The Morning Report 4/14/22

Good morning, kids. Thursday and in the wake of the past several days, one thing is abundantly clear. The FBI along with its mother, the Department of Justice should be disbanded. Or in the words of commenter Allen G. burned to the ground, its ashes scattered and the ground salted where it stood. A racialist kamikaze, amped up on 60-years of Jive Kampf Democrat-Leftist brainwashing went on a violent rampage that miraculously only wounded about 10 people. You might be thinking that those two sentences are a non sequitur. Oh, no no no, my friends.

Frank James was on their terror watch list, but it appears nobody was watching the terrorist.

The Daily Mail reports that federal investigators saw Frank James’s three-week-old video in which he reportedly vowed he wouldn’t return alive to his Wisconsin home after the self described “prophet of doom” planned a mass attack on Americans.

The video shows James driving out of Wisconsin, saying “and as I leave the state of Wisconsin … all I can say is good riddance and [laughs] I will never be back alive in that motherf*****.” He complained that “a ghetto is a fu**ing ghetto. You seen one you’ve seen em all. Doesn’t matter.”

He hated white people and, in his videos, espoused the separation of the races by geography.

Stop the tape. Did I say “kamikaze?” Correction: “Islam-ikaze.”

He was an apparent adherent to the Nation of Islam, according to his Twitter account.

James’s final video, in which he vowed not to return alive to Wisconsin, combined with others can be seen as a martyr video similar to those issued by Islamic terrorists before their suicide missions.

And the FBI was aware of it all, reportedly.

“It has now emerged that he was known to the FBI and was questioned in 2019 in New Mexico though it is not yet clear why. He was cleared but was entered into the state’s ‘Guardian Lead’ system. The Guardian Program is the bureau’s terrorist threat and suspicious incident tracking system. Despite being on that list, James was unimpeded as he relentlessly uploaded hate-speech-filled clips on YouTube about how oppressed black people were and how black and white people should have ‘no contact’, for weeks before Tuesday’s attack.”

While the FBI was busy rolling up imaginary “domestic terrorists,” it was letting a real one slip through its fingers.

Questioned in New Mexico? I seem to recall a kerfuflle over a supposed Islamic terrorism training camp in the Land of IKeelYou, er, Enchantment. Hmm. Anyway, the thing of it is, the “terrorists” aren’t just “imaginary,” the FBI manufactures them out of whole cloth as has been confirmed – yet again – by this supposed plot to kidnap Michigan’s glassy-eyed Zohra-impersonator Wretched Whitmer. 

Michigan was a swing state in the 2020 election. When the arrests were announced, Whitmer speedily denounced Trump for inciting “domestic terrorism.” 

Biden won the 2020 election because of the early voting, and the Michigan kidnapping plot was one of the biggest stories in October 2020. Prior to the presidential election, Attorney General Bill Barr assured that news did not leak about multiple federal investigations into Hunter Biden. But the FBI felt no such constraints and trumpeted a ludicrous scheme that was shot down even by a jury that a federal judge had largely blindfolded. . . 

. . . Whitmer was denounced at protests and on the Facebook page of the “Wolverine Watchmen,” where angry anti-government bluster poured forth. Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg testified to Congress in October 2020 that Facebook had “identified” the Whitmer kidnap plot “as a signal to the FBI about six months ago” regarding “suspicious activity on our platform.” 

But the plot didn’t exist at that point. 

That is, until multiple government-paid newcomers joined the group. Stephen Robeson, an FBI informant with a list of felonies and other crimes, organized key events to build the movement.

Dan Chapel, another FBI informant who was paid $54,000, became second-in-command and masterminded the military training for the group, even as he helped the feds wiretape their messages.

Though several militia members explicitly opposed kidnapping the governor, Chapel and Robeson helped hatch a ludicrous plot to snatch Whitmer from her vacation home and take her away for trial. FBI operatives took the participants, who prattled idiotically about stealing a Blackhawk helicopter, for drives near Whitmer’s vacation home, which supposedly proved they were going to nab the governor and unleash havoc.

It was all a setup. Shortly before that excursion, an FBI agent texted instructions to Chapel: “Mission is to kill the governor specifically.” There were as many FBI informants and undercover agents as there were purported plotters in this case.

And not three months later, on January 6th, 2021 came the so-called “riot” at the Capitol that was described as “the worst attack on our precious democracy [*vomits*] since the Civil War, Pearl Harbor and 9/11 combined.” Turns out the only violence and mayhem that did occur was caused by Capitol Cops and Antifa/BLM goons dressed in MAGA gear, resulting in the cold blooded murder of Ashli Babbitt and Roseanne Boyland, as well as the continued imprisonment of innocent dupes who were let into the building by the police themselves.

