The Morning Report 11/8/22

Good morning kids. Well, this is it. Despite all the positive tea leaves that we’ve been reading over the past few months, and even the past few podcasts with Dave in FL, I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t even slightly concerned about the potential for the now patented and perfected Democrat voting fraud to throw, if not all of the key races that preserve Democrat control over Congress, then at least a few, so as to preserve the official line/meme that “Well, it’s the midterms and 99% of the time the party in power loses control of Congress, but in no way does it mean disaffection/disapproval of our agenda!”

Looking beyond elections to a higher level view of things, I think this is the thing that scares the Left the most. It took them a little over a hundred years to completely overthrow our government as founded as well as upend nearly a thousand years of human progress reflected in our society and culture. And they sure as shit aren’t going to let anything upend that, including stupid people believing their lying eyes that every Democrat-Leftist policy inflicted on us leads to disaster. Hell, in that same century, Leftism — really totalitarian tyranny in all its forms because the Left-Center-Right paradigm is a myth — has ground the lives of well over 100 million souls into the ground. But still, they persist because the real “we” of “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” are just over the horizon, and they’ll make socialism work this time for sure, “even if it short-dicks every cannibal in the fucking Congo!”

And yet growing numbers of traditional Democrat voting blocs are fleeing the party in ever-growing numbers. Uncle Sugar in his Santa Claus suit can’t hand out enough walking around money to keep them satisfied. Not when an entire economy is collapsing, criminals are let loose as official policy to run wild in the streets (mostly in perpetually Democrat-controlled fiefdoms), and things like the promotion of homosexuality, transgenderism and other perversions are causing a massive head-on collision and pile-up at the “intersectionality” intersection. That story the other day of Muslims going apeshit on their Democrat overlords in Dearborn-istan about the perversion dressed up as sex education in the classrooms is quite the tell. 

What I am driving at is elections or no elections, there is a sea change coming in our society with the rejection of Democrat-Leftist socialism. The problem is, not only the aforementioned refusal of these bastards to give up now when the brass ring is a red nether hair’s width from their reach. It’s that they control the instrumentalities of government that elections have virtually zero effect over. And that was the revolution starting with Wilson and metastasizing from FDR to LBJ and even Tricky Dick which created the Deep State that is our overlord.

That is who and what we face. But more and more people across all walks of life (the reasonable, rational and heretofore even low-information crowd who do have eyes to see) recognize, if not as we do the who, what and why, the bare minimum that this is not how things are supposed to be. 

In any case, before I digress down another rabbit hole of thoughts firing around in my balding head, let me highlight a couple of things about what’s scaring me and then riffing on that last bit, what gives me hope.

Analyst Martin Armstrong has warned that there may not be an election in 2024 and that “the United States will not exist after 2032” due to massive societal upheaval and financial collapse. . . 

. . . According to the analyst, future elections are in severe doubt of even taking place due to rampant corruption and cheating, along with the likelihood that neither side will accept defeat.

“The cheating in the midterm election next week is going to be so great that it is almost impossible to make a prediction. . . . In a fair midterm election, the Republicans would win the House and the Senate,” said Armstrong.

Revealing that he has received emails from people in Canada saying they had been delivered voting ballots for Pennsylvania, Armstrong is predicting utter chaos.

Warning that the mid-term result will “not be accepted” by one side, Armstrong says Trump won’t be able to run in 2024 because there probably won’t be an election due to a total loss of confidence in the system. . .

. . . “This is a worldwide effort,” he said. “They had to get rid of Trump. The other one who stood in their way is Bolsonaro. . .”

. . .“The United States will not exist after 2032. After 2028 and 2029, we are going to have to redesign a government from scratch. America is being destroyed,” he explicitly warned.

“Where this ends up, who knows? It’s just so corrupt, it is over the top. It doesn’t matter who wins. Nobody is going to accept this thing, and that is the problem,” he said.

Is this crackpot nuttery? Look at the statements and proclamations that come out of Davos every time the WEF meets. Hell, look at what Malig-Nancy Pelosi herself predicted, no guaranteed Trump would not win 2016. You all saw the steal in real time on election night. And then there was Molly Ball’s infamous boast in Time Magazine going into great detail how the Deep State and media did everything they could to ensure “the right outcome” two years ago.

And now we have Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants spouting this communiqué from Kalorama:

Sunlight is said to be the best disinfectant—and I would propose that the best way you counter conspiracy theories is with absolute transparency. That is what this upcoming election and voters deserve:  A restoration of confidence in their vote.

That is why Joe Biden’s 20-minute fear-mongering speech a week before a midterm election—a speech in which he could tout zero accomplishments of his own even as he conflated the attack on Paul Pelosi with Donald Trump, January 6, and “election deniers,” all while simultaneously warning this election might take days to decide as they did in 2020—is so concerning.

Biden tried to paint Republicans as extremists while hinting ahead of time that they might question this upcoming election as well. It is a heck of a warning. Is it fair to ask if it is part of their strategy? Did he just tell us their game plan?

