The Morning Report 4/15/22

Good morning, kids. Happy Passover and a blessed Good Friday and Easter to you all. It’s bad enough that the so-called quote-unquote “president” gives a speech and appears to shake hands with thin air, while the senior Senator from Beijing is giving him a run for his Big Guy 10% in the Geriatric Brain Games 1-yard dash, they still sit on top of a massive, oppressive bureaucracy where the left hand wrings the neck of the golden goose while the far left hand shoves its fist in our faces, directly via the abuse of law enforcement to muzzle all voices of opposition and indirectly by allowing terrorists to Burn, Loot and Murder in the name of “social justice” and Islam. 

Yeah, I’m nowhere near done with the FBI/DOJ. In my rant yesterday, juxtaposing their fanatical zeal in inventing threats from straw man “terrorists” while ignoring real threats from real political terrorists as amply demonstrated by the collapse of the Whitmer kidnapping plot and the unsurprising surprise attack in a Brooklyn subway station, I neglected to mention what was the lowest blow of all.

The Biden [junta’s] radical civil rights division boss at the DOJ has “reached an agreement to settle claims in four civil cases arising from the June 1, 2020, law enforcement response to racial justice demonstrations in Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C.”

This was during the Black Lives Matter and Antifa Reign of Terror or, as then-Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan accidentally coined it, a “Summer of Love,” after the George Floyd riots began in Minneapolis and spread across the country.

Protesters and violent rioters set seized upon Lafayette Square, breaching a White House perimeter, and rioted, rallied, and set fires for days. An umbrella group called “Shut Down DC,” composed of far-left professional agitators, including Lisa Fithian, called helped orchestrate the attack to incapacitate the nation’s capitol.

Washington, D.C. not only indulged this “first amendment activity,” but Mayor Muriel Bowser also encouraged it by memorializing part of the city streets with a Black Lives Matter mural paid for by taxpayers.

And now the feds are basically apologizing and acknowledging that they weren’t nice enough when they cleared the rioters and arsonists in front of the White House — rioters who torched the so-called “President’s Church” and forced then President Donald Trump and his family into the bunker for their safety. . . 

. . . What should remain evident is the double standard system of justice meted out against the leftists who have caused billions of dollars in damage, killed people, and injured cops in their hundreds of riots versus the right-leaning people at one riot at the U.S. Capitol Building on Jan. 6, 2021.

Some of the people in jail for that Jan. 6 riot still await charges or are locked up for misdemeanors. They would like the Justice Department to remember that the U.S. Constitution applies to them too.

Will Vanita Gupta and Attorney General Merrick Garland apply the law equally to them? Ever?

The absolute gall of these bastards to apologize to real terrorists and treat them as Ghandi-like peaceful heroes, while the rest of us are blood-libeled and hounded to the point of suicide in at least one case. I’m sure that was a rhetorical question at the end of the pull quote. It had better be, because these fiends mean to shut us up and shut us down. Look what they’re now doing to Elon Musk. Whatever one thinks about him personally, he has hit the nail on the head not only about Twitter but about more broadly the silencing of any and all voices that are not in absolute lockstep with the junta and those outside in the broader culture that disagree with the societal dissolution we are being rhetorically – and in the case of our children – literally spitroasted with.

As to the FBI and their parent the DOJ, their failure to do anything to prevent what happened in a Brooklyn subway station is a combination of things, and I think the least of it is incompetence. The decriminalization of crime, the concomitant drumbeat of racial grievance ramped up to maximum since January 20, 2009 and just the nature of bureaucracy in general which is not to solve problems but to perpetuate and grow itself, all played a part in what happened there, in Waukesha and scores of incidents going back to 9/11 and before. 

Julie Kelly:

. . . the government not only attempted to manufacture “terrorists” in the Whitmer kidnapping hoax—the same FBI operation also tried to coax a man in Virginia to participate in the same sort of plot against Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. That scheme didn’t fully materialize, but the FBI’s attempt to pull off a similar stunt in Virginia reveals just how far agents were willing to go to bolster FBI Director Christopher Wray’s false warning that domestic extremists planned to “kill and assassinate” public officials.

In summer 2020, Dan Chappel, the main informant in the Whitmer fednapping who was compensated at least $60,000 by the FBI for his services, targeted a man named Frank Butler, a disabled veteran in his late 60s and an alleged militia member. Taking instructions from Jayson Chambers, one of his FBI handling agents, Chappel used the same playbook in Virginia. . .

