The Morning Report 6/8/22

Good morning, kids. Wednesday and putting aside the latest drive to disarm the American citizenry to leave them absolutely defenseless in the face of totalitarian tyranny and out of control crime — the latter these days being intentionally used as a tool of political repression by the former — we turn to the big news out of yesterday’s primary voting across seven western states. Chesa Boudin, the spawn of Democrat-Leftist terrorists has been recalled by the fed up citizenry of San Francisco. 

San Francisco district attorney and George Soros darling Chesa Boudin went down in flames Tuesday evening, recalled by double-digits in ultra-liberal San Francisco, a far larger margin than the less than 2 percent of voters who carried him to victory three years ago. . . 

. . . Boudin’s defeat will likely be seen as part of a broader backlash against criminal justice progressivism—one that has installed Democratic New York City mayor Eric Adams in Gracie Mansion, put moderate Rick Caruso neck and neck with far-left Karen Bass for the mayoralty of Los Angeles, and produced an about-face from municipal Democrats across the country. This backlash is a response to surging violent crime rates, which spiked in the wake of the “Defund the Police” movement and has driven the homicide rate to record highs. . . 

. . . But it’s hard to argue the recall was about violent crime alone. Relative to other cities, violence is not San Francisco’s problem. Many American municipalities saw rates of shootings and homicide break records in 2020 and 2021. In San Francisco, by contrast, homicides are only slightly elevated above pre-Boudin levels, while aggravated assaults—a proxy for shootings—are below where they were. . . 

. . . For a generation, Boudin’s theory—that quality-of-life and public disorder are not the problem of the criminal justice system—has been the conventional wisdom among activists, academics, and even many politicians. Those who identify San Francisco’s disorder as an issue are regularly tarred as racists and bigots, unwilling to treat their neighbors with compassion. . .

. . . Disorder matters to the voters of America’s big cities. They want safety, but they also want to live in cities in which public urination and drug use are sanctioned, in which the homeless and mentally ill are cared for through compulsion if necessary, rather than “liberated” to live on the street. Boudin’s defeat on Tuesday should be a warning to leaders who abdicate these responsibilities and dismiss as prejudiced anyone who objects—watch out, your job might be next.

Interesting analysis but it fails to recognize both a proven fact about “broken windows” policing and more crucially why the Left opposes it so vehemently. Regarding the former, while as the author states San Franciscans may be more concerned with quality of life than violent crime, if you let quality of life crimes go unaddressed then sure as God made little green apples you will get rapes, robberies, assaults and murders. When Rudy Giuliani became mayor of NYC, one of the first things he did was instruct the transit cops to go after turnstile jumpers with a vengeance. Almost overnight, serious crime in the subways was cut in half and went down from there. Why? Because while not every turnstile jumper is a violent thug, 99.99% of all violent thugs caught in the subway jumped the turnstiles. QED. And this is just in the subway system. This kind of quality of life enforcement was expanded all over the city and the result was a golden age that made New York the safest big city in America and among the safest in the world. It really was a great place to live and work. And then came DeBolshevik . . . 

As to why, while the author accurately states that those who support quality of life crimes are viewed by the Left “as racists and bigots, unwilling to treat their neighbors with compassion,” it goes deeper than that. They view the broader criminal justice system, American society and the nation itself as rigged against colored people of color. Hence, the ending of broken windows policies, the anti-crime units in high-crime neighborhoods and so on. And that led to “Defund the Police” and massive rioting whenever a black is killed by a cop, a white, or a white Hispanic as the case may be. Of course, all of that is an absolute crock and used as the cassus belli to destabilize and overthrow societal order. And the only reason to destabilize and overthrow societal order is for those who lie about and pick at the scabs of racism is for them to seize power. Period. 

The aforementioned political terror committed in these instances by Antifa and BLM street goons, rhetorically sanctioned and almost assuredly funded by Leftists in and out of government goes hand in hand with the daily degradation from violent criminals, lunatics liberated from the asylums as well as the drug abusers, vagrants and derelicts littering the streets with trash, used needles and feces. Two distinct tactics, but the ultimate goal is the same: degrade and destroy society in order to grab absolute power. Fools who rail against law and order do not understand that ultimately, there will be law and order. It will be the law of a New Order, if you catch my meaning. 

CBD hit the nail on the head yesterday with his analysis of Eric Adams, (do not comment on old threads) and along with the booting of Boudin, it highlights a broader question mark about the citizenry who elected them in the first place. Boudin is a hardcore Maoist for sure. But that said, Eric Adams for all his blathering during his run for mayor last year of making NYC safer is no Rudy Giuliani. He, Adams, may have run as the anti-DeBolshevik but as one of the founders of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement he has a lot in common with his predecessor. From his rap sheet at Discover the Networks:

Claiming to have been unjustly beaten by NYPD officers when he was 15, he has spent much of his professional career trying to expose what he views as widespread police racism. The “culture of policing” in “communities of color,” Adams says, is based on a “Bull Connor mindset” which presumes that “black equals crime,” and that “using violence extremely quickly” against black suspects is appropriate.

