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Good morning, kids. Before we dive into the daily snake pit/cesspool, a long distance shout-out to confirmed lurker and distinguished member of the Horde, Victor Davis Hanson. Whether or not he appreciates “nood,” “corgis,” “hobos,” “bewbs,” “surprise (you-know-what,)” “ass-less chaps,” “but first you will —-,” “Kaboom,” or even the penny-a-pixel, inchoate talking points of Kurt, we are tickled to know he is a fan of this here “smart military blog.” Feel free to drop a comment, Dr. Hanson, and as always, pants are optional.

Well, the weekend is here and the news of the day wants to make you alternately laugh yourself silly or otherwise hurl yourself shrieking off of a roof. Here are just two items which, though completely unrelated to our moving closer to Armageddon, nevertheless set it off like a perfectly framed picture. Be forewarned that neither should be viewed on an empty stomach.

First up . . .

Penn Swimmer Lia Thomas, a biological male who identifies as female, crushed the competition on Thursday, taking first in the NCAA Women’s Swimming Championship 500 yard freestyle. . . 

. . . Earlier this week, a mother of a female swimmer in the Ivy League spoke out in an explosive video condemning those in charge for allowing Thomas to compete against females.

The mother, who says her daughter has personally competed against Thomas, complained that a “full-grown male” is now being allowed to “take” from female competitors and break their hard-earned records. She also claimed her daughter and other biologically female swimmers were warned by higher-ups not to speak about the transgender issue.

I find it interesting that there is absolute radio silence from Gloria Steinem on this. Rather ironic that a principle architect of the so-called “women’s liberation movement” and first wave feminazism has nothing to say about the fact that biological men, for lack of a better expression – check that, it’s the perfect expression – are culturally appropriating women! Blue on blue, fellow babies. Whirlwind status: [x] Reaped.

Next up, well, I’ll let you judge for yourself as you roll on the floor, laughing in your own vomitus.

Stacey Abrams appears in the episode’s climactic scene as the president of United Earth, the borderless government that rules over the entire planet. In the episode, she declares Earth as part of the interplanetary Federation. . .

. . . Abrams has publicly stated she wishes to run for president one day.

“Do I hold it as an ambition? Absolutely,” she told CBS’ Sunday Morning last year, when asked about a potential White House run.

Abrams has been a longtime Star Trek fan and even held a Star Trek-themed fundraiser in 2020 to help Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock win their Senate run-off races.

Since losing her run for the governor of Georgia — a race she has never publicly conceded — Abrams has kept busy courting Hollywood in an apparent effort to keep her name and face in the public eye. She teamed up with Amazon Studios for the voter suppression documentary All In: The Fight for Democracy.

I seem to recall a tune form the Broadway show Hair with the lyric, “president of the U–nited States of love . . . ” 

Meanwhile, here in the real world (except those two items are from the real world), the nation formerly known as the United States of love is being driven into the ground and those who are ruining our economy, society and lives are ginning up a war with a nuclear armed Russia so as to distract from the abject catastrophe they have inflicted on us in just over one year. Hell, they unleashed a massive psy-op under the cover of the General Tso’s Sickness to undermine President Trump and what was sure to be a clear re-election victory. Aside from psychologically damaging millions of people, their criminal malfeasance was the first torpedo into a booming economy but more seriously, caused the needless deaths of tens of thousands from all sorts of causes other than Chinese COVID. All because they wanted their power restored. That was bad enough. But to risk the deaths of hundreds of thousands or even millions all because you are likely to lose the House and the Senate this November? That makes the previous two items look sane by comparison.

We have no commitments to Ukraine. We have no vested, real national security interest in Ukraine. And yet, Preside-mented Biden and his pinhead Secretary of State Blinken just openly called Vladimir Putin a war criminal. Naturally, Vlad the Invaer did not take kindly to that. And yet the Kaloramans are considering setting up a no-fly zone over that country. That means engaging and shooting down Russian aircraft. And that means war with Russia. Nuclear armed Russia. When even Titty Caca Ocasio-Cortez thinks this is crazy . . . Ho Lee Fook.

The first question was, “Can you please explain why the no-fly zone is [an] awful idea?”

