It’s Not Enough That These Barely-Sentient Freaks Want To Groom Your Children; They Want Primacy In All Things, Including Your Children’s Names!

The degradation of traditional culture continues unabated, and in fact has been quite ably assisted by the explosion in (oh…let’s be honest here) absolute shit college degrees “earned” by below-average intellects who are also amazingly lazy. They can’t think; they can’t write; they can’t speak.

So to make up for these pesky little problems they fill their communication with jargon and buzz words and tortured grammatical constructions to obfuscate the undeniable fact that they are idiots without the ability to communicate their ideas.

And these people are teaching our children!

But they aren’t teaching them reading and writing and arithmetic, because they don’t know those subjects well enough to impart any useful knowledge. These sub-literate morons are content to convey they warped and perverted view of their insular little worlds to their impressionable students, in hope that they too will be warped little freaks who will perpetuate this deeply disturbed world-view.

As for your desires as parents? Hah! These people have internalized B.F. Skinner’s twisted utopia of “Walden Two.” Your desires for your children are secondary to this post-modern, gibberish-spouting lunacy.

Teachers brag about ignoring parent requests to use children’s birth name, pronouns

Slattery responded to the parent, which the teacher referred to as “caregiver,” saying: I hear you I, I hear what you’re saying. I — and I kind of tried to really like, affirm what the caregiver was asking me. Like in terms of, you know, I was like, I hear you saying that you’re feeling uncomfortable with me, you know, using the child’s preferred name and pronouns and I hear that you’re using different different ones at home.”

These people are idiots! Dangerous, deluded, power-hungry freaks too. But damn, they can’t communicate any of their half-baked ideas, and maybe that is a good thing. I sure as shit have no idea what they are babbling half the time; I am merely confident that what they are saying is antithetical to a well-ordered society that is respectful of its history.

So the next time I hear one of these fools jabber nonsense, I will cheerfully attack their grammar, their ignorance of vocabulary, and most of all the logical incoherence of whatever they are spouting. Allow nothing of their new world to go unchallenged! That way their constantly changing (il)logical structures won’t gain as much purchase in normal society.

The short answer? Push back at everything. Go on the offensive. Don’t let them get away with anything, least of all any of this nonsense with your children.

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