The Morning Report 4/13/22

Good morning, kids. Wednesday and in the lead is yesterday’s mass shooting at a Brooklyn subway station that miraculously only wounded about a dozen people. Like the out-of-control SUV that somehow drove itself into a Waukesha Christmas parade last December, a smoke bomb and a .38 somehow became self-aware and went berserk on the “N” train. Fortunately, several explosive devices chickened out at the last second and did not activate themselves. Well, that’s how the Left and the media, but I repeat myself, will describe it.

As the aforementioned frantically gather in the Jimmy Kimmel writers room and the editor’s desk at the NY Times, the race is on to concoct a motive that places the blame on Trump, white people, the one percent, Jews, racism, Putin, food deserts, you name it, in order to keep the grift alive. Failing that, the story will be buried deeper than Bin Laden’s corpse in the Marianas Trench. 

For those of us who still operate in the real world, what happened yesterday was yet another act of domestic terrorism committed by a racist “jihadist” hyped up on anti-white, anti-American poison pumped into his brain by Democrats, race-hustlers, all manner of blood-sucking leeches out to make a buck and/or amass power via divide and conquer. And this cupcake, one Frank R. James who is still on the loose, is a real doozy.

Andy Ngo, Editor-at-large for The Post Millennial, tweeted out screenshots from the Facebook account that showed posts that promoted the Black Liberation Army, Black Lives Matter, a photo of the man who murdered five police officers in Dallas in 2016, a photo calling to “kill all the whiteys,” posts quoting communist Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, posts expressing support for shooting people, and posts demonizing former President Donald Trump.

YouTube videos allegedly uploaded by the person of interest also showed extreme views, including one where he allegedly called 9/11 “the most beautiful day, probably in the history of this fucking world.”

The person of interest also allegedly ranted in the videos about white people, saying “the vast majority of people, white motherfu**ers are racist.”

Aww, isn’t he cute? Here’s a little more strychnine for your corn flakes:

The person of interest ranted about race issues and claimed that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was proof that black people were treated with disdain in society.

“These white motherfu–ers, this is what they do,” he said. “Ultimately at the end of the day they kill and commit genocide against each other. What do you think they gonna do to your black ass?”

In his rambling conspiracy theory, James claimed that a race war would follow the ongoing conflict in Europe.

“It’s just a matter of time before these white motherfu–ers decide, ‘Hey listen. Enough is enough. These ni–ers got to go,’” he said.

“And what’re you going to do? You gonna fight. And guess what? You gonna die. Cause unlike President [Zelensky] over in Ukraine, nobody has your back. The whole world is against you. And you’re against your fu–ing self. So why should you be alive again is the fucking question. Why should a ni–er be alive on this planet? Besides to pick cotton or chop sugar cane or tobacco.”

The only options James could find, he claimed, was to commit more violence or become a criminal.

“And so the message to me is: I should have gotten a gun, and just started shooting motherf—ers,” he said.

“Or I should have gotten some dope and started shooting or starting hitting bit–es in the head, robbing old ladies, you know what the fu– it is.”

Ukraine? Hey, hey, hey! It’s Fat Albert Speer Whoopi! The tortured words of this Frank James, if he is the shooter and the NYPD is not ruling out an accomplice, as deranged as they may sound are quite revelatory. “Pick cotton or chop sugar cane or tobacco.” In the immortal parlance of Deep State dweeb Tommy Vietor “Dude, that’s like over a hundred like years ago. Ancient history.”And that’s exactly the point because to the past three generations of black Americans, they’re still picking cotton, tobacco and sugar cane. They’re still in the chains of the white man and can never be free. It’s like the Civil War, the legitimate civil rights movement culminating in the Republican-championed and sponsored Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the advancement of blacks into the middle class and into all walks of life up to and including the presidency (disregarding the content of character of the individual for now) never happened. 

The shooter’s mindset completely disregards reality and instead has thoroughly been marinated in the toxic waste of Ibram X. Krement’s Jive Kampf, aka How to Be an Anti-Racist. And that book, along with that 1619 Project and Howard Zinn’s Peoples History of the US are the standard issue textbook in every social studies and history class, not just in blue shit-hole city’s but across the country. Yet, folks like Michael Goodwin just keep barking up the wrong tree:

Hochul and Adams are an odd couple to be facing this crisis together. She replaced the disgraced Cuomo and is seeking election on her own for the first time in what looks like a Republican wave year across America. 

As a result, she hasn’t quite figured out what kind of Democrat she wants to be. One day she echoes the platitudes of the nutty left and the next she’s talking like the Buffalo moderate she used to be. 

Her political judgment also took a hit when her hand-picked lieutenant governor, Brian Benjamin, was indicted on federal corruption charges. She demanded and got his resignation Tuesday, but just last week said she had full confidence in him. 