“There are a lot of pundits, journalists, and members of congress using this term ‘no-fly zone,'” Ocasio-Cortez replied. “Except most Americans probably don’t know that declaring a no-fly zone is essentially tantamount to a declaration of war.”

“So, if you’re not comfortable with the United States declaring war against Russia, you’re probably not comfortable with a no-fly zone,” she added.

This whole thing stinks to high heaven. Despite the actions of the players involved, and the actual suffering of innocent people in Ukraine and in Russia (their economy is being strangled, remember), the notion that this whole thing is one giant dog-wag is something that I just cannot shake.

Are we allowing—or worse, encouraging—Ukraine’s near complete destruction in an effort to drive regime change by turning Vladimir Putin into a worldwide, unredeemable monster?

Yet the cynic in me can’t help but note the similarities between Vladimir Putin and Ukraine with Saddam Hussein in Kuwait. Were both of these events set-ups in an effort to destroy these respective tyrants-for-life?

Hussein was upset with the Kuwaitis on a number of fronts but the final straw was their using directional drilling to steal his oil—which they were doing. In a one-on-one meeting Saddam told the U.S. ambassador to Iraq of his anger and his intentions to invade. The U.S. ambassador said nothing. 

As I understand it, in diplomatic-speak this kind of silence amounts to tacit approval of actions. Thinking this action was “approved,” Saddam moved forward with his plans. Once he invaded Kuwait, the United States quickly formed an international coalition that brought hellfire down upon the Iraqi troops and the Hussein regime. The Bush Administration stopped short of taking the fight to Saddam in Iraq in the hope he would be deposed by his own people because of the humiliation in Kuwait . . .

. . . The similarities with that situation and Putin in Ukraine are striking. Whether valid or not, Putin had many grievances regarding Ukraine. And just as it was with Saddam, the truth is far more nuanced than the simplistic good guy/bad guy presentation. . . 

. . . Did Putin therefore assume the world was giving him wink wink, nudge nudgeapproval, while still maintaining plausible deniability? And just like Saddam, once the action was taken, the United States led an effort to bring hellfire down upon him.

As many have asked, if the goal was to stop Putin from invading why not take significant actions before he invaded versus after? Did we in effect invite the invasion with the true goal being the end of the Putin regime? Are Ukraine’s 44 million citizens just the price to be paid? You know the old saying, you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. . . 

. . . The media coverage—the loud beating of the drums of war—has been strikingly similar between both invasions.

Babies being killed! Pregnant women being murdered! Savagery beyond belief. Putin/Hussein and his troops are the embodiment of evil. Politicians telling us “we” must make sacrifices in the name of this affront to all that is good and just. 

Those politicians who have never met a war they didn’t like are itching to give this one a go—letting those dumb rednecks who join the military have another chance to become cannon fodder for one of their righteous causes. . . 

. . . Just as with the “righteous” causes of the Korean War, Vietnam, Iraq (twice), Lebanon, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran (kind of), and little untold wars all over Asia, Africa, and South America, we are told that if we don’t fight them over there, we’ll have to fight them over here— and babies and pregnant women here will be killed. Hell, since we ran out of Afghanistan this country hasn’t been at war for a couple months, and that can’t be allowed!

We are all being played—Putin and the late Hussein included. I have no doubt Putin is an immoral tyrant-for-life, he’s an ex-KGB officer for God’s sake! He knows he either remains in power or swings from a rope. But there are a lot of folks like that out in the world. Why does Putin get this treatment while others who are just as bad or worse—”President” Xi comes to mind—are treated differently?

As I and this author have clearly stated, Vladimir Putin is a thug and has had no qualms at all about killing people to maintain and expand his power. This invasion is against any and all norms of decency and international law, the cries of “war criminal” notwithstanding. But those who are shrieking the loudest for war in world capitals – and most especially in Davos – are driven least of all because of humanitarian reasons. There are Machiavellian machinations going on that have implications right here at home.

I feel bad for the Ukrainians and Russians who are the pawns in all of this. I feel absolute dread about what’s to come here when we are shivering in the dark with no food to eat. And that is something that those fiends in Davos, along with their henchmen in DC, are setting up right now. 

Putin’s a pimp. It was Schwab all along. You want war? I suggest that that is your enemy.

Have a good weekend.

The End of America: 100 Days That Shook the World available here.



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