“Extreme MAGA Republicans aim to question not only the legitimacy of past elections, but elections being held now and into the future. The extreme MAGA element of the republican party, which is a minority of that party” he said, trying to label and downplay an organic populist movement that terrifies Democrats. “It’s the driving force. It’s trying to succeed where they failed in 2020, to suppress the right of voters and subvert the electoral system itself. . .”

. . . as happened on election night in 2020, Biden again seemed to hint that delayed, partisan vote counting is all part of the new process. Not knowing by Tuesday night who won should be expected. . . 

. . . Be patient, he says. “This is how it is supposed to work.” Really?

With all due respect, Mr. [so-called quote-unquote “president”], no it is not. Americans should know their winners on election night.

If people go to bed Tuesday night with recovering stroke victim John Fetterman trailing Dr. Oz in the Pennsylvania Senate race or Lee Zeldin crushing the installed Kathy Hochul for New York Governor, only to wake up to a Democrat “miracle come from behind victory,” there will be more questions Mr. [so-called quote-unquote “president”], not fewer.

My only consolation here is that it was Biden making those remarks. His brain function two years ago was at Karen Ann Quinlan level. Today it’s about as sharp as a petri dish of mold spores. So maybe he’s blathering. Then again, he has, via the Gestapo DOJ been crafting some sort of secret protocols to nationalize state elections. A plan that has been more closely guarded than our nuclear secrets. And it’s deja-vu all over again with ABC warning about the “Red Mirage” the day after.

But, as I said, I think the crucial difference this time, if they try and succeed in a steal, a lot more voters, by orders of magnitude, who were eager to dump the Democrats and stop the Kalorama Klowns will now experience what we all saw and felt two years ago. The same people who thought we were sore losers and conspiracy nutters. A sleeping giant will now truly be awakened.

Look, I do not want to be a wet blanket. I just feel I owe it to all of you to call it as I see it. There is also perhaps an equally disgusting aspect in case there actually is a Democrat wipeout today.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said that Republicans would work with the Biden [junta] to help Americans if Biden will work with them.

Appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday, McDaniel pointed to the example of former President Bill Clinton, who governed as much more of a centrist after Republicans swept into office with a massive red wave in 1994.

“[W]e need a president that’s going to work across the aisle,” McDaniel said. “None of this happens unless both parties are working together. So, if we win back the House and the Senate, it’s the American people saying to Joe Biden, we want you to work on behalf of us and we want you to work across the aisle and solve the problems that we are dealing with. Bill Clinton did that, right? After ’94, when he lost those midterms, he came across and said, let’s work together. It will be interesting to see if [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Biden does that.”

No, Ronna R-O-M-N-E-Y McDaniel. What we need is for you and everyone who thinks and acts like you to shut the fuck up and get the hell out of our way. We need to stop the genocide of what’s left of our society and culture at the hands of the Democrats AND the GOP-e as exemplified by your uncle Pee-Air Defecto. We need to eradicate the political system and bureaucracy that keeps you and yours fat and happy sucking the lifeblood and freedom out of the people you’ve grifted, grafted and lied to for decades.

Last word to friend and friend of the blog Michael Walsh:

Ten years ago, back in the halcyon days when we simpletons believed the Republicans were at least some of the time an opposition party, and that Willard Mitt Romney was a man of probity and character, I wrote the following in the pages of National Review Online about the election that was about to take place. The piece was entitled “Crush Them.”

Conservatives have a rare opportunity tomorrow to do something they signally failed to do in the landslide elections of 1972 and 1984: finish the job. Nixon’s victory was vitiated by Watergate and quickly revenged by Woodward and Bernstein, leading to his replacement in 1974 by Jerry Ford, a man who exactly nobody thought was qualified to be president of the United States, probably including Ford himself. Ford led to Jimmy Carter, whose ineptitude and weakness in turn lead to Ronald Reagan, who swept Carter away in 1980 and then smashed Walter Mondale and the Democrats to powder in 1984. . . 

 Change only a couple of words and it’s déjà vu all over again: shuffling, senile Joe Biden really is the zombified embodiment of Hussein’s third term, staggering, one hopes, toward utter electoral disaster later today as long-suffering Americans finally awake and rise up against the tyranny of les aristocrates who have been torturing us these past two years and more. A la lanterne!

As my regular readers know, I have long described the Democrat Party—not just its lawless and fascistic modern incarnation, but going all the way back to its inception when Aaron Burr, the sitting vice president, a member of the Democratic-Republican Party, notorious traitor, and the founder of Tammany Hall, shot and killed Alexander Hamilton in 1804—as “a criminal organization masquerading as a political party.” Indeed, I even wrote a small monograph concerning its violent, seditious history, still available on Kindle.

Now, after two years of Biden, everyone can see just how awful the Democrats really are. Not simply the party of slavery, segregation, secularism, and sedition, but (as they were during the Civil War, which they started) a movement actively hostile to the founding principles of the country that continues to give them shelter and legitimacy. Indeed, they have become the Anti-American Party, advocating unfettered abortion, public criminality, political violence, economic destruction, radical egalitarianism, an obsessive racialism that would make a Nazi blush, open and undefended borders, and the abrogation of the Constitution: a document they’ve long despised and which they are now actively trying to repeal. . . 

