenth-century men — and the nations they command — just might leave you to enjoy your peace and prosperity.

Great ideas, except Davos man owns and controls the nation formerly known as the United States of America, lock, stock and empty oil barrel. And what he doesn’t own, the Chi-Coms do.

Putin’s horrible, for sure. But those behind the Great Reset are worse by orders of magnitude. Until we recapture our government as well as root out every last vestige of socialism/statism from coast to coast, we’re not going to do anything about Putin. Dare I say, what’s happening in Ukraine – humanitarian outrage that it surely is – does not affect what is happening right here at home right now.

If you think the Ukrainians have it bad, wait until gasoline – if we even will refine it any more – is $25.00 a gallon and food, medicine and everything we need to sustain life that is made out of some form of carbon goes the same route. And we are on the express lane for that future right now.

The End of America: 100 Days That Shook the World available here.



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