The Morning Rant

Push back. Push back hard! That is the only way to claw our way back from the abyss. The elites have inundated our schools with post-modern gender nonsense for the express purpose of eroding traditional societal norms in service of their socialist agenda. It is a classic from the progressive playbook, and they execute it well, especially when most parents don’t pay much attention.

But these parents noticed, as have parents across the country, and they confronted the school board and said, “NO!” And that’s all it took!

Notice the frantic backtracking that has gone all the way up the food chain to the sleazy corrupt governor, who obfuscates like the Democrat apparatchik he is!

New Jersey Democratic governor Phil Murphy admits some gender identity materials provided to small children in his state may not have been ‘age appropriate’

A spokesperson for the district told Fox News that the district did not intend to actually implement those particular lesson plans, but rather that the plans were presented as a “sample list of resources aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards to be considered as school districts work on revisions to the health and PE curriculum.”

Oh, I see. So they weren’t going to “actually implement” those plans, but they were…what? Going to use them as examples of what not to teach?

That is typical deep-state bullshit that they blather on about when they get caught. “It’s just a draft and was never intended to be part of the final document!” Then why is it being taken seriously by the district and state educational apparatus?

The answer is simple: they are all in on transgenderism, and want to flood the schools with this cruel and destructive crap so that the newest generation is perfectly accepting of the idea that gender is fluid, that they have total control over themselves — even at barely school-age — and that their allies are not their parents but rather their teachers…the most powerful agents of the state in their world.

And they will lie. They will manipulate. They will obfuscate. They will hide their agenda from parents, and carefully indoctrinate our children into this horrid and vile world.

So I applaud the parents who are stepping up and saying “NO!” They are now the vanguard in the fight against the debasement of our culture, and they deserve and are owed our support.

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  1. This is the front line: the community and school boards. If they capture your children, all is lost.

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