The Morning Rant

Ah…academics: you can’t ignore them, and you can’t beat them over the head with a brick. The arrogance and intellectual conceit of the Academy is such that anyone upon whom a PhD has been conferred is automatically granted some sort of intellectual dark magic, that convinces its recipient that no topics on earth are outside of his areas of expertise. Well, except mundane and unintellectual things like changing a tire or fixing a dripping faucet. For those things the proles will be called!

The problem is that far too many people, particularity in government, take these absurd pontificating clowns seriously. Their masturbatory fantasies about how the world should work are considered as valid options simply because of the imprimatur of their degrees and their positions within the insular and out-of-touch mini-world of college campuses and faculty lounges.

Noam Chomsky: We’re Approaching The Most Dangerous Point In Human History, The Lucky Ones Will Die More Quickly

“We’re approaching the most dangerous point in human history,” he said. “Nothing like it before. We are now facing the prospect of the destruction of organized human life on Earth from environmental destruction and not in the remote future we are approaching irrevisable turning points which can not be dealt with any longer. It doesn’t mean everybody is going to die but it’s going to mean moving to a future in which the lucky ones will be those who die more quickly.”

Well, ignoring the fake word “irrevisable,” (I assume he means “irreversible.”), this is simply a rehashing of every doomsday prediction in human history. We have always had these people screeching their predictions, but most of them are urine-soaked, drug-addled lunatics standing on street corners asking for money. To be fair to Chomsky, he does sort of look the part. And the sad thing is that he is a titan in his field of linguistics, which somehow convinced him that every single one of his uninformed and ignorant opinions is as valuable as his talented work in his own field.

Khaled Abou El Fadl: Ambassador for Sharia

But determined to find prejudice where only common sense prevails, Abou El Fadl protested that “all the occupants of Guantanamo are Muslim,” an absurd complaint since the post-9/11 “war on terror” responded to jihadi attacks against the United States and the wider world. He similarly condemned former President Donald Trump’s misnamed “Muslim ban” without explaining why the United States should not impose travel restrictions upon terrorist hotspots in Muslim countries.

Unintentionally undercutting his allegations of societal inequality in America, Abou El Fadl cited the Western tradition of redress under equality of the law, something for which Sharia is not well-known. “Among the most distinctive features of the Western civilization at large, but the American civilization, in particular, is the power of law,” he said. “Law in this society is a vehicle to power, and we have to matter in the political map of this country,” he insisted.

This guy sounds like a garden variety Islamist Jew hater who has upped his game by moving to the West and trying to subvert our freedoms. Except…he is a full professor of law in an endowed seat at UCLA! Amazing…the academy is so cowardly that it won’t even defend itself from anti-intellectual attacks on its own freedoms, and allows the fox to guard its hen house.

This terrorist (of the intellectual kind…he is probably too effete to take physical action) is actively espousing legal structures that are antithetical to the principles of our country at its founding, and incredibly damaging to the concept of free and unimpeded intellectual discourse that American academics hide behind when they spout their bullshit ideas about pretty much everything.

My wish is that this wog gets exactly what he wishes for, at least on the UCLA campus. Imagine the enlightened progressives of Westwood confronted by sharia law, complete with hijab, diya (blood money…and it values women as half of men!), and Islamic policemen who wander the campus whipping women who are dressed inappropriately. The best one would be the Islamic laws against blasphemy, which requires a death sentence, or conversion of a non-Muslim to Islam. So all of those smug atheists would suddenly have to put up, shut up, or convert!

Admit it…this would be a marvelous thing.