The Morning Report 11/25/22

ood morning, kids. The weekend is here, as is “black Friday.” I have no idea how the semi-official kickoff to the Christmas shopping season got that name given the mood of the nation, as well as an economy that is having more and more people in the red, it doesn’t quite fit. We’re light on the links as is usually the case over a long holiday weekend, but there are some crucial things to touch upon that, as is my wont, give me both nightmares as well as glimmers of hope, not necessarily in that order and certainly not in equal amounts.

If you’ve been reading this column over any length of time since the events of election day 2020 and January 6th 2021, I have asserted that in the wake of those events, the last vestiges of America as founded have ceased to be, yet many continue to go about their lives as if it’s business as usual. Like Bruce Willis in the 6th Sense, we keep turning that red doorknob and can’t understand for the life of us why the damn thing won’t open. 

For those keeping count, we are already up to seven possible known, serious (relatively speaking) candidates—including Trump and DeSantis. Thus, the GOP’s circular firing squad is dutifully forming two years before the election even begins . . . 

. . . Whatever the GOP decides, though, it must ensure that there is no repeat of the primary debacles of 2012 and 2016. Men like Pompeo or Pence—let alone Cruz—though they have done much for the party, stand no chance at winning the nomination in 2024—unless Trump and DeSantis are out of the running. But at least one of them will be running. Such an internecine spectacle would only weaken the GOP and probably help Joe Biden (and his handlers) sleepwalk their way into another term in the White House—and would jeopardize the GOP’s chances at being a majority party for a generation.

The analysis in this article is thoughtful, considered and completely out of touch with reality. First, the GOP itself is in a civil war to determine its direction; Democrat-Leftist-Globalist sham opposition party or an actual honest to goodness party whose platform consists of one aim – restoration of America as founded. Second, our electoral system in far too many crucial states has been legally re-jiggered (racist word?) to favor Democrats who use it to go up to the line in obtaining votes and/or ballots and no doubt go over the line into unambiguous criminal forging, coercing, stealing and fraud. All while the GOP does nothing to either fight it or take advantage of the system in the same way without going over that line. Third, and least important, politics ain’t beanbag, as the saying goes, and a fight between primary rivals is to be expected. The media and the Democrats (BIRM) no doubt will use soundbites with which to slime us. The most egregious of which is the phrase “trickle down economics” that Pappy Bush invented to ding Reagan, but has been weaponized to great effect against free market capitalism for almost 40 years. Meh, I think I just contradicted my third point. But I digress.

While the unethical, amoral, farcical, banana republic-esque yet legal degradation of one citizen, one vote, one day into election season with no security, no checks and no time limits will be extremely difficult if now no longer possible to overcome, let alone return to the “1-1-1 Plan” (pace the late Herman Cain), the truly alarming thing is that the legitimate votes cast for the Vegetable-in-Chief and Senator-elect Pat “it’s not a” Too-mah in Pennsylvania were more than enough to get them within the margin of fraud to overcome. Maybe not Biden, judging from the vote count on election night 2020 when he was down by six digits yet was up by five digits 24 hours later.

Still, the sands of time don’t exactly flow up the hourglass and as me and my generation get smaller and smaller in number, those who were weaned on the 1619 Project and Ibram X. Krement’s Jive Kampf are taking our place. 

The Left’s most successful youth voter turnout operation began when a Fort Lauderdale record store owner was busted for selling 2 Live Crew’s ‘As Nasty as They Wanna Be’ album.

The record store owner was convicted of obscenity charges after Judge Jose Gonzalez had denounced the rap album, containing numbers such as ‘Me So Horny’ and ‘Dick Almighty’, for its “references to violence against women and abusive sex”. The record store owner would later be busted for selling cocaine and was accused of pushing crack through his store.

While he did not have a happy ending, music industry executives at Virgin Records, worried about the impact of obscenity rulings on their bottom line, created Rock the Vote. Officially its purpose was to mobilize youth turnout to avoid having the country run by older politicians who just didn’t “get the youth”, or at least the destructive culture that older executives were pushing on the youth, but RTV was a Democratic voter turnout operation from the very beginning.

“Did you know youth voters canceled out every voter over 65+ for 2022?” Rock the Vote recently bragged. The voters they wanted to cancel out were Republicans and moderate Democrats. . . 

. . . Facing widespread discontent from virtually every adult demographic, with Latino, Jewish, Asian and even black voters shifting toward Republicans, they bet on Generation Z. And it delivered.

In the midst of a terrible economy and a crime wave, Democrats were boosted by a demographic least likely to share adult concerns about the economy, schools and public safety, and most likely to be animated by phantom ideological narratives about social justice, abortion and global warming.