Recall that she picked him for the post because he was a far-left black Dem from the city who supported defunding the police. She thought he could help her turn out the vote in the five boroughs to offset likely GOP margins in much of the state. Now he’s a big burden to her.

Adams is largely untested as well. He just finished his first 100 days in office and if his honeymoon was still in effect, it was ended abruptly by the Brooklyn attack.

A former cop who was a thorn in the side of the police brass in the past must realize now that his success depends almost entirely on the NYPD taking back the streets, parks and subways. 

To do that will take time even under the best of circumstances. It will also mean that Adams, like Hochul, must stop trying to please the far left wing of their party. . . 

. . . If the governor and mayor sincerely want to crush the crime epidemic, they must think and act like wartime commanders. This is a war for the survival of New York and there are no partial victories. It’s win or lose.

Yes, it’s crucial to “stop pandering to the left” as Michael Goodwin asserts, but to not ask the question WHY does the left want to defund the police and set loose criminals, specifically non-white criminals, is to ignore the famed “root cause” of the problem and gets you nowhere.

Virtue signaling and useful idiocy get much worse. I used to live one block off of Morningside Park in Manhattan. A college freshman named Tessa Majors was stabbed to death there one night by three black teen thugs who wanted her iPhone. I’m guessing her woke school didn’t tell her what we all knew, which was never to go into the park at night. Her friends held a memorial for her and a simultaneous rally to protest the “poverty” that led to her death. (Pssst, the teens who murdered her weren’t poor.)

A gay man name Bob Lederer entered the same park in broad daylight and was kicked into the traumatic brain injury unit at the hospital by similar thugs. His friends held a protest to “stop the violence” in the park while simultaneously marching for “restorative justice.” This means they want the attacks to stop but they also don’t want the thugs responsible to go to jail. Why? Because woke libs are useful idiots. They believe the people responsible for the extreme violence, almost all of whom are black, are “victims” of systemic racism who can’t help themselves. Lederer himself called for “restorative justice” from the traumatic brain injury unit. His friends applauded his stupidity bravery. . .

. . . White libs support the end of bail laws, letting criminals out of jail, and defunding the police because their political masters told them these are the right things to do. They believe the “400 years of slavery” myth and were told that the answer is to let black criminals walk, even though the villains who benefit from these insane ideas have driven crime rates to historic highs. Here’s the dirty little secret they won’t acknowledge: most of the victims of the current crime tsunami are black. If a white person suffers, that’s acceptable, too — white people “deserve it” because, you know, slavery. Yes, many liberals believe this. . .

. . . Black race-baiters like Al Sharpton and BLM make mad stacks off the dead bodies of black men. They rally against “white racism” but don’t actually want “racism” to go away — it’s their bread and butter. If racism disappeared, Big Al Sharpton would have to get a job, and how would BLM buy that 14th mansion? BLM looks at people like George Floyd as ATMs.

Liberal district attorneys, many funded by George Soros, are dedicated to keeping violent black crooks free. They think they are fighting “systemic racism” by allowing black criminals to walk, but they too are useful idiots. Soros isn’t funding far-left DAs because he is woke; black lives don’t matter to him. He’s a Marxist — he wants chaos in the streets. It’s a move straight out of Vladimir Lenin’s playbook, and the useful idiots are eager to help and support the madness.

To me, among the most tragic and hateful aspects of our nation’s history (now ended as of noon on 1/20/21) has been the enslavement and genocide of American blacks post-1964. Blacks were on the road to assimilation and full integration well before then and since the Left needs a vast underclass to advance electorally and more insidiously as a means to undermine and collapse a free society into dictatorship, every policy from the War on Poverty and Great Society and every other social welfare program putatively instituted to help minorities advance has only destroyed them.

Everything about so-called mainstream black culture is the diametric opposite of what that word is supposed to mean. When Clarence Thomas is vilified and ridiculed while Snoop Dog and Will Smith are celebrated, when going to school and speaking English correctly is mocked as Uncle Tom-ism and being a sellout, when justifying robbing, looting and killing because you claim victimhood, then we have a problem that makes the criminality itself – even mass murder – pale in comparison.

It’s divide and conquer. Period. End of story. In fact, Kevin Downey links to the prophetic ex-KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov speaking to us from 1984 (the year, not the book; we’re living that right now). The question is, after almost 60 years of multi-generational, cradle-to-grave brainwashing to the saturation point, can we break that cycle? Can we convince enough blacks that the victimization scam being played on them will be their and our undoing? It’s possible but it’s going to take the courage to address these issues head on and state the facts despite the inevitable charge of racism. This cannot go on. If it does, one day we’re going to wake up in a mass grave. Not just us but debased and degenerated dupes like this Frank James.

The End of America: 100 Days That Shook the World available here.





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