The Morning Rant

Revolving door (lack of) justice is a huge problem in America, and it is getting worse! NY was the vanguard in eviscerating the idea that bail is a very good idea, but activist judges across the country routinely ignore the wishes of the legislatures and the people by constantly allowing “just one more chance.”

In this case two more chances, and it got a Riverside County (CA) sheriff’s deputy killed. The judge is responsible for Deputy Isaiah Cordero’s death, and she should be hounded out of the judiciary and publicly vilified for the rest of her miserable life.

California deputy shot, killed by man with ‘extensive criminal history’ during traffic stop

Prior to shooting Cordero, McKay was most recently pursued by California authorities in March 2021 in connection with a felony kidnapping warrant. McKay was arrested after stabbing California Highway Patrol K-9 Sam, who took him down after his car was disabled by a spike strip, and he tried to flee on foot. The K-9 survived the attack.

[Riverside County Sheriff] Bianco said McKay was convicted of his third strike in November 2021 in connection with the above incident and should have been sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. Before sentencing, the judge lowered McKay’s bail, which resulted in him being released. He was then arrested for failure to appear at sentencing, where the same judge allowed for him to be released again, according to Bianco.

The Riverside County Sheriff should have named the judge, called on the people of Riverside County and the state of California to recall her, and demanded that she step down from the bench until the people have spoken. Without pressure from those injured by an out-of-control judiciary, there will be no improvement. There is no right to anonymity for these judges, and their conduct should be evaluated in public, by the public.

There is much that I find flawed in American policing. Law enforcement in this country is broken, and needs to be reevaluated at all levels. The militarization of the police, their insulation from the people they supposedly protect, the “thin blue line” that most often protects criminals within law enforcement…all are significant issues.

But Deputy Cordero deserved the support of the judiciary. He deserved to have the confidence that true criminals were being taken seriously by the judges who have the power to confine violent criminals. And because of our broken judiciary, he is dead.

Judge gave felon who killed California deputy light prison sentence instead of life

McKay was acquitted on additional charges of kidnapping and kidnapping to commit robbery or rape. A court document shows that Judge Cara Hutson dismissed counts of a felon in possession of a gun and a penal code section alleging that he has prior felony convictions, which is required for three strikes. She then delayed sentencing twice and reduced his bail from $950,000 to $500,000. It is unclear how long McKay served in prison. “We would not be here today if the judge had done her job,” Bianco said.

[Emphasis mine]

Cara Hutson. That’s her name. Appointed by Schwarzenegger. And a registered Democrat.

What a surprise.

Hound her out of civilized society. Heckle her in public. Pelt her with rotten fruit.

Oh…isn’t it interesting that she dismissed the gun charge? At the same time California is going after law-abiding gun owners hammer and tongs, its judiciary doesn’t seem bothered by gun crime. I wonder why?