Democrats enjoyed the highest turnout for younger voters in a generation with a 31% turnout. Especially in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan.

That doesn’t just happen.

Rock the Vote, which claims to be nonpartisan and can only operate only on the condition of not expressing a party preference, published an officially branded table, boasting that, “Why wasn’t 2022 a red wave? The youth vote. Young voters were the only age group with a strong majority support among Democrats. . .”

. . . Rock the Vote is not only nonpartisan, it has a direct connection to the Biden administration’s public engagement team. That makes it not only partisan, but is being partly supervised from inside the administration of a prospective presidential candidate. That’s blatantly illegal.

RTV’s upper echelons are stacked with Democrat political operatives. . . 

. . . But there’s little ambiguity about the fact that Rock the Vote is a Democrat voter turnout operation under people who have specialized in turning out Democrat voters. . . 

. . . The effects, like the recent midterms, appear unnatural and impossible unless you understand what the machine fed by massive amounts of harvested data and virtually unlimited amounts of tax-exempt cash from major donors and corporate alliances is doing behind the scenes.

Rock the Vote’s agenda, which it’s not at all shy about, is championing leftist agenda items and electing Democrats to implement them. Or as RTV put it, “Whether it’s climate justice, healthcare, inflation, reproductive rights, education, or something else, there’s a lot on the ballot right now. Don’t let your voice go unheard!” . . .

. . . The DNC can afford to spend a mere $5 million on its voter registration campaign because most of the work is already being done for it by an army of nonprofits  with nearly infinite budgets.

Ironically, the standard bearer for these little Maoists is an 80-year-old white male pervert and sexual abuser of women, whose best friends over the past 50 years were actual Dixiecrat racists and Klansmen because he himself is as racist and bigoted as they are. But they’ll overlook that because, “OrangeManBad!” and America evil, or something.

I said, though that there is reason to be hopeful. And those reasons come from, of all places, Iran.

Iran arrested a prominent former member of its national soccer team on Thursday over his criticism of the government as authorities grapple with nationwide protests that have cast a shadow over its competition at the World Cup. . . 

. . . Ghafouri, who was not chosen to go to the World Cup, has been an outspoken critic of Iranian authorities throughout his career. He objected to a longstanding ban on women spectators at men’s soccer matches as well as Iran’s confrontational foreign policy, which has led to crippling Western sanctions.

The reports of his arrest came ahead of Friday’s World Cup match between Iran and Wales. At Iran’s opening match, a 6-2 loss to England, the members of the Iranian national team declined to sing along to their national anthem and some fans expressed support for the protests.

The protests were ignited by the Sept. 16 death of Mahsa Amini, a Kurdish woman arrested by the morality police in the capital, Tehran. They rapidly escalated into nationwide demonstrations calling for the overthrow of the Islamic Republic. The western Kurdish region of the country, where both Amini and Ghafouri are from, has been the epicenter of the protests. Shops were closed in the region on Thursday following calls for a general strike.

And . . . China?

Protests have broken out throughout communist China in response to revamped coronavirus lockdown measures that have gone back into effect amid a skyrocketing number of coronavirus infections.

Dozens of cities across the country have gone back into lockdown with millions of people impacted, a situation that has negatively impacted economic forecasts.

Notable demonstrations have included thousands of workers at an iPhone factory clashing with authorities, protesters breaking out of locked down buildings, and online outrage over an infant who died because her father could not get her medical services due to the country’s lockdowns, The New York Times reported. . . 

. . . The report noted that the unrest is unprecedented for the communist nation, which has a history of using force to stamp out dissent.

Me, CBD and Dave in Fla. debated the point about people’s inherent yearning to be free. I think the argument was with the way in which Dubya abused that point in order to justify American “nation building” around the world, insofar as he claimed everyone wanted Jeffersonian democracy. While that is a total joke given the disparity of cultures everywhere you turn, I do believe that people all over the world do share the common trait of not wanting someone pissing on their back and insisting it’s raining. 

Iran and China have serious internal problems that could – COULD, not will – cause both their governments’ demises. IF, that were to happen, there is no telling what will follow. It does not necessarily mean some form of democracy. It could even be hell on earth unleashed from the deadeners in their respective regimes.

Yet, what’s happening now is unmistakable. People are fed up with being abused by their government. Doesn’t that sound familiar? The problem is a significant portion of the population here is allied with this government and views us who oppose it as the problem. Maybe that’s not the case in Iran and China. 

But, still I persist. We shall overcome. Have a good rest of the holiday weekend.



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