The Morning Report 11/17/22

Good morning, kids. Thursday and you’ll be happy to learn that Karen Bass, about as radical a racialist Maoist as there is has been elected as the new mayor of Los Angeles. (link to her rap sheet at the invaluable Discover The Networks for those in need of an emetic). To me, this is sort of the equivalent of a striped bass (no pun?) from Love Canal being braised in Chernobyl cooling tower water. While I feel for the dwindling number of normal citizens of that city who have no choice but to remain (including one of my best friends), as to everyone else who voted for her, or where no doubt others had their ballots cast by others for her, in the immortal words of Don Victor Stracci, “They’re animals anyway, so let them lose their souls.”

Moving right along, let me just say for the record that unless it is a story or angle that is actually newsworthy or otherwise warrants being highlighted, the upcoming battle between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis is not something I am going to cover. For me, it’s a waste of time, at least until we get to that point, such as the primaries or debates between the two (or perhaps other as yet unannounced candidates) where it would be newsworthy. Not the inevitable slings, barbs and mud, but the policy differences, successes and failures in trying to decide which one should be the standard bearer. That is, if there is anything left of this nation a little less that 24 months from now. Given what we’ve seen over the previous 24, I’m not exactly filled with strength and confidence.

But, at least we somehow salvaged the House. Matt Margolis, one of the few semi-reasonable writers over at the less and less reasonable PJ Media states:

The GOP House majority may be slim. However, it not only slams the brakes on Joe Biden’s radical legislative agenda, but will put an end to the blatantly partisan J6 Committee.

Umm, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Matty old boy, but I wouldn’t be breathing a sigh of relief quite yet.

Twelve Senate Republicans voted with Democrats on Wednesday for the far-left “Respect for Marriage Act,” which is reportedly designed to provide federal protections for same-sex and interracial marriages.

Lawmakers voted for the measure 62-37 after a bipartisan group of senators made changes to the bill to include a clause about religious liberty. With the amendment agreed upon, the bill will go back to the House before going to President Joe Biden. The White House has expressed support for the measure.

The 12 Republicans who voted for the bill include Sens. Roy Blunt (R-MO), Richard Burr (R-NC), Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV), Susan Collins (R-ME), Joni Ernst (R-IA), Cynthia Lummis (R-WY), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Rob Portman (R-OH), Mitt Romney (R-UT), Dan Sullivan (R-AK), Thom Tillis (R-NC), and Todd Young (R-IN). . . 

. . . The measure passed the House in July with the help of 47 Republicans, but Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) agreed to postpone a vote until after the midterms so that lawmakers from both sides of the aisle could attempt to address religious liberty concerns. . . 

. . . Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said the bill “opens the door to American persecution.” He wrote for the Washington Stand:

Not only is this language light years more radical than the justices’ ruling seven years ago — cracking down on parents, charities, adoption agencies, teachers, Christian schools, counselors, and Bible-believing professionals — the government would be declaring open season on anyone who believes in marriage as it’s always been: the union of a man and woman.

The advancement of RFMA is yet another instance of Senate Republicans providing the votes needed to pass overreaching Democrat legislation, which includes broad-sweeping bills concerning gun control and infrastructure.

So, while we’re bickering back and forth about Trump and DeSantis and the fallout of the red wave that wasn’t, you have this shit. It’s not a meaningless law. Tony Perkins is dead right when he warns how this opens the door for religious persecution. Meh, Obergfell flung it open and this crap rips it off the hinges. But, hey, at least we took back the House!

If we actually had a political party, this would not have happened. But soon the point will be moot as the junta that controls the country will no longer need a sham opposition party to fool people into thinking that there is an opposition party. So much of this crap is already in our face and there’s very little we can do about it. 

What Dave in Fla elucidated in our last podcast, that so many people gave him grief for, Daniel Greenfield has put down on paper and I think totally nailed it.

Democrats began by choosing a new electorate, one that was strategically defined by Senator Ted Kennedy and others as being more demographically friendly to its political machines. Into the urban political machines that had begun to lose their old immigrant bases as the Irish, Italian and Jewish immigrants that had sustained them moved on to the suburbs, mass migration poured in a new electorate that would be more pliable and obedient to the party.

The combination of open borders and third world mass migration reshaped the political landscape. Cities, always prominent, became the 800-pound gorillas of politics, turning entire states in their direction. The nation’s demographics changed as rapidly as its politics did.

But that was only the first step. The second step, now well underway, was reshaping the structure of elections to allow Democrats to find the voters, instead of the voters finding them.

Voters going to the polls were exercising their power. But ballot harvesting and mail ballots transformed voting from an active act into a passive one. Voters weren’t choosing candidates, the political machines behind the candidates chose them. Massive voter registration, outreach and ballot harvesting machines targeted areas based on demographics and unearthed the votes that their statistical models showed that they needed in order to be able to win elections. . . 

