The Left Keep Saying The Quiet Part Out Loud…Your Freedom Of Speech Is “Nonsense”

This frenzied fear of a relatively even playing field on Twitter has the usual suspects frothing at the mouth, spewing arrant nonsense about the now-fired political operatives working as censors there being the last bastion against the onslaught of totalitarian manipulation of our political process and the information that Americans get.

Never mind that the number of bots, foreign-controlled, and political-operative-controlled accounts on Twitter will decrease radically because Elon Musk seems to be cleaning it up rather effectively. Never mind that true free speech is indeed offensive, and allows a forum in which unpopular viewpoints can be articulated without fear of government/corporate censorship.

What they are really afraid of is the possibility that their monopolistic lock on Twitter’s political efforts will be ended. So their full-throated support of Ukraine and economy-killing “Climate ChangeTM legislation and no-bail insanity in the cities and cheering sections for the mutilation of children on the altar of transgender lunacy will end, replaced with a (slightly) more balanced flow of information.

Yesterday’s designated idiot was Bob Baer, whose ridiculously stupid take on Musk’s changes at Twitter reveal the basic corruption of his public persona. He is nothing more than a flak for the left, and will say anything to protect its interests.

CNN Calls Freedom of Speech ‘Nonsense’ in Moronic Rant

Then there’s Baer’s claim that you can’t go to a movie theater and yell fire. Yes, yes you can. That talking point has been debunked more times than I can count (the case that found that was long ago overturned), and yet, leftwing hacks just keep saying it. Prohibitions of free speech are constitutionally limited to direct incitement of violence and legally-provable defamation. Just about anything else goes. Certainly, freedom of speech covers being able to post one’s thoughts on social media, even if the companies themselves can choose to curate as private entities.

There’s more! Baer insinuates that Elon Musk is all in on a Russian victory in Ukraine and is willing to support Russian efforts on Twitter.

when he’s talking about the popular voice, Musk, he’s really talking about Russian intelligence.

I’m not sure how a platform on Twitter will magically shift the military momentum for the Russians, who seem to be bogged down in a very messy and poorly executed operation. Is Twitter really all that powerful? Or is it the mindset of the insular elites in DC and Manhattan who frantically check Twitter 50 times each day for some imagined trend that will change the paradigm?

The world is already against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Is there a scenario that shifts that toward Russian success? I doubt it.

This is nothing more than an adolescent temper tantrum that somebody is making them share their toys. Twitter was the left’s tip-of-the-spear in manipulation of the narrative that was dutifully regurgitated by lazy, ignorant, stupid and left-wing journalists across the country. Now that is changing, and they simply don’t know what to do!