And as they continue to rot in the Garland Archipelago or cop to some sort of plea before they are ruined financially and otherwise, or are driven to suicide like Matthew Perna, the Klain Kalorama Komintern has been exposed as ordering its enforcers in the DOJ to go after parents who committed the second worst attack on “our precious democracy” (*vomits*) by having the audacity to challenge and criticize the rape of mind, body and soul of their children at school board meetings. In another part of the filthy sewer that is DC, the DoD is attempting to purge anyone who visits social media sites that object or challenge the official party line on everything from the Chinese COVID orthodoxy to transgender psychosis to the illegitimacy of the 2020 election.

But Frank James? Nidal Hassan? Djokar Tsarnayev? Omar Mateen? The damned 9/11 hijackers? What about Dick Durbin and Bernie Sanders adjacent James Hodgkinson? Or Stephen Paddock? And so on and so on and scoobie doobie doobie? Crickets. 

Will there be any introspection let alone a mea culpa or will they bitch and moan the usual tripe that, even if we knew about Frank James we can’t really do anything until he commits an actual crime. I remember getting and to this day being enraged at Jamie Gorelick for erecting that so-called “wall” that prevented the FBI and local law enforcement from sharing the intelligence that would have or at least could have prevented 9/11 from happening. Given that we now fully realize how these agencies operate, I tend to seriously doubt it. As to that introspection, evidently they are going to try and prevent crimes. But it depends on how the word “crime” is defined; who gets to be Daniel Webster and who’s the Devil?

Rep. Thomas Massie, one of the three who voted against the [Emmett Till Antilynching Act], expressed a handful of concerns, including that there are a limited number of constitutionally specified federal crimes, that lynching is already criminalized, and that “Adding enhanced penalties for ‘hate’ [on top of existing criminal punishments] tends to endanger other liberties such as freedom of speech.”

He also highlighted another potential pitfall of the legislation: “The bill creates another federal crime of ‘conspiracy,’ which I’m concerned could be enforced overbroadly on people who are not perpetrators of a crime” . . .

. . . With this new law, the U.S. government has further expanded into the realm of policing thought crimes. Ominously, this law comes on the heels of the Department of Homeland Security’s attempt to broaden the “domestic terrorism” category and expand methods for identifying “threats”. . . 

. . . It’s a mountain-out-of-a-molehill on par with the “Don’t Say Gay” hysteria. But this one may have far greater consequences down the road as texts, emails, social media posts, and everyday speech are monitored and analyzed by various three-letter agencies to establish the intent of our discourse. The Emmett Till Act may become a key piece in the arsenal for U.S. intelligence agencies’ war on free speech.

UPDATE: Commenter Muldoon has this to say about a story out of California regarding doctors and so-called medical misinformation:

Here is the cudgel: “The Board shall consider . . . Whether the misinformation or disinformation was contradicted by contemporary scientific consensus to an extent where its dissemination constitutes gross negligence by the licensee. 

This is an extension of the notion of “best practice”, which has morphed from being a set of guidelines to being a hard and fast rule for any given specialty. It has been the case for nearly 20 years that if you deviate from ‘best practice’ you risk censure, loss of hospital privileges, or loss of license. 

‘Contemporary scientific consensus’ is a nebulous euphemism that will be subject to frequent change at the whim of State Medical Board, and wielded capriciously and arbitrarily as a political weapon.

Now put this together with the conspiracy angle of this “anti-lynching” law, insofar as who gets to define not so much what a conspiracy is but to declare political opposition and anything against the official orthodoxy as treason, and we are getting into nightmare territory.

Psaki-psircling back, do you really think that the DOJ is going to use these laws to grab the likes of Frank James (although he was that so-called “lone wolf”) or are they going to go after Michigander militiamen, i.e. a handful of drunk braggarts at a dive bar shooting off nothing more than their mouths? Or Project Veritas, or True the Vote, or me, Ace and the co-bloggers right here at the HQ? The very words that we write every day, that I actually had published into a book, could in theory be used as evidence against us at a conspiracy trial if G-d forbid it ever gets to that point. And the way things are going, that possibility grows day by day.

As for the FBI, these bastards. These evil, fucking bastards who care about one thing and one thing only. Their pensions and perks. I’m really sick and tired of apologists like Andy McCarthy, Sean Hannity and others who keep praising the agency and excusing away the behavior of a few rotten apples at the top. Sorry, the whole damned agency is rotten top to bottom. 

There is at least one lurker here who I believe still works for the government that I have gotten to know via e-mail and I’m sure my rant is not going to make him happy. Yes, like he, there are I’m sure decent people working at the DOJ and FBI. But given what I am saying and what we know their mission is – political hitmen and enforcers of the Deep State and institutional left – how can anyone, in good conscience, continue to draw a paycheck from them? They’re the Stasi. And the rest of the government and bureaucracy backs them to the hilt. You’re not going to change anything there except Biden’s Depends if you’re unlucky enough to be in his Secret Service detail. Unless the dog bites you.

The End of America: 100 Days That Shook the World available here.


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