The Morning Rant


Consolidated Edison is a large utility company that serves NYC and Westchester County.

2020 Presidential election results for New York City:
Biden/Harris: 77%
Trump/Pence: 23%

“Be careful what you wish for, lest it comes true!”

November 2020 price for natural gas (that’s what ConEd uses to generate electricity) was about $3/MMBtu.
March 28, 2022 natural gas price is about $5.50/MMBtu

[FYI: ConEd does not mark up the cost of natural gas. Thay charge what they pay for it]

ConEd customers burned by February bills

“I am sick of Con Ed. Remember when all of our bill was double in Feb? I just paid that bill and I am sick,” one user tweeted this month.

If I get one more email from ConEd explaining that higher energy prices aren’t their fault, I’m going to scream.

We need #PublicPower

Rest assured NYC! Governor Hochul (Cuomo in a skirt) is about to step in and…um…DO SOMETHING! Of course the immutable laws of economics suggest rather strongly that there is absolutely nothing that can be done about the obscene increase in energy costs without injuring ConEd and its shareholders, and even then, eventually the company will run out of money and go bankrupt.

But after eight years of de Blasio’s Reign of Error, the new mayor who is cut from the same cloth, and NYC’s enthusiastic support of Biden and his junta, my only wish is that they get what they voted for…good and hard.

As the great Oscar Wilde said, “A man would need to have a heart of stone, not to laugh.” The voters of NYC (at least the ones who bothered to vote) got exactly what they wanted: a radical Democrat/socialist in the White House who will ram through every bit of the progressive wish list.

Well folks, one item on that list was a shift to a mythical “Green Energy” that will save the planet from the evils of an equally mythical 1 degree rise in temperature while simultaneously destroying domestic energy production and driving prices through the roof.

What part of that is too complicated to understand? What part of that can these innumerate idiots blame on Trump?

Perhaps the solution is for the denizens of blue states to buy their energy from Iran and Venezuela, and the folks in the red states get to restart energy production and buy American natural gas. Yeah…I know…that can’t work, but it would be amusing to suggest just to see lefty heads explode.

And for something completely different, two actors who aged rather well…