The Morning Report 3/11/22

Good morning, kids. Friday and regarding yesterday’s “I’m Rootin’ for Putin” assertion that frankly I thought would raise a few more eyebrows than it did, at least in negative comments, let me reiterate and emphasize the fact that I find Vladimir Putin to be a disgusting, murderous thug. There is no excuse for this aggressive, barbaric invasion of Ukraine and, with manifestly irresponsible leaders here in the US and the EU, the longer this goes on, the more potential there is for things to get way out of hand, to say nothing of the suffering inflicted on the Ukrainian people. For his part, Volodymyr Zelensky playing the part of the defiant leader with cojones the size of Jupiter is all well and good — up until the point where much of his country is pulverized into dust. I can’t see Putin backing down, nor the Russian army being forced to retreat. The most responsible thing for Zelensky to do at this stage is to go into exile to spare further suffering and destruction. To not do that is, in my view, to be as equally culpable as Putin in any further destruction and death. Bravo for being “old blood and guts.” But it’s his people’s blood and his guts.

“Remember that Zelensky is a thug,” [Rep Madison] Cawthorn said, according to a video obtained by North Carolina’s WRAL. “Remember that the Ukrainian government is incredibly corrupt, and it is incredibly evil, and it has been pushing ‘woke’ ideologies.”

Cawthorn’s comments stand in stark contrast to the bipartisan support that’s grown around Zelensky and the Ukrainian military since the start of Russia’s brutal invasion last month.

But they echo the Republican line from 2019, when then-President Donald Trump was impeached for allegedly threatening to withhold military aid from Zelensky’s government unless the Ukrainian government investigated then-candidate Joe Biden.

During the 2019 impeachment proceedings — which culminated with Trump being acquitted by a party-line vote — GOP Rep. Jim Jordan said Ukraine was regarded by accounting firm Ernst & Young as “one of the three most corrupt countries on the planet”. . . 

. . . Cawthorn took to Twitter on Thursday after taking heat for bashing Zelensky.

Propaganda is being used to entice America into another war. I do not want Americans dying because emotions pushed us into a conflict. . . 

. . . He called Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion “disgusting,” and said he is “praying for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.”

He did not walk back his attack on the Ukrainian leader, however.

“Leaders, including Zelensky, should NOT push misinformation on America,” he said.

Ah, the rest of the story as the great Paul Harvey would say. Look, my heart honestly aches for these people. But, with a nod to Winston Churchill, these days I think with my head, not my heart. The pain and suffering in the Ukraine is directly downstream from the pain and suffering that is only just starting to be inflicted on us right here in the nation formerly known as the United States of America. And that started on election night 2020, when that election was stolen right in front of our disbelieving eyes. While those who stole it were in the main of the Democrat Party, they were working hand in hand at the behest of the real Evil Empire. So, I’m not so much rooting for Putin as I am declaring war on those behind this Global Reset. You think things are bad in Ukraine, wait a few more years and we’re all going to get Ukraine’d out the wazoo, right on the street where you live.

Watching all this, one feels tears of despair rolling out as the realization dawns that the leaders of the most powerful country in the world do not care about human life or peace or suffering or about ending the war. Quite the opposite, they want more war – deadly and terrible though it is – to achieve their insidious purposes.

This appears to be their agenda: This [junta] is closely intertwined with the globalist elite who hope to bring down the strongman Putin so that they can install a “friendly” government in Moscow and then to move into Russia to plunder its immense natural wealth. Having failed to co-opt him, Putin has been a sore thorn in their side, because he refused to play the globalists’ game. He rejected their destructive ideology of godlessness, immorality, abortion, border-lessness, LGBTQ+, and anti-white racism. He also made it very clear that he wants to keep Russia’s wealth for himself, for his ruling clique and also for the Russian people.

We have seen the ruthlessness of these globalists during the [Chinese] COVID pandemic, caused by a virus that was engineered in the Wuhan bio lab by the Chinese government with help from Dr. Fauci and his friends. Among other things, the globalists who own the multinational pharmaceutical giants enriched themselves to the tune of tens of billions of dollars by deceiving and ruthlessly coercing peoples of the world into taking their ineffective and dangerous vaccines . . .

. . . Having maneuvered Putin into invading Ukraine by dismissing his legitimate security concerns, the globalists are already well on the way to destroying that unfortunate country and its people. And now they want to expand the theatre of war into other eastern European nations, because they believe they can get Putin badly bogged down there. . . 