. . . Northam, like Whitmer, made the most of the imaginary threat against him. Also like Whitmer, Northam repeatedly blamed Trump for the FBI-concocted plot, adding to nonstop news coverage as Americans were already voting for president. 

“Words matter,” Northam said during an October 14, 2020 interview on CNN, echoing the talking points being used by Joe Biden on the campaign stump at the time. “People take their marching orders from people like the president and it needs to stop.” Northam accused Trump of emboldening “white supremacists” and fueling “hatred and bigotry” . . . 

. . . So, now that the kidnapping plots have been exposed as an elaborate case of FBI entrapment, the public deserves to know how the governors were “briefed” on the sting operation. In an earlier column, I named a few government officials who need to account for their knowledge and/or participation in the scheme.

Ralph Northam should be on that list.

Should be. But no doubt won’t. Now, the estimable Lloyd Billingsley sets the WayBack Machine for a trip down memory lane. Or, in this case Memory Hole Lane thanks to the media.

“California Capitol shaken by FBI sting,” headlined a UPI story on September 4, 1988. “More than 30 federal agents carrying search warrants conducted an unprecedented raid on the Capitol offices of four leading lawmakers, seeking evidence of wrongdoing until the wee hours of the morning.” As it emerged in the report, the FBI had manufactured the evidence.

Gulf Shrimp Fisheries, which sought to build a food processing plant in West Sacramento to supply California restaurants, was actually a “dummy company set up by the FBI.” The FBI also established Peachstate Capital West Ltd., with an office one block from the California Capitol.

The FBI companies paid out nearly $60,000 in campaign contributions, including $11,500 to then-Assembly Speaker Willie Brown, $10,000 to Assembly Republican leader Pat Nolan, and $10,500 to Assemblywoman Gwen Moore, a Los Angeles Democrat. 

As the UPI report noted, Moore was the author of “two FBI-spawned bills” designed to benefit the FBI’s dummy companies. The bills “sailed smoothly through both houses with few dissenting votes,” but Republican Governor George Deukmejian vetoed the measures.  

On the night of the raid, the FBI searched the offices of Moore, California State Senator Joseph Montoya, Republican Assemblyman Frank Hill, and Nolan, who likely was the primary target. According to Capitol Weekly, the outcry from Assembly staffer Richard Steffen was, “The FBI’s here. They’re raiding Pat Nolan’s office.” 

Nolan had been critical of Brown, whose office, UPI clarified, was “not among those searched by the FBI.” The bureau did have one of its undercover agents shove $1,000 in cash under Brown’s office door, about as subtle as Max Bialystock’s bribe of the theater critic in “The Producers.” To the surprise of no one, a Brown aide returned the money. . . 

. . . One month before the August 1988 raid, UPI recalled, Willie Brown “spurred the Democratic National Convention in July to choose Michael Dukakis by acclamation.” Dukakis lost to George H. W. Bush, as “Saturday Night Live” dramatized in “Dukakis After Dark,” still a hoot after all these years. Unlike Dukakis, Willie Brown wasn’t done. 

Willie had his eye on UC law grad Kamala Harris, 30 years his junior, and in a daring act of poontronage, Brown set up Harris in lucrative sinecures. Brown also backed Harris for district attorney of San Francisco and state attorney general. . .

. . . If the FBI’s 1988 “Shrimpscam” had taken down Willie Brown, it’s highly unlikely that Kamala Harris would now be vice president. But in the style of the KGB, Nolan was the man and the FBI created the crime. 

That Stalinist style was also evident in FBI operations Midyear Exam and Crossfire Hurricane. FBI boss James Comey signed off on those and incoming FBI Director Christopher Wray vehemently denied that any spying against Trump had taken place. It did, but Wray remains at the helm. . . 

. . . As Julie Kelly notes, the FBI’s Whitmer operation was “flagrant election interference” on behalf of Biden and against Trump. Doubtless, more of that interference will continue as the midterms approach, perhaps featuring dummy companies, inside informers, and possibly even FBI-spawned legislation. By now, the lesson should be clear. 

“There’s no reforming this monster,” writes Adam Mill. The FBI “needs to be scrapped before it’s too late.”

