The Freak On The Podium: Will Thomas Is Nothing More Than A Man Who Isn’t Good Enough To Compete Against Other Men

Will Thomas was a reasonably successful swimmer in high school, and clearly had some minimal academic success, because he got into a very competitive Ivy League school. He also had success at the college level, but seemed to hit his peak in his sophomore year.

And low and behold…he reemerged as a fake chick just as his skills as a swimmer were in decline! What a coincidence!

The reality about Will Thomas is that he is a deeply disturbed young man whose declining swimming skills coupled with some deep-seated psychological problems drove him to embrace the one pathology that would simultaneously revive his fading athletic career and not have to confront his neuroses. In fact, he was confident that he would be celebrated!

But what he is doing is just like a grown man going to the elementary school yard and dunking on the 10-year-olds, or a group of high school soccer players beating the U.S. National Women’s soccer team.

Athletics is a marvelous addition to a well-rounded life, and when done well teaches teamwork and camaraderie and social skills and how to get beaten and get up and try again.

But Will Thomas has taken all of that away from the University of Pennsylvania women’s swimming team, and from every swimmer in America. There is no point in competition if one isn’t competing against equals, where it is the individual’s drive and work ethic and talent that will decide the contest…not immutable characteristics that convey absolute superiority.

Those three women in the photo above understand all of this very well. By their actions on the podium they have sent a clear message to the powers-that-be. Unfortunately the time for these gestures has passed. They should have fought far more forcefully at the beginning of the season, but they were all cowed into submission to the tiny but vocal minority that insists that we celebrate deviance and psychiatric illness, and viciously attack any who push back.

I have some sympathy for these young women, but I have no sympathy at all for their coaches and parents and the officials of the governing bodies. How dare they accept this grossly unfair situation as somehow being in the spirit of sport? Are they insane just like Will Thomas, or are they simply cowards who are unwilling to jeopardize their cushy positions as Ivy League coaches and officials and parents?

The winner of the 500 yard freestyle at the 2022 NCAA Women’s Swimming Championship meet is Emma Weyant, who according to the anti-women NCAA has the optional qualification of being an XX chromosome real woman, as opposed to the deeply disturbed Will Thomas (XY and that will never change), whose best skill seems to be beating up on girls and tucking like a Thai tranny!

Oh, Emmy Weyant also looks the part!