. . ., let’s vote as many of you out of office today as possible. Let’s round up and fire en masse the malicious thugs and petty party functionaries and time-serving rent-seekers and the cabal of Ivy League-educated media punks and poetasters who view themselves as part of the Democrat machine and daily proclaim their fealty to the Party. Let’s publicly call out the neo- and cultural-Marxists who adhere to the Brezhnev Doctrine and will never willingly take one step back in their pursuit of “social justice.” For them, every Democrat executive order is Order 227, for which they are supposed to fight to the end.

I will conclude today by saying what we’re facing goes beyond politics and elections because, as the great Andrew Breitbart PBUH stated, “Politics is downstream from culture.” And I would add that culture is downstream from education.

In any case, there must be a sea change in the nearly 60-year lobotomization/brainwashing of our children that have turned our society upside down. It is coming, and sadly, like many things, it will require much pain and suffering, if not bloodshed, to get us on the road to an American renewal. Whatever happens, the Democrat-Left have succeeded in making enemies out of so many people that they have suckered for so many years by actually implementing all of the things they never dreamed of doing all at once and at breakneck speed. Our job is to nurture new allies as well as get rid of traitorous scum like the GOP-e and renew America as founded, or something else from the ashes of what was destroyed.

Adding to Walsh’s reference of Order 227:

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu
“NOT ONE STEP BACK.” – Joseph Stalin



  • “Identifying the cause (or causes) of the recent rise in murders is complicated by the fact that correlation does not prove causation. Paying no heed to this reality, many media outlets have pinned the blame on [Chinese] Covid-19 and gun sales. However, the data are more consistent with the possibility that the BLM movement is responsible.” FBI Buries the Data on Murder Rates
  • Michael Walsh: “. . . shuffling, senile Joe Biden really is the zombified embodiment of Hussein’s third term, staggering, one hopes, toward utter electoral disaster later today as long-suffering Americans finally awake and rise up against the tyranny of les aristocrates who have been torturing us these past two years and more. A la lanterne! Roll, Tumbrels, Roll


  • “In the footage captured by Viral News NY, Angelica Torres, a female supporter of Republican New York gubernatorial nominee Rep. Lee Zeldin, appears to be choked by a man in attendance at the Hochul rally when she showed up to the event with an anti-Hochul sign. Additionally, councilwoman Crystal Hudson, a Democrat representing Prospect Heights in Brooklyn, appears to have grabbed Torres.” Watch: Lee Zeldin Supporter Choked by Man at Kathy Hochul Rally, Grabbed by NYC Councilwoman
  • “Pro-life activists and organizations have been subject to recurring attacks since the leak of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v. Wade. Pro-abortion activists facilitated approximately 150 attacks on pro-life crisis pregnancy centers and churches across the U.S., which were vandalized and even firebombed.” Jean-Pierre Denies Trump’s Claim That Pro-Life Activists Are Being ‘Locked Up’ By Federal Officials
  • “In her statement on Sunday, Lake put it best: ‘We are in such polarized times and this is one of the reasons I walked away from the fake news media because I realized that the media is a big part of it, pitting people against one another. You guys want us like this? And I believe that Americans and Arizonans are much more aligned on the issues than you lead us to believe.'” Why Isn’t the ‘White Powder’ Attack on Kari Lake’s Office Bigger News?

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  • The number is another high for the Biden administration, which faced a record of nearly 2.3 million migrant encounters at the southern border in fiscal year 2022. There were nearly 600,000 recorded gotaways, or illegal migrants who evade apprehension that are caught on sensors run by federal authorities, at the southern border in fiscal year 2022, and over 389,000 in fiscal year 2021, Fox News previously reported. Record Number Of Illegal Migrants Escaped From Border Patrol In October









  • “Our representatives need to be periodically reminded that their authority is temporary, conditional, and exists not by birthright, but as the privilege of a private citizen.” After the Election
  • “We have won the argument and now we need to act like it.” After the Voters Speak
  • “Will our new Congress show it is worthy to represent free men?” (ask Ronna McDaniel Romney – jjs) Now What?

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  • “Bibi has pulled off the sort of comeback Boris Johnson already failed.” The Final Comeback of Benjamin Netanyahu
  • Robert Spencer: Given the Biden [junta’s] previous solicitude for the mullahs, granting them concession after concession to obtain a new nuke deal, it’s unlikely that “we’re gonna free Iran.” Ultimately that deal foundered on the Iranians’ continual demands, as well as the bad optics of making a deal with the mullahs while their own people are rising up against them. If the Islamic regime survives this uprising, however, the deal will certainly reappear, which will make it abundantly clear that when the garrulous old liar in the White House said “we’re gonna free Iran,” he meant “we’re not gonna free Iran.” Biden: ‘We’re Gonna Free Iran’
  • “American conservatives have lessons to learn about the state of Britain’s right wing movement, or lack thereof.” Conservatives Have Conserved Nothing, and In Britain, This Has Lead to an Era of Unaddressed Constitutional Vandalism








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