. . . In their drive to profit from Russia’s immense natural wealth, these globalists do not care how many countries they ruin, how many millions of lives they destroy or the amount of destruction they wreak. Blinded by their feverish vision of fabulous riches they hope to extract from the vast Russian land, they have failed to notice how dangerous is the game they are playing and that we are slouching toward a nuclear Armageddon.

It should also be noted that although there is historic enmity between the former East Bloc nations and their erstwhile overlord, they too are just as opposed to the transnational, no borders, multicultural, G-dless heathenism of the EU and the globalist enterprise. If you see what these people are all about, you understand why they went crazy when Britain extricated themselves (to whatever extent they did) from their coven, and how they went absolutely batshit crazy when Donald Trump won in 2016. He didn’t mince words when he called out the Deep State to their faces in his inaugural speech. And those words were a shot across the bow to a much wider audience.

Towering over the nations of Europe, Brussels promotes nothing like a healthy culture. The elites of Davos favor instead a universalist anti-culture, a sinful attempt to standardize every nation into sameness and socialism. They seek to reset the present system with a trans-human ideology of an expert illuminati, headed by a Dr. Evil-like character, one Klaus Schwab.

And who is this Schwab character?

He is the founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum. Schwab was born in Ravensberg, Germany in 1938 and before migrating to become Swiss neutrals, his family was involved with the Nazis and young Schwab was a member of the Nazi Youth. Schwab’s economic forum on management started in 1971 and was transformed into an international foundation with global ambitions over the decades. There is no transparency so there is no record of its doings, budget, or tentacles. With Schwab as its dictatorial, maniacal leader, the organization has become the hub of all globalism, elite domination, and what is termed, the “Great Reset”. . . 

. . . The Law of Europe—whimsical, unenforceable, and ill-advised—is no substitute for Holy Writ. Nor are the tyrannical mandates in Canada and the feeble attempts by the Biden Administration to reign in the citizens of America. Davos’ edicts of wokeism, green nonsense, and one-world globalism have no basis in reality and cannot be allowed to come to fruition. (The composer Anton Rubinstein wrote a powerful opera based on the very same story, called “Der Thurm zu Babel.”) . . .

. . . Today, the new Tower of Babel is the EU and all of its related Davos globalism. It is saturating the globe on all continents. It pretends to make the world a better place. It does no such thing.

This is the prevailing ideology of global elites and the institutions and machinery they deploy to make themselves gods—to maintain control over humanity. . . 

. . . Zbigniew Brzeziński, a Davosian if ever there was one, former national security advisor to President Carter, put it in his own book, Between Two Ages, America’s Role in the Technotronic Era: “The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen.”

Reread that and you have the doctrine of globalism in a few short sentences. . .

. . . It is always attempting to bring heaven to earth, an impossible feat. Immanentizing the eschaton always ends in human suffering and death.

Never learning, it is the same sin over and over again.

Nimrod’s tower fell, as did Alexander’s, Cyrus’, Attila’s, Napoleon’s, Hitler’s, Stalin’s, and Mao’s.

They all fall.

 The EU is next. Davos will inevitably follow.

They’ll fall alright. But mostly right on top of us. It is tragic in the extreme what is happening in Ukraine to innocent people. But with an intentional crashing of our economy which if we’re lucky will only wipe out our savings and our assets, we have a hell of a lot more to worry about right here than Ukraine. As I stated yesterday, Klaus Schwab, Nazi collaborator George Soros, Hans-Georg Wyss, Bill Gates, Laurence “Blackrock” Fink, et al are the real enemy at our throats. Whether Xi is pulling their strings or if he too is a rival for global domination is yet to be determined. But the former are the masterminds; it’s the Klain Kalorama Komintern and the venal, degenerate rotting vegetable known as Joe Biden that’s doing their dirty work for them. 

It really is the Devil and the deep blue sea in terms of Putin and Ukraine. These evil bastards have bet the house and are rolling the dice against him. Horrible as it is that the lives of innocent people have to be destroyed but that’s the state of play right now. And Zelensky has a hand in his people’s fate by sacrificing their lives in a futile attempt to burnish his image. 

I hope the Schwab-sters come up snake eyes, even if it means we here at home stave off a front row seat in a mass grave for just one more day. Meanwhile, the Religion of Peaceniks around the world are breeding like cockroaches while western and Chinese birthrates are cratering. The solution? Emasculate your sons and put them in drag. To save the planet!

NOTE: Friend and friend of the blog, the estimable Michael Walsh will be our special guest on the next podcast coming late Monday or early Tuesday. Have a good weekend.

The End of America: 100 Days That Shook the World available here.


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