The Morning Rant

Shakespeare was clearly talking about the embarrassingly stupid pronouncements that emerge from the sclerotic oldsters in Washington D.C. in response to pretty much everything.

It is a tale told by an idiot,
full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Graham of course is a chicken-hawk who wants other people’s children to fight and die. Yeah…he was in the military…as a lawyer. Sorry, that doesn’t count. Why he continues to shoot his mouth off is beyond me. Does he not understand what a “no-fly zone” actually is? Russian planes entering this fantasy zone of Graham’s would be warned…and then shot down. That is an act of war, and since it would presumably be NATO countries doing it, that would immediately lead to a war. A real war.

Lindsey Graham: No-Fly Zone if Russia Uses Chemical Weapons

Pelosi is obviously descending into dementia, and add in her propensity for day drinking and it is sort of understandable that she makes very little sense. But this one really is a doozy!

Government spending is deficit spending, and has been for many years. Since the current spree is wholly generated by the printing presses and computers of the treasury, there is no corresponding increase in productivity, so according to the laws of economics, it is clearly inflationary, and even more clearly is increasing the national debt.

Pelosi claims government spending is ‘reducing the national debt’ and ‘not inflationary’

These two retards are perfect examples of what is wrong with our political system. They are both career politicians; they are perfectly insulated both from those whom they represent and the consequences of their actions. Their jabbering seems to be nothing more than volleys in a moronic political game that they have elevated to some ridiculous level, but which ultimately means nothing. Their only goals are to maintain the status quo and to defend their sinecures, both of which do real harm to our country.

Is it time to mandate a retirement age for national politicians? How about a maximum number of years in government service? We are not well served by these ghouls, and the argument that their seniority and experience is of some value is utter nonsense when one looks at the results.

How much worse off would America be if we kicked these freeloaders out of Congress after a dozen years? And as long as we are fantasizing, how about the same policy for the bureaucrats in the Leviathan? Imagine a government without people like Fauci!