The Morning Report 11/24/22

Good morning, kids. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I’ll try to keep it light, volume-wise if not in tone and theme, but there are some things that deserve coverage, holiday or not, so here we go. 

Well, surprise surprise. As we all know by now, the deranged individual who shot up a homosexual nightclub was not the Trump-loving homophobic white supremacist hopped up on the rhetoric of Tucker Carlson, Matt Walsh and evil Republicans. He was hopped up on something all right. 60+ years of Leftist promoted societal dissolution, degeneracy and godlessness. 

For three days after the Colorado gay nightclub massacre Democrats and their media allies smeared conservative opponents of drag queen groomer hour as “stochastic terrorists” who are to blame for the tragedy. 

Then, to their chagrin on Tuesday, the suspect’s lawyers filed court papers saying he identifies as nonbinary and uses the pronouns “they, them.” 

Suddenly their right-wing homophobia narrative collapsed in a heap. Not that it caused them any self-reflection. They will just wait for the next opportunity to weaponize a tragedy. 

Of course, for all their emoting, they never had any genuine concern for the five Colorado victims, who were just weapons to wield against their most effective opponents on the right. 

Just as the left transformed George Floyd’s death under the knee of a white cop into a race civil war that won them votes in the 2020 election, they planned to turn the Club Q massacre into a new culture war. They are panicking because Elon Musk has dismantled the left-wing censorship regime on Twitter that propped up so many of their dishonest narratives, so their aim is to justify a new round of censorship by pretending conservatives are provoking anti-LGBTQ violence. . .

. . . It is Democrats and their media allies who have been using the Club Q victims as political props. 

Claire McCaskill, the former Democratic senator, popped up on NBC to cast blame on Trump and DeSantis, as the strapline “WAPO: Club Q shooting follows year of bomb threats, drag protests, anti-trans bills” appeared on screen for subliminal emphasis. 

“Donald Trump has written the playbook that a lot of politicians are following . . . Ron DeSantis is embracing this with everything he’s got that somehow making people different than you a bad guy gets people to vote for you . . . It is terribly depressing and evil and bad for our culture . . . You get violence.” 

I mean, hello. McCaskill just described the “ultra MAGA,” “semi-fascist” demonization strategy the Democrats deployed so successfully for the midterms. 

This is their playbook in a nutshell. Accusing their opponents for their own hateful tactics. This time it backfired. But there will always be a next time.

Miranda Devine is absolutely correct of course, except for that bit about George Floyd dying from being under the knee of a white cop. That, too is a leftist narrative which frankly I’m kind of surprised that she parroted given the thrust of her editorial. Floyd died as a result of a heart condition exacerbated by ingesting his stash of crystal meth while resisting arrest. She also makes no mention of the acts of either state-sponsored or nod-and-a-wink approved terrorism against Democrat political enemies as well as the national crime wave ongoing since Floyd’s demise.

Oh, there is crime and punishment in the United States of America circa 2022, alright. Yet it is the citizenry, who after two stolen and/or rigged elections – however you want to categorize them – are the criminals to be punished for the crime of resisting being “transitioned” (heh) into subjects. 

“Every tyranny must decide whether to rule by brutal force or by persuasion,” contended Josiah Lippincott on November 5. “Brute force isn’t an option for the modern Left. They lack the Soviet talent for mass scale political violence. Vladimir Lenin had legions of men like Yakov Yurovsky, the killer who butchered the Russian czar and his entire family, at his disposal. Does Joe Biden?” 

Good question. The answer might start with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. . .

. . . FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi shot Vicki Weaver in the head as she held her infant daughter. She had committed no crime and there was no warrant for her arrest. Snipers are trained carefully to “acquire” their targets, so the chances the killing of Vicki Weaver was accidental, as FBI bosses claimed, range between slim and none. The following year, the FBI-military axis mounted a surge. . .