Absolutely 100% friggin’ A, bubba. The FBI and DOJ are no more than political hit squads. Forget about entrapment; as Lloyd Billingsley states they manufacture evidence out of thin air to nail a target. What we’re seeing now with the J-6 prisoners of conscience is the political equivalent of Munchausen’s by Proxy. Except the FBI, DOJ and the Junta that employs them isn’t going to ride in to the rescue with a magic bullet to save them. Maybe some real bullets with a firing squad is the intention. And that goes for all of us if we dare say peep. Assuming Dao-Min Yen via the Phi-Beta Kappa variant of the General Tso’s Sickness waiting in the on-deck circle to be unleashed on us, if the Democrats get crushed this November – hell, if the Democrats lose by a red nether hair – the calls of fraud will be heard all the way to the M-79 star system. You watch how fast the FBI and DOJ manufacture evidence. Worse, BLM/Antifa will unleash an army of subway shooters and Christmas parade rammers so deadly that they could’ve invaded Ukraine and taken Kiev in a day.

One way or another hell’s coming.

Our greatest enemy resides both in the Capitol and in the hearts of perhaps as much as a third of the nation. That is going to have to be eradicated, politically if at all possible (and that is perhaps nearing impossibility) or otherwise.

A nation is its history, its culture and the willingness of its citizenry to support it, even with their lives if need be. In the years following the absolute victory of World War 2, the cancerous rot of atheism, and totalitarian Communism has eaten away at the vitals, as Lincoln would say. It is tragically ironic that the generation that gave itself willingly to save America and save the world was stabbed in the back by its progeny in the ensuing years.

If we are ever to restore or at least have a chance at restoring what has been effectively lost, we are going to be confronted with choices that will challenge our faith and our morality in ways that we never imagined in our worst nightmares.

I blame and damn for all eternity the anti-American Democrat Left, their allies and supporters for whatever hell on earth is to come. It will be on their heads.

But, somehow, some way I am an optimist. And as this is Passover and Easter, as a person of faith I believe in salvation and redemption. So does a former leftist and now staunch freedom-loving American David Mamet:

Over the last two years in America, I’ve witnessed our own forces of evil with incredulity, despair, and rage. Corruption, blasphemy, and absurdity have been accepted by one-half of the electorate as the cost of doing business; as has the fear this acceptance generates. Does anyone actually believe that men change into women and women into men who can give birth, that the Earth is burning, the seas are rising, and we’ll all perish unless we cover our faces with strips of cotton?

No one does. These proclamations are an act of faith, in a new, as yet unnamed religion, and the vehemence with which one proclaims allegiance to these untruths is an exercise no different from any other ecstatic religious oath. They become the Apostles’ Creed of the left, their proclamation committing the adherent physically to their strictures, exactly as the oath taken on induction to the armed services. The inductee is told to “take one step forward,” and once they do he or she can no longer claim, “I misunderstood the instruction.”

Those currently in power insist on masking, but don’t wear masks. They claim the seas are rising and build mansions on the shore. They abhor the expenditure of fossil fuels and fly exclusively in private jets. And all the while half of the country will not name the disease. Why?

Because the cost of challenging this oppressive orthodoxy has, for them, become too high. Upon a possible awakening, they—or more likely their children—might say that the country was occupied. And they would be right. . .

. . . I’ve found great comfort in the Torah, counseling Moses again and again, when he was reluctant to fight the power of the Egyptians, and unsure he could do it alone, that he would not be alone, as God would be with him.

What we are seeing through these brave dissenters is the wisdom of the Rumpelstiltskin story. The young woman marries a king who locks her in a cell until she is able to spin flax into gold. She despairs at the impossible task, until an elf shows up and says he’ll show her how. He does so. She asks how she can thank him, and he says all he wants is her firstborn child. And she must give him her child until, or unless, she figures out his name. She is terrified and clueless, but she knows she must try. Eventually, after committing to the task, she guesses his name. What prompted her, frightened though she was, to break the sick cycle? She would not visit her plight upon her child.

Now, the disease having proclaimed itself and its dangers having become clear, it is time for us all to overcome the occupation by standing up to those tyrannies under which we are not prepared to live.

Now more than ever may the Angel of Death pass over us and conduct a no-knock 3:00AM visit on a whole lot of individuals too numerous to list here. And may America experience a spiritual and societal rebirth that see us ascendant once more.

Have a good weekend.

The End of America: 100 Days That Shook the World available here.


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