In 1995 Adams co-founded 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care, an organization that protests against police practices which it views as racist and discriminatory. During the 1990s as well, Adams served as president of the Grand Council of Guardians, a national organization of black police officers.

Adams was angered when the management of Irving Plaza, a ballroom-style music facility in Manhattan, reneged on its agreement to serve as the venue for an August 2000 hip-hop concert, due to concerns that violence might erupt in response to one of the scheduled performers, known as “dead prez,” who was famous for pro-violence songs like Cop Shot and Assassination. “It would be naive to think it is not possible,” said Adams, that police pressure had caused “dead prez” to be blacklisted by the city. “The hip-hop community has been classified as [an] enemy of the state by law enforcement agencies,” Adams stated, but “hip-hop is no different than any other art form, any other culture, any other group of youths attempting to express themselves.”

In the spring of 2006, Adams and his “100 Blacks” organization released their Annual Report in which they gave New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly a grade of “F” for promotions and assignments, and a “D” for recruitment and retention. Adams’s principal complaint was that “91% of the NYPD uniformed personnel in the rank of captain or above are Caucasian.” But in fact, fully 56% of blacks who had passed the Department’s most recent test for captain were promoted to higher ranks, compared to only 39% of similarly qualified whites. Moreover, Kelly had already promoted more black chiefs than his two predecessors – Ben Ward and Lee Brown, both of whom were black – combined. 

So, he’s a lying racialist who’s also a huge fan of Calypso Louie Farrakhan. How shocking. Getting back to my questioning of the electorate in both San Francisco and New York, it’s a puzzler to me how on the one hand San Franciscans can vote for that fiend, although he did only win by about a 2% margin, and New Yorkers can fall for DeBolshevik, twice, in elections that had historically low voter turnouts. Is it more of a function of a younger electorate that has no collective memory? I guess given the nature of academia these days that certainly might well be the case. After suffering for nearly 30 years under John Lindsay, Abe Beame, Ed Koch and David Dinkins the city voted for a Republican and he turned a shit-hole into a paradise. Why couldn’t present day New Yorkers? I have my issues with Curtis Sliwa, and maybe personality-wise he was not the ideal candidate, but had he won, if nothing else, he’d have waged total war on crime. Of course, the pushback from Albany notwithstanding. In any case, the writing so far is on the wall and Eric Adams is going to fail because thanks to Chinese COVID, no one wants to go back to work and more importantly, the racialists in his party will not tolerate the re-criminalization of crime. And his history shows he is one of them, despite his campaign promises to the contrary.

San Francisco? Yeah, I get it. That city makes New York look like deepest red state America in comparison, or at least it used to. But people there and in every damned blue city have got to wake the hell up and realize that it is they who are voting for their own destruction when they reflexively keep voting Democrat. Maybe its because the stereotypes and brainwashing are just too ingrained in their collective conscious to do anything else. That and the drumbeat from the classroom to the television/internet is constant and unrelenting in poisoning the mind and reinforcing the false perceptions. That said, they did oust what normally one has to consider to be a poster boy for the Left. Aside from not being a tranny or a colored person of color, he checks all the right left boxes. And yet, the people of one of the deepest of deep blue bastions kicked him the hell out. The question now is, who will they replace him with? Moving beyond Boudin, there’s Newsom as well as whoever replaces the decrepit Feinstein and this Alex Padilla and all the rest who now have a stranglehold on that state. And speaking of the brilliantine fraud with the Pepsodent smile. . .

Newsom tweeted:

“Across the country, Republicans are attacking our fundamental rights as Americans. Destroying democracy, stripping a woman of the right to choose, and standing idly by as gun violence claims far too many lives.

CA is the antidote — leading with compassion, common-sense and science. Treasuring diversity, defending democracy, and protecting our planet.

Here’s to continuing that fight.”

California also leads the nation in average fuel prices and in poverty. It suffers from electricity blackouts during peak demand periods,  thanks to overly ambitious green energy policies that Newsom himself admitted were a problem.

Despite its wealth, and high taxes, the state is near the bottom of educational achievement and is suffering a violent crime wave. Its demographic diversity masks a political monoculture that has seen the Democratic Party govern virtually without opposition, leading to an exodus of small business owners and middle-class families who cannot afford the cost of living.

Though Newsom imposed — and defied — draconian coronavirus restrictions, the state did not do much better than states that did not impose such lockdowns, or that ended their lockdowns after a short period of time and reopened their economies.

The state is also in the midst of a crippling drought and has failed to get to grips with a persistent wildfire problem.

And tomorrow, we have the J-6 Kangaroo Kourt Gong Show to look forward to while innocent patriots continue to rot in jail and have their lives destroyed by Garland’s Reichsministerium of (in)Justice. 


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