. . . The use of the tanks, “was just one facet of a massive armored invasion of the Branch Davidian site. During the siege, the distinction between police and military all but disappeared.” The Waco assault was “the bloodiest and most controversial police action in American history. . .” 

. . . The FBI now echoes Joe Biden’s view that anyone less than worshipful of the Delaware Democrat is a domestic terrorist, militant extremist, and so forth. Biden adds “semi-fascist,” and “Ultra MAGA,” to the mix. When people call you names like that, they are laying the groundwork for repression and violence. 

Biden’s September 1 hate speech, backdropped in red, featured two U.S. Marines in the background. For all but the willfully blind, this was a clear threat of military action against the people. Recall that 26,000 National Guard troops walled off Biden’s inauguration and 7,000 remained in Washington until the end of January. The National Guard has a history that people of a certain age may remember. . . 

. . . The Biden junta can also count on the forces of Antifa, BLM, and freelance criminals, willing to burn, loot, and murder. For Biden, Antifa was only an “idea,” not a militia, extremist group, or domestic terrorist organization. During the worst of the violence, the FBI looked the other way, and now deploys massive force and military weapons while arresting peaceful pro-life protesters. 

According [to] The Black Book of Communism, the Chinese Communist regime murdered more than 60 million people, the most domestic casualties of any nation, and far surpassing Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union. Biden believes the Chinese Communists are “not bad folks,” and the Delaware Democrat sees the greatest threat from those who want to make America great again.

I don’t want to make America great again. I want to make America AMERICA again. The generational electroshock/lobotomy plus figurative (and literal) castration, all courtesy of our schools and universities along with the media and cultural outlets is on the verge of making that an impossibility.

On a not entirely unrelated note, I see that both Lisa Murkowski and the stooge running against Sarah Palin “won” their elections. Meh, I shouldn’t use quotation marks. The system of ranked choice voting is legal and I will assume put in place via legal means. So, they did win their respective races. But legal doesn’t mean moral and it never will. Unfortunately, this garbage did not just spring up in the wake of the panic-demic two years ago. Tammany Hall tactics go back nearly 200 years. Yet somehow, the majority of the citizenry, weaned on Judeo-Christian values kept things more or less in check until the coming of Wilson and FDR. And the rest as they say is history.

Which brings us to Thanksgiving. Whatever bilge your children and grandchildren are being brainwashed into believing about the year 1619 and 1620, Thanksgiving is not about the Indians rescuing the Pilgrims from starvation. It’s about the cause of the starvation in the first place.

In spite of learning from the native Indians how to plant, cultivate and harvest new crops in their first year, the Pilgrims complied with their sponsoring Virginia Company charter that called for settlement farmland to be owned and worked communally and for harvests to be equally shared. This socialist common property approach created disincentives to work. William Bradford recorded in his memoirs that while “slackers showed up late for work… everybody was happy to claim their equal share…and production only shrank. . .”

. . . The Pilgrims fourth major achievement was the rejection socialism and the adoption of private enterprise. After the meager Thanksgiving harvest, the second season of collective farming and distribution proved equally disappointing. Governor Bradford had seen enough, recording that the system “was found to breed much confusion and discontent and retard much employment that would have been to their benefit and comfort.” So, before the 1623 season he scrapped socialist farming and replaced it with private ownership of land for each of the families. As a result of becoming responsible for their own welfare and gaining freedom to choose what to grow for consumption or trade, the Pilgrims’ productivity surged.

In summary, the Pilgrims’ five achievements and the qualities of character that made them exemplary are as relevant today as ever. A contemporary Thanksgiving makeover might include: rekindling a quest for adventure; developing the faith to hold on to a vision of a promised land no matter what; mustering the courage to go against the crowd and defend the truth; gaining the resolve to endure hardship; revitalizing respect for and tolerance of people of different beliefs; rejuvenating a joyful willingness to sacrifice for others; and renewing the predisposition to extend love, assistance and gratitude at every appropriate opportunity.

I believe we still have much hardship yet to endure, yet we do have much to be grateful for. I wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving.



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