The Morning Rant

The National Socialist German Workers’ Party ran Germany from 1933 until the end of World War II in May of 1945. In a quirk of their own design, in spite of being the very heart of the effort to destroy the Jewish people, they killed about 70% of Germany’s Jews, in large part because they were sticklers for the appearance of the rule of law. Contrast that with the savagery they exhibited in other countries. In Greece and Poland they killed in excess of 90% of those nations’ Jews.

Beginning in 1933 the Nazis began constructing a legal framework for their ultimate goal. Everything was done under the guise of German law, and as Hannah Arendt famously described, it was the banality of evil: clerks and accountants and railway engineers and carpenters doing legal work that was nevertheless shocking in its depravity and soullessness.

Fast Forward 90 years, and we have a government that is acting very clearly in a depraved and evil way, yet shields itself from accusations of anti-freedom behavior with arcane legal structures that allow them to act under color of the law, in spite of the obvious moral and ethical wrongs that they perpetrate.

The clearly intended consequence of the 30,000 federal statutes and innumerable regulations buried in millions of pages of the Leviathan is the culmination of Lavrenti Beria’s famous maxim:

Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.

That is what we have today…an out-of-control state that uses the power of its laws to attack its enemies, and it’s all perfectly legal! No doubt President Trump ran afoul of a few regulations buried in the thousands that govern the handling of government documents. You know…just like every single president and every single high official since time immemorial.

But Donald Trump is different; he doesn’t play the game, and for that he must be destroyed, because the American people did not reject his brand of muscular populism the way they were expected. Instead they embraced him as someone who truly understood them and their desire to be out from under the jackboots of the state. And mostly they loved him for his love of them and their country.

So Donald Trump’s love of America must be banished, and Donald Trump must be punished.