. . . The bold idea of reversing power relations by reshaping the country to elect candidates, rather than shaping parties and candidates to appeal to the voters, reversed the historic gains of the American Revolution, turning America from a republic of free men to an oligarchy of the few.

Under the guise of ‘people power’, that is what the new elections have turned the country into.

While many concentrate on issues of voter fraud, they are symptomatic of a larger systemic change that transcends whether any given vote was cast legitimately to whether the system as a whole is legitimate. And the definition of a legitimate system, as set out by the Declaration of Independence, is one that allows the people to choose their representatives. Not vice versa. . . 

. . . What happened in the midterms, once again, was that the voters rejected the Democrats, and the Democrats found other voters to overrule them. Those minorities who turned on the Democrats had their votes nullified by multi-billion dollar political machines who simply dug deeper, found folks who were (or perhaps even weren’t) legally eligible to cast a ballot and got to them.

With a massive national population that is being demographically transformed by millions of new arrivals, there will always be options for a political movement that is redefining elections from the active work of informed citizens to a passive surrender of support to the emissaries of political bosses. The old corrupt Tammany politics of wards and ghettos are running America.

Emphasis mine. Remember, this did not start with the panic-demic in 2020. It goes back a few decades with Motor Voter and perhaps long before that. 2020 was the crisis they couldn’t let go to waste that allowed them to completely eviscerate the barest fig leaf of election integrity and, as Greenfield notes, completely upend the original intention of voting in this country. Like every other friggin’ precept, tradition or law that used to undergird the proper functioning of healthy, American government, society and culture — that is, those things that Leftists would never be able to change openly, honestly and legally in their quest for power.

There is no doubt that some chicanery, as has always been the case, happened as it has always happened in all prior elections. But the institutionalization of a completely insane system that LEGALIZES this process is the real steal. Or part of the ongoing multi-generational theft of our nation and society.

Unless and until we get back to one legally eligible citizen casting one vote on one day only, we are doomed. We may soon be doomed anyway from the influx of millions of third world peasants who become instant Democrats as well as the 2-3 generations of our own brainwashed children who actually voted for a vegetable and his Edith Wilson handler to be Senator from PA. Ditto the so-called “president.”

There is an international consensus that secure, trustworthy elections means strict voter ID requirements and in-person voting rather than drop boxes or vote-by-mail. In response to the chaos of the 2020 election, in which many Detroit precinct totals simply didn’t add up, the Michigan legislature passed an effective voter ID law, which Governor Gretchen Whitmer vetoed. 

To prevent any threat of honest elections in Michigan’s future, Michigan Democrats came up Proposal 2, amending Michigan’s Constitution to mandate drop boxes, allow unlimited third-party funding of ballot harvesting, prohibit election audits except as conducted under the supervision of the secretary of state, and ban effective voter ID laws. 

Drop boxes and ballot harvesting means that canvassers can cajole, bribe, or scare you into voting their way and then drop off the ballot anonymously. The prohibition on legislative or independent election audits means that there is no effective check on any fraud scheme to which the secretary of state is a party. The ban on effective voter ID laws means that all anybody has to do to vote as somebody else is to sign in as them at the polling place. . .

. . . Why should those of us beyond Michigan have been alarmed before it was too late? Michigan now joins Pennsylvania, which prohibits signature verification of completed mail-in ballots, the only even theoretically effective way to prevent mail-in voter impersonation, in the Blue Wall of Fraud. That is my name for a set of states which as recently as 2016 went Republican in statewide and presidential elections, but (in part during the darkest days of the COVID panic) erected voting laws that made their procedures untrustworthy and unreviewable. How Republicans can recapture the presidency while the Blue Wall of Fraud stands is frankly beyond me. . . 

. . . What can be done now? Beyond Michigan, be on guard against similar steals. 
. . . But without honest elections in every state in the Rust Belt can Republicans even win the presidency to enforce civil rights in Michigan? The 2024 map looks pretty bleak to me. 

The only way I can see to apply nationwide pressure from below against these corruptions of the electoral process is for actual partisans of democracy to boycott the states that offend against it. Forget Ford, GM, and Fiat Chrysler, patriots: buy a Tesla from Texas, or a Toyota from Kentucky—and remind at every opportunity your relatives and former friends from Michigan that under their new constitution they are either slaves or fools of the fraudsters and their billionaire funders.

Good idea, but it only goes so far. The only thing I can see that will do any good is a NATIONAL STRIKE. Only when all of us everywhere take to the streets en masse and stay there will anything happen. 

That said, it is simply not in our nature sadly. For the fact that it is we who are the ones who go to work, pay the bills (and taxes) and raise the children, we are too busy with life to do frivolous things like the Left’s professional Robert Creamer rent-a-thug mobs.

At least not yet. When food, fuel and shelter are either too scarce or expensive, when whatever businesses that are already teetering shut down, we will have all the time in the world, and at last the proper motivation. Just like in Romania. 

Perhaps go long on tar and feathers. Or rope and lampposts.



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