The Morning Report 11/15/22

Good morning, kids. Tuesday and in contemplating the situation we find ourselves in, France at the outbreak of the Second World War comes to mind. On paper, the French armed forces appeared unbeatable. They had the largest army on the continent, more aircraft, more and even better tanks than the German panzers of the time, and in their eyes the ultimate weapon: the Maginot Line, a chain of fortresses and installations that were described as impregnable. All through the previous decade, the French knew that sooner or later they would once again face off against their neighbor to the east and were determined to be prepared for the onslaught or at least deter an attack. Yet all through that same decade, as the threat became greater, they and their British allies had chance after chance of thwarting it. Even after the invasion of Poland, instead of immediately attacking in the west, they sat on their hands as Hitler and Stalin carved up that nation in less than a month. And they sat on their hands – the “sitzkrieg,” “phony war” – until Hitler turned west.

The Maginot Line? The Germans went around it via the low countries where the line stopped and through the Ardennes which the French considered equally impenetrable. The army? Commanded by generals who were miles from the front, without modern communications. The advantage in tanks and airplanes? Frittered away in outmoded tactics and picked off one by one. The men in uniform? Demoralized from the start, commanded by elderly, incompetent, aloof leaders, and lacking the spirit and will to fight. That was the result of years of political and societal infighting and division. In short, the French after fighting mostly with each other since 1919 were now fighting their old enemy with the same strategy, tactics and materiel of the previous war. The result? For four long, horrible years, the French people suffered under the hobnailed boot of Nazism, made all the more intolerable by the grudging or eager collaboration of far too many of their fellow Frenchmen. Then came the dawn of June 6, 1944. And the rest is history.

I’m struck by quite a few parallels between France in 1940 and those of us who are desperate to save if not restore our nation and society. The fear I have is that there won’t be the equivalent of 5,000 allied ships off the coast ready to invade. We are fighting both ourselves as well as an implacable enemy that for well over 100 years has been singularly focused on our subjugation or extermination. As has been proven for the past two elections if not longer, we are fighting them with the strategies and tactics of the previous war. Worst of all, far too many of our leadership as well as in the ranks simply refuse to even realize the nature of this enemy and its lethal intentions. Even more worser-er, many of the former are quite happy to go along with the plan and stab us in the back. 

There’s fraud and cheating, and there’s the system that was put into place during the Chinese COVID panic-demic that greased the wheels of the fraud and cheating if not giving them the veneer of, if not legality, which co-blogger and friend Joe Mannix pointed out in the comments yesterday is not and cannot be legal, then let’s just call them the moral equivalent of being certified as kosher or a sort of Good Housekeeping seal of approval. If they make the rules, can enforce the rules or ignore them as they see fit, have too many judges in their pockets and the Postal Service, among other things, then the system really is the steal. If abortion mouse Katie Hobbs can be both a candidate for governor AND the secretary of state who is in charge of the election process and the counting of ballots, what does that tell you? 

Beyond the corruption of the system and the outright thievery or the state-approved “thievery,” we must recognize the fact that far too many legal and legitimate votes and ballots were indeed cast in favor of installing “Lumpy” Fetterman and his cut-rate Edith Wilson-cum-Elsa Lanchester freakazoid wife as Senator of Pennsylvania. That there is an indicator of something much more serious than even an election that has been stolen and/or corrupted. 

. . . what nearly everyone fails to understand is that this election further amplified that this nation has effectively and permanently split into two countries tenuously living side-by-side, while exposing the overwhelming importance of the 2024 election.

The United States is currently plagued with uncontrolled inflation spiraling into a severe recession, crime is rampant in the nation’s cities, the borders are open and uncontrolled, the standard of living is rapidly deteriorating, society is sinking into a morass of premeditated cultural decline, and an increasingly bleak future awaits the vast majority of Americans.  Yet fifty percent of 2022 voters chose to continue this state of affairs by opting to elect or re-elect the politicians that have created or abetted this ongoing national devastation. 

Far too many, particularly the younger generations who voted overwhelmingly Democrat, dwell in mindless loyalty to a collectivist tribe, its leaders and its attendant ideology.  In their addled thinking this fidelity outweighs the well-being of themselves or the nation and its citizenry.

As half of the populace is content with the current state and trajectory of this nation and the other half is not, it is clear that these two populations can no longer maintain their increasingly fragile and potentially volatile relationship.  The United States is at that defining moment when one side has to win and the other lose; there is no middle ground. 

