The Morning Rant

At first glance this is just another ridiculous waste of our money…money we don’t have yet! At the rate the federal government is spending, this money is probably our grandkids’ tax bill for their first jobs out of college (or trade school if they are smart). And of course much of this money will go to friendly (that means progressive) NGOs that will conveniently kick back a portion of it to the friendly Democrat politicians who got them the money in the first place. Those NGOs will serve a dual purpose too…those wackadoodles in the shelters and on the street who are identified as in need of “gender affirming care” will have their mail-in ballots carefully harvested (their organs come later, when Pelosi needs another liver and McConnell needs a spine).

But a second glance suggests a bigger question: what is the constituency that wants this service? The so-called “homeless” have no direct voice other than their stolen or purchased ballots, and the cash pipeline into the obscenely inefficient support services is well established. So who is pushing for this?

‘Gender-affirming’ care, services part of Biden admin’s strategy to help homeless people

The Biden administration on Monday released a plan to counter homelessness that calls for teaching emergency shelters how to provide “gender-affirming” services to homeless people, and promoting “gender-affirming care” as an inclusive element of caring for homeless people. “The key components to effective emergency shelter include culturally appropriate, gender-affirming, and specific, low-barrier access and housing-focused services aimed at rapid exits back to permanent housing,” according to the plan released by the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness.

I think there are two answers, neither of which bodes well for America. The first and most obvious is the tiny but powerful group of transgender supporters who are most probably single-issue voters. Their numbers may be small, but we just saw what can happen with careful use of small blocs of votes. Their votes are being purchased by the Democrat junta in Washington. Some carefully worded and directed emails and texts (the Democrat machine already knows who these people are!) and their votes are all but assured.

The second is even more malign, and provides a glimpse into the true nature of the Deep StateTM. This “plan,” if you can call it that, was created by the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness, which nobody has ever heard of but has its tentacles in 19 federal agencies, including almost every cabinet level organization. The Department of State isn’t involved, but I will bet that is an oversight.

USICH is the only federal agency with the sole mission of preventing and ending homelessness in America. We coordinate with our 19 federal member agencies, state and local governments, and the private sector to create partnerships, use resources in the most efficient and effective ways, and implement evidence-based best practices.

USICH was originally authorized by Congress through Title II of the landmark Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act of 1987 (PL 100-77) to serve as an “independent establishment” within the executive branch.

And this is the incestuous nature of our government. Congress creates an agency to answer the demands of a tiny pressure group — in this case probably inner city NGOs that need money — and the Deep State is off to the races…creating a labyrinth of interconnected positions within that agency, each given as payment for previous services (other jobs in other bullshit agencies, or funding to purchase votes) or in expectation of some future quid pro quo. The agency grows out of control, demanding and usually receiving more and more of our money, and never quite completing the task it was created to do.

Never mind that the original mission has been subsumed by the ridiculous expansion into “gender affirming care” and giving out free needles and crack pipes and lots and lots of cash…all of which increases the number of homeless. Because the real purpose of this and all other federal government agencies and programs is to create a sort of evil perpetual motion machine, in which our taxes are consumed and more agencies are created to consume more of our money and more agencies are created….

Congress long ago gave up all budgetary control, and this was according to plan. Senators and representatives need that ocean of tax money to purchase the votes that will guarantee their reelections, and allowing these seemingly autonomous agencies to purchase those votes for them keeps them nicely isolated from the profound corruption that is glaringly obvious.

The existential damage to our Constitutional Republic is just the price of doing business.