The Boot-Licking Lackeys In The Media Are Finally Realizing That They Are Pawns!

Not really, because they are 100% behind the anti-freedom, economy-crushing policies of the Biden junta. They just want to be respected; they want the Kalorama Kidz to continue the charade that the media have autonomy and aren’t simply lickspittle servants of the current progressive regime.

WH Press Corps Demands Biden Admin Change Unprecedented Rules That Are ‘Restrictive and Antithetical to the Concept of a Free Press’

President Joe Biden is trying to manipulate the news media through the administration’s selective access rules for White House events, according to a protest letter made public.

The letter to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was signed by 68 journalists — many of whom are at odds with each other on a daily basis — including Kaitlan Collins of CNN, Ed O’Keefe of CBS and Jacqui Heinrich of Fox News, according to the New York Post.

During his time in the White House, Biden has often left news conferences while reporters were trying to ask questions, and he has indicated from his comments that he is given a list of people to call on to ask questions, as noted by Fox News.

These sub-literate, childish-thinking drones are too stupid to see that they are being manipulated? Wow. Most of us have the appropriate amount of contempt for our Fourth Estate, but maybe we are giving them too much credit! Their protestations that the drooling fool masquerading as the legitimate president has avoided them are simply ridiculous. They opened the door to this sort of behavior by accepting 99% of the leftist narrative, certainly beginning with the Obama administration. Before Barack’s reign of terror they were much more evenhanded…accepting only 95% of the progressive cant.

So forgive me if I have no sympathy for a bunch of overpaid, under-worked J-School graduates without an iota of experience in the real world, or any sense of what a truly free press should do. In fact, I will be making popcorn so I can sit back with a good snack and observe the impotent flailing of these running-dog lackeys. They play the tired game of pretending that they are independent, and only when the scum in the West Wing stop giving lip service to the nonsensical idea that they are anything other than whores being paid with the occasional privilege of asking a pre-planned question of a talking turnip, and running victory laps because they were called upon, do they stand up in unison, strutting around as if they matter.

Here’s the truth: they don’t matter. Those press conferences could just as easily be a single page hand-out to the junior interns from the major news outlets. It’s regurgitated propaganda, and more and more Americans are (belatedly) realizing it! “Putin’s Gas Tax?” “The border is closed?” “9mm will blow your lungs out?” The stupidity is out of control, and all these hacks can see is some imagined disrespect to their vaunted positions as the protectors of our republic.

Maybe if more than a few of them would actually do their jobs their complaints would be taken more seriously, but that will never happen, so sit back and enjoy the temper tantrums!

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