The Morning Rant

It is axiomatic that a free society will have to tolerate a degree of chaos that does not exist in authoritarian societies. Free speech is chaotic. Free association is chaotic. Freedom to move about without government permission is pure chaos. The freedom to create and innovate and destroy and rebuild better without government interference is the hallmark of freedom, and what has been the hallmark of America for much of its history.

And yes, the inalienable right to self defense…our God-given right to protect ourselves from the depredations of our fellow man and, if necessary, our government is chaotic in comparison to the typical authoritarian regime’s stance against an armed citizenry. That is not to say that those governments can keep their people safe. On the contrary, just to our south is a country that has draconian gun-control laws, yet has a murder rate 4.5 times that of the United States.

And take a look at the U.S. Virgin Islands, with their strict gun laws…the worst murder rate in the entire world! Jamaica isn’t much better, and their laws are incredibly strict.

Here’s a predictably squishy and inaccurate article listing some of the proposed “reforms” being bandied about by our political masters. Not a single one addresses the vast majority of the gun violence in America: its inner cities are rife with violent criminals who are still on the street because America does not take gun crime seriously. Those criminals have their gun crimes pleaded down to nothing, are released without bail, return to the streets to commit more crimes and eventually murder.

What reforms are on the table after the Uvalde school tragedy?

These feel-good proposals are nothing more than an attack on the vast majority of gun owners who are almost perfectly law abiding and in fact commit gun crimes at a lower rate than American policemen! Regulating gun ownership without taking seriously most of the violent crime committed with firearms has nothing to do with crime, and everything to do with the left’s desire to disarm America, because an armed America is much less vulnerable to exactly the sort of government that the left wants for us: a dictatorial socialist regime with unlimited power over every facet of society.

Perhaps the elites in the halls of power should consider the degradation of society that their policies have caused…the destruction of religion, of the family, the celebration of abortion…they are far more responsible for the lack of respect for human life than scary looking rifles and standard capacity magazines.