The Morning Rant

To nobody’s surprise except the willing fools of the soft left, Joe Biden (Senile: Delaware) is failing miserably at being president. That is not debatable, and in fact the only things open to question are whether he will survive his rapidly advancing dementia long enough to run in the 2024 election…if the Democrat party will have him. And while there are multiple lines of thought that end with somebody else contesting the Democrat primaries in 2024, He still has the inside track. Sure, Chlamydia Harris becoming president after a 25th Amendment removal, Harris resigning, Newsom/Clinton/Mike Obama replacing her, then Biden being removed, and a dozen other scenarios might be possible, but are they likely?

Regardless, here is a nice little recap of the Biden Junta’s failings:


The array of disasters accumulated by Biden in less than two years is impressive: defeat and humiliation in Afghanistan; the outbreak of war in Europe; spiking inflation and energy costs; a sputtering economy; a resurgent pandemic; supply chain disruptions of essential goods like baby formula. The response to each crisis has followed a recurring pattern. Ignorance and denial come first. A few comic pratfalls later, the rhetoric turns to panicked scapegoating. The essential duty of government, which is fixing the situation, gets skipped altogether.

Such impotence is, in large part, a function of the astounding levels of unreality and policy incoherence that afflict decision-making in the administration. I defy anyone to explain how Biden believes U.S. interests are engaged in the Ukraine-Russia war, or what he thinks about the not-inconsequential matter of energy extraction and supply.

I’m not sure that the author is sufficiently aware of the deep-seated hatred of America within the White House and among those who are pulling the Biden puppet’s strings. Some of the calmer decisions they have made are designed to weaken America and drive us to the European model of a lower standard of living, a less mobile populace, and a society completely reliant on government.

Secondly, the Republican Party has at hand a crop of viable national candidates whose names are not Donald Trump. Most interesting to me are a handful of Trump-lite governors, led by Florida’s Ron DeSantis and Virginia’s Glenn Younkin, who have learned to fight the culture wars that thrill the base without alienating suburbanites or independents. They represent the evolution of a Trumpism devoid of drama and narcissism—hence, largely devoid of baggage.

I am all in on DeSantis, but Youngkin? I am not sure about that. He may be a Republican technocrat, but he has so far shown very little in the way of talent at motivating a passive electorate. He won in Virginia mostly because of catastrophic missteps on the part of a complacent Democrat machine, not because he was a rabble-rouser who motivated people. It was events that motivated Virginians! Regardless, the article is worth a read just for the deliciousness of the analysis of the Democrat party’s crisis, and Biden’s sense of entitlement.

But I think the author is way off on his analysis of President Trump, and when I asked Dave in Fla for his opinion, he didn’t pull any punches:

Also, no matter how bad Biden is and the speed at which he is falling, he is still the best candidate that the Democrats have, especially against Trump. I just see no scenario that allows a Democrat to win in 2024, and I keep trying to find one because I am naturally skeptical about a situation where an election looks assured 2.5 years out. The Democrats would have to have someone come from nowhere, like Bill Clinton in 1992, to challenge Trump. And I don’t know who that person is. Their bench is barren of anyone who has national appeal. Its all leftists, all the way down.

Imagine that…a party so devoid of structure and coherent political philosophy that Joe Biden is their best chance in 2024! The question of course is whether the Republican party is willing to let them fail and support the growing ranks of Trump-inspired candidates.

I’m not holding my breath, but there is only so much that McConnell and McCarthy and the Chamber of Commerce can do to sabotage the groundswell of support for Trump’s brand of muscular populism!