There is no middle ground as this nation is beset with dichotomous ideological and societal differences that are irreconcilable as one side (blue America) is hellbent on defeating and subjugating the other (red America). . . 

. . . The election in 2024 represents the last chance to defeat blue America at the ballot box and maintain the United States as founded.  If red America does not prevail in 2024 within a decade or two the United States will be impotent and unrecognizable. 

There is a generational shift underway as the younger, woefully indoctrinated generations will evolve into increasingly dominant segments of the voting populace.  Post 2024, blue America will grant citizenship to 30-40+ million illegal immigrants and millions more through unfettered chain migration.  Further, they intend to permanently embed voter fraud and manipulation through federal legislation.  If they are not soundly defeated in 2024, this demographic change and these legislative initiatives will assure that blue America never loses a national election. . . 

. . . Red America will be faced with three options if it cannot win the presidency and control Congress in 2024.  First, it can meekly and unconditionally surrender, thus abetting the collapse of the United States.  Second, it can hope for a catastrophic depression wherein everyone will inordinately suffer and, thus, oust blue America from the corridors of power.  Third, the states controlled by red America can begin the process of a national divorce by refusing to live under the dictates of blue America.

Emphasis mine above, and I do agree. Except, given the results of the past two election cycles a) what makes one have any sort of hope for an electoral victory, either by a red wave or a red pubic hair, if the same systems, “fortified” by orders of magnitude even more than the previous two will be in place and, even more frightening, b) the reaction of the Left if we do actually manage to beat their system and win in ’24? 

The vilification, blood-libeling, other-ization and even declaration via the law enforcement and national security bureaucracies at the behest of the junta in power of us as criminals, insurrectionists and terrorists for merely expressing an opinion contra the official line, is only going to get worse from here on out. Imagine us winning in ’24 with that mindset hanging over our head. 

Yet, as the link above dictates, that eventuality may not even play out in ’24 and as time goes by, less and less with each passing year.

Not only was the youth turnout this year the highest for a midterm election cycle in 30 years, but this particular generation turned out to vote exactly the way they had been told to do. Behold, the seeds of decades of indoctrination in education, pop culture, and social media have finally sprouted now that these kids are all of legal voting age. Sprinkle on the finishing touch that is Biden’s unconstitutional student loan forgiveness plan, and these loyal voters were ready to swarm the polls to reward Democrats.

The generation that believes global warming is real, embraces sexual degeneracy and mental illness as “pride,” and is willing to live and die before the altar of “multiculturalism” and “diversity,” is now prepared to express these delusional beliefs at the ballot box. Republicans may very well have been targeting the parents of these brainwashed kids, who are justifiably angry at what their children have been put through for years; but they did not count on those very same brainwashed kids turning out to vote themselves. . . 

. . . There will soon come a time when the most reliably Republican age group, Baby Boomers, are no longer around in the large numbers they are today; we may already be seeing this shift, as many of these older Trump voters who cast a ballot in 2016 are not around anymore. When that happens, the relatively smaller Gen X will be completely outvoted by Millennials and Zoomers. If 2022 is any indication, this eventual demographic shift paints a very dark picture for the future of our civilization.

And there may very well be nothing we can do to stop it.

While there are some silver linings to Tuesday’s results, the fact remains that the America of November 8, 2022 is very different from the America of November 8, 2016. The slow march of time only pulls us further and further away from the glory of 2016, which is now starting to feel less like the “dawn of a new day,” and instead appears to more closely resemble a last defiant breath.

The sad truth, at least from my perspective, is we lost America almost to the second that Douglas MacArthur declared “These proceedings are closed,” when the Japanese signed unconditional surrender aboard the USS Missouri. At that point, the cancer that came here from abroad in the form of the exiles from the Frankfurt School like Herbert Marcuse and Theodore Adorno as well as the homegrown variety of socialists and communists like John Dewey began the “Long March through the institutions,” most notably our education system until we have lobotomized upwards of three generations of our children to be useless, mind-numbed automatons and Red Guard cadres eager to kill their parents and serve up America on a silver platter to some Maoist version of Moloch and Pazuzu. 

The good news, if you can call it that, is our economy is set to absolutely crash long before they can hoist the homosexual rainbow flag with the hammer and sickle motif over the White House. We might even have nuclear war in the Middle East or even with the Chi-Coms as Admiral Rachel Levine goes down (no pun) with a carrier battle group off the coast of Taiwan.

Nothing motivates people like running out of food, shelter and clothing. Meh, they’ll blame Trump and decades from now, Auntie Entity will create Thunderdome based on the voting laws of Arizona and Pennsylvania.



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