The Morning Rant

We have seen ample evidence of the whiny little snowflakes that inhabit the halls of academia in America. Safe spaces, segregated housing, gourmet food, no triggering words, and on and on. And intellectual challenge? Hah! They are soft and weak, and their prospects in a world that doesn’t cater to their every whim — like what is probably coming soon to an economy near you — are bleak to say the least.

But I am unsure who is worse: the slobbering children who demand everything and work for nothing, or the supposed adults in charge who acquiesce to their every ridiculous desire.

NYU organic chemistry professor is fired after 82 students sign petition to get rid of him for making the subject ‘too hard’ – as the leading academic defends his teaching methods and blames quality of intake

‘We are very concerned about our scores, and find that they are not an accurate reflection of the time and effort put into this class,’ the petition said, according to a New York Times report.

This is stunning…these little bitches do not understand that the purpose of the class is to impart knowledge, and the grading should reflect that knowledge. They really expect a participation trophy…in the form of a good grade…even though they suck at Organic chemistry!

Entering 2022, Jones said students were increasingly disengaged. ‘They weren’t coming to class, that’s for sure, because I can count the house,’ Jones said. ‘They weren’t watching the videos, and they weren’t able to answer the questions.’

Ah…so the truth is coming out. The whinging little turds weren’t doing the work, yet still wanted the grades their daddies paid for.

Zacharia Benslimane, a Ph.D student at Harvard and former teaching assistant for Jones, emailed NYU in his defense. ‘I think this petition was written more out of unhappiness with exam scores than an actual feeling of being treated unfairly,’ he wrote. ‘I have noticed that many of the students who consistently complained about the class did not use the resources we afforded to them.’

But as I mentioned at the top, I am unsure who is worse: the administration or the students. And I am tending toward the administration, which should know better than to listen to a bunch of slackers who were unwilling to do the considerable work and exert the considerable effort required to excel in a difficult class. An administration that actually cared about academic excellence would not have fired Professor Jones; they would have told the petitioners to put the bongs down, spit the dicks out of their mouths, and go to the library and study more, so they will do better on the next test!

But that is not who they are. They are lickspittles who have ceded power to the inmates in the asylum that is NYU, and have turned on its head a millennium of academic rigor in Western universities.

And these are the students who will be your physicians in your dottage!